Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kate Tsui fallen victim to billionaire mistress scandal

Hong Kong media has been reporting that actress Kate Tsui is alledgedly a mistress of a billionaire. The actress denied this allegation.

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Beautify and wisdom are usually the main quality the judges are looking for in the Miss Hong Kong Contest. When one gets the Miss Hong Kong title, she can almost guarantee fame and needless to say, she would be the target for the rich and famous to pursue. Recent media reports that former Miss Hong Kong Tracy Yip and Carrie Lam have been “Kept” (包養) by rich guys. Yesterday, a magazine reported Kate Tsui, Miss Hong Kong 2003 is involved with a rich man after breaking up with her director boyfriend Yau Nai Hoi.

A magazine reported that Kate has been pursued by a rich man called Mr. K. Since the break up with her boyfriend, she has now moved to a property worth 15 million HKD in “Residence Bel-Air”. Kate was spotted having lunch with Mr. K in Central District on New Year’s day. Earlier, Carrie was rumored that she is being “looked after” by an entrepreneur and she is being “Kept” in an exclusive apartment in Beverly Hill. Tracy, however has a boss to look after her and she receives 300,000 HKD a month for her keep. Former Miss Hong Kong such as Sharon Luk, Monica Chan, Sonija Kwok and Michelle Ye have all been rumored that they either have relationship with rich men or being “Kept” by them.

Kate said she hasn’t seen the magazine report, she only heard about it from her manager. Kate’s manager, spoke on her behalf denied the rumor, saying “In fact, Kate had already told the magazine on Sunday that their report is not true. The magazine has made it all up. She didn’t have lunch on New Year’s day in Central as she was working all day. Kate rented an apartment in Residence Bel-Air and she has been paying the rent for a while. A while ago, paparazzi have taken pictures of her apartment secretly too.” Kate is very unhappy about the media report, but there is not much she can do about it. Kate is planning to make an announcement tomorrow during an activity to clarify the rumor.

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