Monday, March 28, 2011

Chilam Cheung Reveals Bare Chest in Concert

Completing his first concert performance at the Hong Kong Coliseum yesterday, Chilam Cheung dressed as an astronaut and revealed his six-pack abdomen. He also paid tribute to the late Leslie Cheung. Charlene Choi and the Grasshoppers appeared as guest performers.

Chilam’s wife, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Chingmy Yau Suk Ching, and Shum Ka Wai attended the concert. At the concert, Chilam spoke about his love life, from dating, marriage, to becoming a parent. Although many people did not support Chilam revealing his love life publicly, he never regretted doing so. He felt very fortunate that he gained a family from entering the entertainment industry. Upon hearing this, Anita’s eyes brimmed with tears and Christine became very emotional as well.

Family photos of Chilam, Anita, and his son, Morton were displayed. There was even a photo of Anita holding their newborn son. He thanked Anita for giving him a family and wished Morton will grow up healthily and happily.

Guest Performances

Chilam sang his first duet hit song, Modern Love Story <現代愛情故事> with Charlene Choi. After collaborating with Charlene, Chilam said, “I liked this little sister a lot!” Charlene laughed and said, “I know your songs very well and even bought your YES cards!”

Choi Yat Kit, and Choi Yat Chi were guest performers at Chilam’s concert. Since Grasshoppers member, So Chi Wai, could not attend, Chilam joked and said that he was a new member of the new Grasshoppers. The trio sang the song, <三分鐘放縱>, which was received by fans excitedly.

Paradise Choi

Afterwards, Chilam revealed that Choi Yat Chi held a pessimistic attitude in the past. “He used to call frequently at night, saying he wanted to die and could not hold up anymore. Even Eason Chan received these calls from Ah Chi.” Chilam told Eason, “If he truly died, tell him to watch over us!” Thus, Eason created a nickname for him, Paradise Choi (蔡天堂). Choi Yat Kit noted that due to Chilam’s cheerful outlook, he often helped friends solve their problems.

Translated by JayneStars


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