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Moses Chan and Aimee Chan secretly dating?

Since Bernice Liu Bik Yee left Moses Chan Ho for the wealthy Alastair Lam, 39-year-old Moses’ feelings were deeply hurt. In the last few months, Moses appeared tired and haggard. His recent liveliness was attributed to a rumored two-month romance with TVB colleague, Aimee Chan Yan Mei! Last week, Moses allegedly spent one night at Aimee’s house and was photographed by the paparazzi leaving her apartment building the next morning!

Moses Frequently Takes Taxi to Aimee’s Home

Many of the hottest actresses at TVB were infatuated with Moses. Finally, voluptuous Aimee Chan, who possessed a background similar to Bernice Liu, was successful in winning Moses’ heart. Allegedly, sparks grew between Moses and Aimee on the set of War of the Heart <心战>. To keep the new relationship private, both Moses and Aimee have been very careful. Each time, Moses took a taxi to meet Aimee at her apartment.

After spending one night at Aimee’s house, Moses was spotted leaving Aimee’s apartment building on March 24th at 10:30 AM. Moses wore a cap and a mask, revealing only his dreamless sleepy eyes. Out of the area, he hurriedly boarded a taxi to return to his home, changed clothes and later attended an event at the wax museum. He drove his usual white car, which was parked in the garage facilities of his building.

At 12 noon on the same day, Aimee left her house at 12 noon to go shopping. Throughout the outing, Aimee was spotted with coffee cup in hand. Aimee appeared to match Moses’ requirement in seeking a partner who enjoyed drinking coffee.

How Aimee Won Moses’ Heart

Last December, when Bernice Liu was spotted on a late-night date with Alastair Lam, Moses was heartbroken. The haggard Moses continued to film War of the Heart. Co-star, Candice Chiu, allegedly showcased her interest in Moses openly. It turned out that another War of the Heart star, Aimee Chan, won Moses’ heart quietly instead. When reporters asked Aimee whether she will join the list of admirers to “capture” Moses’ heart, Aimee used nearly ten adjectives to praise him, “Basically, for any good man, women will be in a hurry. Moses is very, very good and is a gentleman. He is very real and is a good brother (si hing). He will often help out newcomers.” Asked whether Moses was an ideal boyfriend, Aimee grew evasive, “I never thought about it. In the series, he plays my elder brother. Please do not spoil our relationship.”
A production crew member of War of the Heart stated, “Since Moses was so haggard at the time, many people offered him some comforting words. Aimee possessed a particularly enthusiastic personality. Sometimes she would buy two cups of coffee and take the opportunity to chat with Moses in a private corner. Both of them speak English. Although Aimee knew Moses’ Chinese was not very good, she clamored to have him help her translate the script. Aimee often cooked food to share with her colleagues. However, each time, she will give the food to Moses first.”

Allegedly, Moses privately told his friends that Aimee possessed a reflection of Bernice Liu when she first entered the industry. To protect their fledgling romance, Moses and Aimee officially started dating after War of the Heart finished filming. Their relationship has developed rapidly.

Moses and Aimee’s Responses

In response to being spotted near Aimee’s home, Moses explained, “I went to look at some apartment homes. It is not as everyone interprets the situation to be.”

Responding to dating rumors, Aimee emphasized that Moses never went to her home. Aimee said, “My home is private and I do not invite colleagues home. However, I do find Moses to be a good man. Right now, I will focus on work. Normally, I am not in frequent contact with him.”

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Translated by JayneStars

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LI said...

I have been told they might be getting back together but i doubt it, Moses Chan Ho is really attractive i dont know why he left her???

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