Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sammi Cheng: “I Was Once a Selfish Lover”

Since reuniting her romantic relationship with Andy Hui Chi On, Sammi Cheng Sau Man has been in extremely good spirits. At the Hong Kong International Film Festival unveiled the day before, Sammi attended Media Asia’s film festival activities. Sammi will be filming a new film directed by Wai Ka Fai, High Altitude Love 2 <高海拔之恋2> shortly.
Sammi stated, ”Recently, directors like to cast me in love films, with comedic and tearful moments. The role in High Altitude Love 2 is more suitable for me, in which the character is in her thirties. I am confident I will portray the role well.” Although engaged in a loving relationship in real life, Sammi’s role in High Altitude Love 2 will be a tragic. “In the film, my husband was gone for years. Afterwards, I metLouis Koo Tin Lok and shared romantic sparks. The relationship sounds a bit complicated, but love is a complicated matter by nature.”

Noting additional differences between real life and her onscreen roles, Sammi said, “In reality, my love story sucks and would not qualify as film material. In the past, I was selfish in love. Now, I believe that two people have to sacrifice a lot in a relationship.” When asked about the details of the sacrifices, Sammi smiled, “They are similar to ordinary people’s love stories. There’s no need for everyone to keep teasing us.”

Possessing a personal column in several newspapers and magazines, Sammi said that she was most reluctant to talk about her feelings at this time. ”Through my writing, I hope to express myself in the most honest and frank manner. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as long as I am willing to face my true self.” Prior to writing down her thoughts, Sammi will seek Andy’s views. “He does not know the full details of the content of my writing. I will still discuss them with him, so that we can have more exchange of ideas.”

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