Monday, March 28, 2011

Sonija Kwok appearance at fashion show sparks pregnancy rumour

Modeling a wedding dress at a Dorian Ho fashion show, 36-year-old Sonija Kwok Sin Leiappeared with a fuller face, 34C bust, thickened waist and added flesh on her backside. Her bloated figure resembled a woman who was pregnant. Getting married at the end of the year with 31-year-old action choreographer, Zhu Xiaojie, rumors were rampant that Sonija was with child.

Crowned Miss Hong Kong 1999, Sonija had numerous rumors throughout her career. In September 2010, she filmed mainland series <宮鎖心玉> in Hengdian. Aside from earning Yuan, she also found a husband. Sonija met the action choreographer of <宮鎖心玉>, Zhu Xiaojie, and after dating for less than half a year, the pair decided to get married in May 2011.

Sonija Kwok Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Sonija participated in good friend, Dorian Ho’s bridal fashion show yesterday. Her fiance, Zhu Xiaojie, attended the show as a guest and took numerous photos of Sonija, which he posted on his blog. Sonija wore a large diamond ring on her left hand.

Since announcing her engagement, Sonija appeared to have gained weight. After the fashion show ended, Sonija walked away carefully, while assisted by Dorian Ho. When reporters asked Sonija whether she was pregnant, she replied, “How is that possible? I am not pregnant.” Sonija explained that the reason she walked carefully was due to the length of the bridal dress.

Custom Made Bridal Dress

With her impending wedding, Sonija was in elated spirits and smiled continuously throughout the evening. Although reporters commented that her figure appeared heavier, she accepted the comments. Dorian Ho denied the accusations, “You can see how flat her stomach is. She did not gain weight and is not pregnant.”

Dorian Ho indicated that the wedding dress Sonija wore at the fashion show was custom designed for her. “Sonija always prefer simple and vintage-styled wedding dresses. Since the emphasis on this show’s collection was elegance, I will especially design another gown for Sonija when her wedding takes place.”

Recently, Sonija’s friends revealed that her wedding will be advanced to May 2011. Perhaps the revised date was to ensure that Sonija will not be sporting a fuller belly at the time of her wedding, adding more credibility to the fact that she may be pregnant.

Translated by Jaynestars


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