Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michelle Ye overworked, falls to the ground during film promotion

Yesterday Michelle Ye arrived in Beijing to attend a promotional event for her new film. When she was on stage, she suddenly collapsed to the ground. The people that stood next to her quickly helped her go backstage. White lips were seen on Michelle, after resting a bit, she felt better and said the reason was because of extreme fatigue.

In Beijing yesterday, Michelle attended the poster announcement ceremony for her new film. On stage, a sudden crashing sound was heard as Michelle falls to the ground. The other artists surrounded her to help her up. Liu Ye and Xuan Huang picked her up and brought her backstage. At the time, Michelle was still conscious, she opened her eyes, shook her head and waved her hands, but her lips were white. Her whole body lacked strength and was unable to remain standing.

It was understood that Michelle is currently on a diet to lose weight. That day she did not have lunch and because of low blood sugar levels, she collapsed. Her manager said she was rushing in Hong Kong to shoot a film and overworked herself. She is currently doing fine.

After some time to rest, Michelle accepted a phone interview, she said: "I already went to see the doctor. He said I'm excessively fatigue, and need to take a good rest. Because in the last year I filmed 10 movies and series. Also, I have been actively promoting for Hi, Fidelity." Known as the 'steal soul', Michelle joked she faints when she's relaxed: "When shooting Mainland series Steal Soul, I am often out in the sun, rain or snow and I'm still fine, so the crew called me the steal soul. Unexpectedly once I relax a bit, I faint."

Source: Oriental Daily, [Images: Sina Ent, QQ Ent]
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Ju Ji-hyun has a secret....?

and it is more than just a fan.

“The Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” actress played narrator in the trailer for her upcoming Hollywood flick. Ji-hyun, who took english classes in the USA between her acting gigs, had her voiceover featured at the very beginning of the movie’s trailer. Click here to listen to her English in Training. She is the very first South Korean celebrity to be featured as a narrator for a Hollywood film.

In spite of her broken American diction(American accents in general vary across the USA), the actress has to be commended to being the first in two categories. She is the first narrator, and “Vogue” girl to represent Korea in the United States! Vogue has announced that Ji-hyun will be shown alongside “Snow Flower” actress Li Bingbing in the July issue. Famous photographer Annie Leibovitz took photos of the two ladies in New York on March 16th. They modeled traditional clothing,as well as, modern attire.

This summer fan boys can head on over to the States to get a glimpse of their favorite actress and uncover all her secrets.

“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” will cool down theatres on July 15th.

Source: Sports Chosun (The Chosun Ilbo)
Via Popseoul

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan secretly dating?

Since Bernice Liu Bik Yee left Moses Chan Ho for the wealthy Alastair Lam, 39-year-old Moses’ feelings were deeply hurt. In the last few months, Moses appeared tired and haggard. His recent liveliness was attributed to a rumored two-month romance with TVB colleague, Aimee Chan Yan Mei! Last week, Moses allegedly spent one night at Aimee’s house and was photographed by the paparazzi leaving her apartment building the next morning!

Moses Frequently Takes Taxi to Aimee’s Home

Many of the hottest actresses at TVB were infatuated with Moses. Finally, voluptuous Aimee Chan, who possessed a background similar to Bernice Liu, was successful in winning Moses’ heart. Allegedly, sparks grew between Moses and Aimee on the set of War of the Heart <心战>. To keep the new relationship private, both Moses and Aimee have been very careful. Each time, Moses took a taxi to meet Aimee at her apartment.

After spending one night at Aimee’s house, Moses was spotted leaving Aimee’s apartment building on March 24th at 10:30 AM. Moses wore a cap and a mask, revealing only his dreamless sleepy eyes. Out of the area, he hurriedly boarded a taxi to return to his home, changed clothes and later attended an event at the wax museum. He drove his usual white car, which was parked in the garage facilities of his building.

At 12 noon on the same day, Aimee left her house at 12 noon to go shopping. Throughout the outing, Aimee was spotted with coffee cup in hand. Aimee appeared to match Moses’ requirement in seeking a partner who enjoyed drinking coffee.

How Aimee Won Moses’ Heart

Last December, when Bernice Liu was spotted on a late-night date with Alastair Lam, Moses was heartbroken. The haggard Moses continued to film War of the Heart. Co-star, Candice Chiu, allegedly showcased her interest in Moses openly. It turned out that another War of the Heart star, Aimee Chan, won Moses’ heart quietly instead. When reporters asked Aimee whether she will join the list of admirers to “capture” Moses’ heart, Aimee used nearly ten adjectives to praise him, “Basically, for any good man, women will be in a hurry. Moses is very, very good and is a gentleman. He is very real and is a good brother (si hing). He will often help out newcomers.” Asked whether Moses was an ideal boyfriend, Aimee grew evasive, “I never thought about it. In the series, he plays my elder brother. Please do not spoil our relationship.”
A production crew member of War of the Heart stated, “Since Moses was so haggard at the time, many people offered him some comforting words. Aimee possessed a particularly enthusiastic personality. Sometimes she would buy two cups of coffee and take the opportunity to chat with Moses in a private corner. Both of them speak English. Although Aimee knew Moses’ Chinese was not very good, she clamored to have him help her translate the script. Aimee often cooked food to share with her colleagues. However, each time, she will give the food to Moses first.”

Allegedly, Moses privately told his friends that Aimee possessed a reflection of Bernice Liu when she first entered the industry. To protect their fledgling romance, Moses and Aimee officially started dating after War of the Heart finished filming. Their relationship has developed rapidly.

Moses and Aimee’s Responses

In response to being spotted near Aimee’s home, Moses explained, “I went to look at some apartment homes. It is not as everyone interprets the situation to be.”

Responding to dating rumors, Aimee emphasized that Moses never went to her home. Aimee said, “My home is private and I do not invite colleagues home. However, I do find Moses to be a good man. Right now, I will focus on work. Normally, I am not in frequent contact with him.”

Compiled from and
Translated by JayneStars

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tavia Yeung not competing with Charmaine Sheh

Since Tavia Yeung's portrayal of the evil Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond the Realm of Conscience, she quickly made it up top. Soon after, she breaks into the Mainland market like a tiger seeking intently. At last she was given an opportunity over the Lunar New Year to shoot her first Mainland drama Hengdian for two months. Although she sacrificed her own long holiday break in exchange fot 7 figures of Chinese Yuan, believe it is all absolutely worth it!

China is the 'golden land' for TV series, many artists are heading over to make money, but Tavia was in the industry for over 10 years before she got to shoot her first Mainland drama Harlem. Tavia smiled: "In fact, for so many years there has always been people asking me to shoot series in Mainland, but my scheduled didn't match. It was only until this year I had the opportunity because I have 3 TVB series in stock, so I can rest my mind and go earn the extra income. Although the schedule clashed right with Lunar New Year, it's okay." Of course it's okay! It was said that this time she earned 7 figures of extra income, definitely a fat year for her. Asked how she will reward herself? She laughed: "I actually got a new car several months ago, I'll treat that as my reward." She claims that she's not good at managing her finances, so her mother is naturally her finance minister. As for herself, the next goal is of course become a homeowner.

Two years ago, Tavia won double from her performance in Beyond and her Mainland series this time is also of the same genre , about palace scheming. Tavia could not deny, since Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance released, her income definitely shot up. Tavia happily said: "Although before I had an evil role, it is in fact normal to ask me to do this role, a healthy image." This is also thanks to her many years of hard work and efforts!

Currently Tavia has 3 TVB series waiting to broadcast, this year her tendency is considerably sharp because she still has 3-4 series to shoot later in the near future. As she always has been an artist TVB promoted, she laughed loudly: "Nowadays we aren't competing for quantity, having the most does not necessarily mean you will win. I feel that picking the right script and role is the most important." She said directly not long after her entry into the industry, she was part of the group called "9 men & Wome" being heavily promoted by TVB which included Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye and Bosco Wong. "In reality, since then, there was no 'heavily promoted' in my dictioanry. Even after 10, 20 more years, I could still be heavily promoted. If I personally did not put any effort or hard work, that heavy promotion or now won't have any relation!"

Tavia started her acting career in the TVB Acting class, she appears to be the silent worker type, little news, she's like a bull plowing the field herself. "You have to know this industry is if your hand stops, your mouth stops. Having jobs is always better than having no jobs, so I know that I'm happy when I have lots of jobs." With a tight schedule, it is difficult to avoid working through the night, but fortunately there is Mother Yeung's loving soup, well worth the hard work.

Regarding TVB big sister Charmaine Sheh leaving TVB, is she a competitor to Tavia? She instantly cried loudly: "I completely do not think of her as a competitor or opponent. Filming a series is the efforts of the whole crew, not an individual comparison. The person involved (Charmaine) hasn't confirmed yet, so I have no comment. Ha, but I never thought of leaving TVB."

Source: Singtao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Raymond Wong With Wife & Son Kayden

The baby photo is here!

Raymond Wong welcomed a baby son earlier this week and he named the new born Kayden. He disclosed he was in the delivery room with wife that day and it was a very memorable moment.

"I almost cried along with her," he said. "My wife was had a c-section for me. Really is unforgettable."

The new dad expressed the new life motivates him to have new goals and earn more money. Although he is quite prepared for the baby, but he has been busy these days.

"I haven't slept for two days!"

Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Virgina Lok praises Myolie Wu & Fala Chen to replace Charmaine Sheh

TVB has many popular stars working for them, although they are known as the local leader in the TV industry, their salaries for shooting series are low. Their artists are forced to jump over to Mainland for high pay. Facing the departure of several Siu Sang and FaDans, TVB of course does not dare to neglect them. In charge of the Artistes Department, TVB executive Virgina Lok is dying to plan the next steps to replace Charmaine Sheh's big sister position. Preliminary observations, Virgina implies the four big beauties: Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, Myolie Wu and Linda Chung. All four of them are developing in the three areas (music, film and TV). Virgina hopes to they can become superior in the upcoming year.

However, Virgina likes Myolie Wu because she mentioned that she supported Myolie's 2006 To Grow With Love performance. Back then, Myolie lost 40 pounds in 2 months, her willpower won Virgina's support. Although Myolie was the target for Netizens' criticisms, saying that she had a 'depressed look' ('gwing'), but Virgina supports her to the end: "It's okay, people must have setbacks before success. Myolie is an actress that puts in a lot of effort, she can do it!"

Outstanding dancer, singer and actress, there is a great possibility that Kate Tsui will be the female version of Raymond Lam. However Virgina said: "Kate is good, but she is liked for films. On contrast, Fala Chen is in the house, she suits TV more!" In fact, Fala have already been heavily promoted by TVB last year, and depending on No Regrets she won the Best Supporting Actress Award. This year, she stars in several series and she got Virgina's praises.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Charlene Choi denies disturbing Miriam yeung

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended the "EPS Mystery Garden" opening ceremony. The day before, Ah Sa and Miriam attended the IFPI awards together and clashed shoes. Also, Miriam Yeung exposed earlier in a Taiwan interview that she was once disturbed by a third person. As Ronald Cheng is Ah Sa's ex-lover, she naturally became one of the suspects. Ah Sa was shocked when she heard this: "Me? I believe I don't have problems with her, we are mutually supportive on Weibo. I have also been disturbed a third person before, this is an unfavorable experience." As Miriam did not say who the person was, making the situation confusing? Ah Sa said: "She is only sharing her life events, she is currently very happy." Regarding the clash in shoes, Ah Sa expressed that they both have the same taste, pretty things are naturally loved by many.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Adorable Kim Bum on GQ

Yeeeeaaaahhh… I don’t have much to say about Kim Bum‘s “dandy guy” shoot for GQ Korea, other than he’s adorable. But it’s Kim Bum, so what else is new? The guy’s practically built his recent career on simultaneously looking boyish AND all grown-up. (The “grown up” part is a relative distinction; compare him now to, say, way back in the day.)

(The accompanying article/promo material calls his ‘do a “James Dean” inspired hairstyle, to which I say: Pffft. Maybe James Dean in kindergarten on picture day.)

So, yeah. That’s all I’ve got.


Sonija Kwok appearance at fashion show sparks pregnancy rumour

Modeling a wedding dress at a Dorian Ho fashion show, 36-year-old Sonija Kwok Sin Leiappeared with a fuller face, 34C bust, thickened waist and added flesh on her backside. Her bloated figure resembled a woman who was pregnant. Getting married at the end of the year with 31-year-old action choreographer, Zhu Xiaojie, rumors were rampant that Sonija was with child.

Crowned Miss Hong Kong 1999, Sonija had numerous rumors throughout her career. In September 2010, she filmed mainland series <宮鎖心玉> in Hengdian. Aside from earning Yuan, she also found a husband. Sonija met the action choreographer of <宮鎖心玉>, Zhu Xiaojie, and after dating for less than half a year, the pair decided to get married in May 2011.

Sonija Kwok Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Sonija participated in good friend, Dorian Ho’s bridal fashion show yesterday. Her fiance, Zhu Xiaojie, attended the show as a guest and took numerous photos of Sonija, which he posted on his blog. Sonija wore a large diamond ring on her left hand.

Since announcing her engagement, Sonija appeared to have gained weight. After the fashion show ended, Sonija walked away carefully, while assisted by Dorian Ho. When reporters asked Sonija whether she was pregnant, she replied, “How is that possible? I am not pregnant.” Sonija explained that the reason she walked carefully was due to the length of the bridal dress.

Custom Made Bridal Dress

With her impending wedding, Sonija was in elated spirits and smiled continuously throughout the evening. Although reporters commented that her figure appeared heavier, she accepted the comments. Dorian Ho denied the accusations, “You can see how flat her stomach is. She did not gain weight and is not pregnant.”

Dorian Ho indicated that the wedding dress Sonija wore at the fashion show was custom designed for her. “Sonija always prefer simple and vintage-styled wedding dresses. Since the emphasis on this show’s collection was elegance, I will especially design another gown for Sonija when her wedding takes place.”

Recently, Sonija’s friends revealed that her wedding will be advanced to May 2011. Perhaps the revised date was to ensure that Sonija will not be sporting a fuller belly at the time of her wedding, adding more credibility to the fact that she may be pregnant.

Translated by Jaynestars

Chilam Cheung Reveals Bare Chest in Concert

Completing his first concert performance at the Hong Kong Coliseum yesterday, Chilam Cheung dressed as an astronaut and revealed his six-pack abdomen. He also paid tribute to the late Leslie Cheung. Charlene Choi and the Grasshoppers appeared as guest performers.

Chilam’s wife, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Chingmy Yau Suk Ching, and Shum Ka Wai attended the concert. At the concert, Chilam spoke about his love life, from dating, marriage, to becoming a parent. Although many people did not support Chilam revealing his love life publicly, he never regretted doing so. He felt very fortunate that he gained a family from entering the entertainment industry. Upon hearing this, Anita’s eyes brimmed with tears and Christine became very emotional as well.

Family photos of Chilam, Anita, and his son, Morton were displayed. There was even a photo of Anita holding their newborn son. He thanked Anita for giving him a family and wished Morton will grow up healthily and happily.

Guest Performances

Chilam sang his first duet hit song, Modern Love Story <現代愛情故事> with Charlene Choi. After collaborating with Charlene, Chilam said, “I liked this little sister a lot!” Charlene laughed and said, “I know your songs very well and even bought your YES cards!”

Choi Yat Kit, and Choi Yat Chi were guest performers at Chilam’s concert. Since Grasshoppers member, So Chi Wai, could not attend, Chilam joked and said that he was a new member of the new Grasshoppers. The trio sang the song, <三分鐘放縱>, which was received by fans excitedly.

Paradise Choi

Afterwards, Chilam revealed that Choi Yat Chi held a pessimistic attitude in the past. “He used to call frequently at night, saying he wanted to die and could not hold up anymore. Even Eason Chan received these calls from Ah Chi.” Chilam told Eason, “If he truly died, tell him to watch over us!” Thus, Eason created a nickname for him, Paradise Choi (蔡天堂). Choi Yat Kit noted that due to Chilam’s cheerful outlook, he often helped friends solve their problems.

Translated by JayneStars

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fala Chen new hair cut

Do you like her hair cut? Do you think it suits her?

Charlene Choi's new song

Hyun Bin in uniform photos released

The first pics of Hyun Bin in uniform while at Basic Training were released recently. He seems to be doing well and is said to be a good example to the other young recruits. Glad to see that Binne is doing well, HOOAH!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lee Seon-kyun for Esquire, back on the big screen in May

Lee Seon-kyun (Petty Romance, Pasta) poses in a spread for Esquire that can only be described as The Voice Meets The Manpurse. Gotta love a man who’s not scared to accessorize, or carry a big purse. He’s also got a movie hitting theaters in May, just in time to cure my Lee-Seon-kyun syndrome.

Not that it’s really an ailment I want to be cured of.

He’s starring in the action comedy Arrest King [체포왕] opposite Park Joong-hoon (Haeundae), in a battle of wills…not between cop and criminal, but between cop and cop. They play two detectives in a competitive precinct, where the list of wanted felons each has a point value attached. (For instance, car thief 50 points, murderer 100 points?)

Via Dramabeans

Niki Chow to Replace Charmaine Sheh’s Position at TVB?

In order to film TVB Producer Lee Tim Sing’s My Cruel Lover , Niki Chow Lai Kei terminated her former BMA music contract early at the beginning of the year. Niki’s former love rival, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, was rumored to leave TVB and film in China instead for more money. Due to TVB’s lack of fadans, Tim Gor encouraged Niki to sign a management contract with TVB. Tim Gor even promised Niki that in the coming year, Niki will be promoted to a top fadan, replacing Charmaine’s position!

TVB Chasing Niki to Sign Management Contract

In February, Niki signed a per-series contract with TVB. On several occasions, she also met with TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling, to discuss the terms of a management contract. Despite heavy promotion, TVB’s new fadans could not be elevated to a higher position, while few older fadans were left. Earlier, Tim Gor advocated for Niki in front of Ms. Lok, noting that her acting skills were okay although she never took an acting class. With an additional push in promotion, Niki could achieve Charmaine’s status within a year.

An inside source revealed that TVB was interested in signing a two-year management contract with Niki. Currently, Niki earned $3,000 (HKD) per episode under her current per-series contract. “Under the new management contract, her filming fee would be increased to $10,000 (HKD) per episode. Although this fee was still far from the $20,000 to $30,000 (HKD) fee that top TVB fadans earn, it was not a bad price for a newly signed artist. However, Niki felt that a two year contract was too binding. Since TVB would also take commission fees out of Niki’s endorsement deals, she was still considering the terms.”

Niki’s Past Series Achieved High Ratings

Niki filmed five series with TVB in the past. The Gentle Crackdown "秀才遇着兵" peaked at 42 points in ratings. Under the Canopy of Love "天幕下的戀人" peaked at 37 points in ratings. Niki’s past series had strong ratings, with the exception of The King of Snooker "桌球天王" which fell below 30 points in ratings.

Niki acknowledged excitedly, “The only way I can repay Tim Gor is to decline other jobs and focus on filming My Cruel Lover.” (Once you sign a TVB management contract, did Tim Gor promise to promote you to Charmaine Sheh’s status?) “Ha…?! How did you know that? Um…I did not say that; only Tim Gor would have the audacity to utter these words! As for the management contract, I will think about it once I complete filming My Cruel Lover.”

Since Charmaine Sheh allegedly snagged Kevin Cheng Ka Wing from her in the past, was Niki easing her vexation in the latest turn of events? After hearing the reporter’s question, Niki walked away and then responded, “I figured you might ask such questions. At this time, I will focus on filming series.”

Reporters contacted Kevin for comment regarding the possibility of Niki signing with TVB. Kevin said, “If you are saying that Tim Gor is promoting Niki, why don’t you ask him?” (Since Charmaine and Niki were both your former co-stars and rumored love interests, what do you think about Niki’s acting?) “Her acting is always good!” Kevin pointed out that he answered enough questions and quickly turned to leave.

Lee Tim Sing: “Don’t Want Charmaine Sheh to Work So Hard”

On March 12th, reporters contacted Lee Tim Sing. Although he acknowledged that Niki’s acting still needed improvement, he supported advancing her to a top-line actress. “Niki has great physical attributes. She is not too tall and looks good next to male co-stars. As for acting, we can improve that slowly. Even Sheren Tang Shui Man was not an great actress when she first started in the industry.” (Why did you have to seek out Niki in particular?) “You don’t think I want to find someone else? Outside [TVB], everyone has a contract. As for the actresses within TVB, they frequently appear in numerous series broadcast throughout the day already. Otherwise, the remaining actresses have not achieved a certain position yet.” (Did you say that Niki can replace Charmaine?) “I am uncertain as to whether Charmaine will leave TVB or not. However, it’s very strenuous for her to film series after series. Now, we have another fadan for producers to cast.”

Recent rumors claimed that Kevin Cheng may have reignited romantic flames with Charmaine. It appears that Niki and Charmaine may be destined rivals in both love and career. Although Niki’s affinity with the audience was mediocre, Tim Gor strongly supported her in front of Ms. Lok. It was still uncertain as to whether Tim Gor can turn Niki into a top fadan.

A Look at TVB’s Current Fadans

Charmaine Sheh- Once her TVB contract expires in April, the possibility of Charmaine remaining at TVB is low. Rumors were rampant that Charmaine will film in China to earn more money.

Bernice Liu- Since splitting with Moses Chan and dating new boyfriend, Alastair Lam, Bernice has been plagued by negative rumors and was “frozen” by TVB. Allegedly, prior to the scandal, Bernice had already renewed her contract with TVB.

Myolie Wu- In the past, Myolie was heavily promoted by TVB. Often revealing contorted expressions in her series, Myolie was ridiculed by netizens. Many TVB producers grew afraid of casting her in series. Although Myolie still had two years left in her TVB contract, it was difficult for her to advance further in Hong Kong. In recent months, she has started filming in China.

Fala Chen and Linda Chung- Both Fala and Linda have good relationships with TVB producers. Among actresses, they advanced quickly in recent years and accepted many endorsement jobs on the side. Even if Fala and Linda do not overexert themselves, the audience will likely grow bored seeing them too much!

Tavia Yeung- Originally, Tavia had the potential to fight for the #1 Sister title with Charmaine Sheh. Tavia still has three years left in her contract. If Charmaine leaves, Tavia will undoubtedly get the coveted spot. No wonder TVB has to develop new fadans!

Source: Sudden Weekly # 816
Translated by: JayneStars

Sammi Cheng: “I Was Once a Selfish Lover”

Since reuniting her romantic relationship with Andy Hui Chi On, Sammi Cheng Sau Man has been in extremely good spirits. At the Hong Kong International Film Festival unveiled the day before, Sammi attended Media Asia’s film festival activities. Sammi will be filming a new film directed by Wai Ka Fai, High Altitude Love 2 <高海拔之恋2> shortly.
Sammi stated, ”Recently, directors like to cast me in love films, with comedic and tearful moments. The role in High Altitude Love 2 is more suitable for me, in which the character is in her thirties. I am confident I will portray the role well.” Although engaged in a loving relationship in real life, Sammi’s role in High Altitude Love 2 will be a tragic. “In the film, my husband was gone for years. Afterwards, I metLouis Koo Tin Lok and shared romantic sparks. The relationship sounds a bit complicated, but love is a complicated matter by nature.”

Noting additional differences between real life and her onscreen roles, Sammi said, “In reality, my love story sucks and would not qualify as film material. In the past, I was selfish in love. Now, I believe that two people have to sacrifice a lot in a relationship.” When asked about the details of the sacrifices, Sammi smiled, “They are similar to ordinary people’s love stories. There’s no need for everyone to keep teasing us.”

Possessing a personal column in several newspapers and magazines, Sammi said that she was most reluctant to talk about her feelings at this time. ”Through my writing, I hope to express myself in the most honest and frank manner. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as long as I am willing to face my true self.” Prior to writing down her thoughts, Sammi will seek Andy’s views. “He does not know the full details of the content of my writing. I will still discuss them with him, so that we can have more exchange of ideas.”

Via JayneStars

Deep V-25th Anniversary Concert of Vivian Chow

March 19,2011 marked the opening night of Deep V-25th Anniversary concert of Vivian Chow Wai Mun in Hong Kong. Vivian, at the age of 43, still has glamorous looks and performed at the concert with beautifully designed stage outfits. Vivian sang most of her all time favourite songs and entertained her audiences with sexy and eye-catching stage outfits. Vivian invited Hacken Lee and Hins Cheung as her concert guests who performed duet songs with Vivian.

Despite the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan on March 11,2011, Vivian was very thankful that her special Japanese guest, Yoshie Kashiwabara, a female Japanese Japanese singer who was very popular in Japan and Hong Kong in the 1980s, was able to attend Vivian’s concert as planned. Vivian played the piano while Yoshie performed her song. At the end of the song, Yoshie was emotional and shed tears as she was deeply moved by the passion and enthusiasm of the Hong Kong people’s desire to help Japan. She promised to bring this positive energy back to her home country. Vivian has earlier announced that all proceeds from her concert’s souvenirs sales will be donated to Japan and China to help with the earthquake.

Vivian’s Deep V-25th Anniversary concert was a great success and her fans were very excited and pleased to see their idol from the 1980s perform onstage again.

Mighty Mouth ft Soya – Tok Tok music video

Korean music video for Tok Tok by hip hop duo Mighty Mouth, featuring female singer Soya (not in the vid). Rookie Lee Soo-bin starred in the MV. Decent song…

My Princess : Episode 2

Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5

Part 5/5

Shin Min Ah for “Sure”

Known for her uncomplicated style and long, flowing locks, actress Shin Min Ah went for a daring change for her latest photoshoot with “Sure.”

Her mise-en-scene photoshoot called for a variety of hair transformations, which were all welcomed with open arms by the actress. She stated, “Like makeup and fashion, hair styles have the ability of expressing certain emotions and images.”

Because she’s a fan of comfortable clothing, stylists used and emphasized unique accessories to make their point.

A staff member commented, “We changed her hair, outfits, and makeup countless times, but Shin Min Ah gave her own little touch to each look that allowed her to bring out the full potential of each style. She’s a true professional; not once did we ever receive the same cut.”

Be sure to check out her interview in the April edition of “Sure.”

Kim So-yeon to take on Coffee?

Will Kim So-yeon be filling the spot vacated by Lee Da-hae? It looks like the big-budget spy melodrama Coffee is finally getting back on its feet after some huge production delays. And uh…not to lead the parade or anything, but if I were casting a spytastic movie, historical or not, I’d have started by knocking on Kim So-yeon’s door. Did you SEE her one-episode stint on IRIS-spinoff Athena? Rest my case.

She’s still considering the project so it’s not a done deal, but now that her name’s being bandied about, I’m suddenly curious to know if it’s going to be more action-centric than I had previously assumed. Coffee takes place in Emperor Gojong’s reign in the late Joseon era, and the lead role is the emperor’s barista, who is also a key player in his assassination attempt.

Does she get turned by a Russian spy? Is she a Russian spy? What mystery surrounds the woman who makes the emperor’s coffee?

Currently signed on to star is Joo Jin-mo (Invincible, above), who I hope is sticking with the project now that it’s back in motion. Also attached are Park Hee-soon (A Barefoot Dream) and Yoo Sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy).

If Kim does join the cast, it’ll be her first film in six years, since 2005′s Seven Swords. Coffee is described as a historical spy mystery, and is based on the novel Russian Coffee by Kim Tak-hwan. Directing is Jang Yoon-hyun (Tell Me Something, Hwang Jini).

Coffee was supposed to start filming at the beginning of the year; hopefully this casting news means it’ll soon enter principal photography for a release sometime this year, as planned.

Via Osen, Dramabeans

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Princess : Episode 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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