Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sharon Chan proud of her figure

Sharon Chan was doing a commercial for Q & A yesterday. She was showing off her figure wearing a bikini. She said "This is my second year as the spokesperson for Q & A. I hope we can continue working well together. As I work all hours and not getting enough sleep, I need their skin care products and their service to help me." . Sharon went on to say "I have been busy working on "Can't Buy Me Love", I have lost about 5lb in weight. Therefore, I don't need to go on slimming diet to do this commercial." The reporter asked if the size of her chest is affected due to her weigh loss? She replied "I haven't changed much, still size over 30." Sharon is very happy with her figure, she reckons her weight and weight are in proportion. She had thought having a fuller top, but she would never consider plastic surgery. She feels a person's beauty cannot be judged by the size of her chest.
I've always thought that she's a skinny girl now that I see her in a bikini she even look skinnier than I thought.

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh not awkward at work

Yesterday Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh and Sharon Chan were filming for the ancient drama Can't Buy Me Love (also known as Arrival of Princess). Although there were earlier reports of Moses and Charmaine flirting onset, yesterday everyone could see that the pair were totally focused on their work with no signs of embarassment in their chit-chat.

Sharon was wearing a neck brace when she didn't need to be on film, and reporters asked afterwards for the reason. "These head accessories are way too heavy, my neck, hands and fingers are also sore and in pain!" Charmaine laughed, adding, "When I was filming Beyond the Realm of Conscience, I tried driving with the head accessories on, but because they were too long, I had to open the sunroof to drive, letting the top of the accessory stick out the top!"

Bernice Liu ignores rumours
Bernice, also rumoured to be a girlfriend of Moses', couldn't care less about the heated rumours of a relationship between Moses and Charmaine. Yesterday at a public event, reporters questioned Bernice about her thoughts on Charmaine's intentions to sue a magazine company about their false reports regarding her relationship with Moses. "I haven't seen Charmaine, so I won't be trying to ask about that. It's also none of my business so I have no comment... also it's a new year, these things are already in the past." She also revealed that she hasn't seen Moses in the new year, but had showed recent pictures of her niece to him, looks like their relationship is quite complicated!

Featured Weekly

Raymond Lam takes the limelight with his red eyed devil look

Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung attended the costume fitting for TVB new series along with Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. Raymond stole the limelight with his red colored contact lens looking like a devil! Towards this new series, Bobby has confidence, he smiled: "This is a western drama with Chinese faces. Raymond wearing those red contact lens looks just like a westerner!"

Raymond laughed and said that he's been really busy lately that he doesn't need to wear any colored contact lens because his tired eyes are already "red" enough. It turns out that Raymond knew Bobby for 10+ years already and this is their first collaboration. Tavia plays a married couple with Bobby in the new series, when they were interviewed, the two refuted each other. Bobby said that its a cross-aged love relationship between them, while Tavia considers herself as "after 80".

I think this hairstyle is so unflattering on Tavia. Not sure Tavia and Bobby looks good as a couple

Actress Lee Da-hae attends Hollywood party

Korean actress Lee Da-hae poses with the animated character PUCCA at its launching party held in Los Angeles of the United States on February 18, 2010. [VOOZ Co.]

Korean actress Lee Da-hae attended a party in Los Angeles last week, mingling with some of Hollywood's hottest stars, according to the party's host VOOZ Co.

The party, hosted jointly by VOOZ and Warner Brothers, celebrated the launching of the animated character PUCCA in North America. VOOZ is a character development company which created PUCCA.

"We had sent a special invitation to Lee because her lively and Asian image resembled that of PUCCA", an official at VOOZ explained.

Actress Jessica Lowndes of the new "90210" series, film "New Moon" soundtrack singer Lykke Li, film "Butterfly Actress" leading actress Amy Smart, and actress and model Bijou Phillips were amongst the noted Hollywood celebrities who attended the party.

Actress Lee currently plays the lead female role in the top-rated KBS historical drama "The Slave Hunters" alongside Korean actors Jang Hyeok and Oh Ji-ho.

She has appeared in scores of dramas since her debut in 2001 with her most notable works including "Lotus Flower Fairy" in 2004 which placed her onto stardom and "My Girl" the following year which gained her popularity throughout Asia.

From left, actress Jessica Lowndes, VOOZ Co. CEO Kim Boo-Kyoung, actress Lee Da-hae pose at the PUCCA launching party held in Los Angeles of the United States on February 18, 2010.[VOOZ Co.]

Actress Han Ji-hye cast for new Chinese drama

Korean actress Han Ji-hye has been tapped to play the lead female role in a new Chinese drama, according to her agency Yedang Entertainment on Wednesday.

Han will play the role of Chun Chae-hee, a young woman with a strong passion for embroidery in search of her mother, in the 26-part drama to be helmed by top Chinese director Huang Jianzhong of "As You Wish" and "Good Woman."

"Han was chosen for the role because it was judged that she would suit the character perfectly," a representative from the drama's production company was quoted as saying. "She is already popular in China so we have hopes she will bring about a second Hallyu."

"I feel honored to star in this drama by such a famous director and to get to meet my fans in China," Han said.

Shooting for the drama will begin in mid-March and is scheduled to air in November through major Chinese broadcaster CCTV.

Han has appeared in numerous dramas and movies including KBS TV series "Sweet 18" and the daily drama "Likeable or Not." She also played the leading role in the Korean film "My Boyfriend is Type B."


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lee Hyori at Seoul Cultural Arts Awards Ceremony

Lee Hyori arriving on the red carpet at 1st Seoul Cultural Art Award ceremony. I love that balck dress she's wearing, simple but very elegant.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Louis Koo reveals to have intimate scenes with Sandra Ng in new film

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng and Peter Chan was spotted at the airport yesterday. The trio was taking a flight to Hengdian to shoot the new film <神奇俠侶>. Reporter quickly asked Louis about the new film in which he reveals that there will be intimate scenes with Sandra Ng.
Umm... how intimate is this going to be?? That is up to anyone's guess for now!
In the first picture, Louis seems a little chubby don't you agree?

Lin Chi-ling to star as Takuya Kimura's lover in Japanese drama series

Leggy model-actress Lin Chi-ling will be making her first foray in the Japanese entertainment industry in a drama series starring Takuya Kimura.

The 35-year-old grew famous in Japan after her debut acting stint in the history epic film, Red Cliff. She was also recently invited to star as the lead actress in a music video for popular Japanese boyband, SMAP.

According to the Japanese media, the upcoming drama series will be produced by Fuji TV and Lin will take on the role as a model engaged to shoot a series of advertisements for Kimura's design company. Feelings will start to develop between the pair's characters over time.

Fuji TV reportedly had a hard time trying to pick their lead actress as Kimura tends to nitpick on his drama's scripts, fellow co-actors, and sponsors. They originally wanted to work with Kimura's previous onscreen partners, Ayase Haruka and Kuroki Meisa, but decided against it due to a "lack in freshness."

The network then sought after 25-year-old Aoi Miyazaki from the hit Taiga drama series, Atsu-hime, but was turned down by the actress who explained, "We share an age-gap. It won't be convincing to act as lovers, right?"

Filming for this series was originally slated to start in mid-February but was stalled due to the hiccups over its lead actress. It will be pushed back and will air in May instead.


Rain Plans for Two Album Releases This Year

On February 19, the agency of famous Korean singer and actor Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon, 28), J. Tune Entertainment, announced that he would release a special album this coming April. According to J. Tune Entertainment, Rain will release a regular album around in October after recording a mini album consisting of four or five songs in April. This special album will be recorded one year and six months after releasing his 5th album “Rainism” in 2008. Due to his first Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin,” Rain was so busy that he could not make a new album last year.

J. Tune official said in a phone interview with Yonhap New, “We have already recorded some songs, but we are still in the process of collecting better songs from songwriters. We will decide on the title song of the album after completing all of the songs for the album.”

It is an exceptional case for Rain to release an album in April. Rain has usually released his albums in October after releasing his debut album in May, 2002. The official said, “This upcoming mini album, which will be released in April, would be meaningful for Rain because he debuted in April, 2002.” The official added, “ Rain had completed his Asia tour up to January and he is planning an encore performance in a foreign country. He is also examining scripts to possibly appear in a TV drama in the second half of the year."

KBS Global

Korean singer Bobby Kim to make Japanese debut

Korean R&B singer Bobby Kim will expand his singing career into Japan, starting by holding a concert in the country next month, according to his agency Oscar Entertainment on Monday.

Oscar said Kim is scheduled to hold a solo concert for his Japanese fans on March 28 at the famed Billboard Live club in Osaka.

The Billboard Live is where world-renowned musician Bobby Brown gave his live performance last year, as well as the venue for upcoming shows by Grammy award-winning jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves and U.S. R&B pioneers Kool & The Gang.

"I'm thrilled to be performing on the same stage as Bobby Brown, Dianne Reeves and Kool & The Gang. I will prepare the best show possible for my fans in Japan," Kim was quoted as saying.

Kim first appeared on the Korean music scene as a rapper of hip-hop group Buga Kingz in 1999. He took up singing later on into his career however, releasing two solo albums which have produced several hits.

The soul singer is currently preparing for a nationwide tour which will begin on March 12 at the Seoul KEPCO Art Center.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Andy Lau's Hollywood encounter

LONG before Jackie Chan and Jet Li ventured into Hollywood, Hong Kong star Andy Lau had had the chance, reported

The Heavenly King revealed that he signed with a Hollywood agency in 1992.

"I was a Hollywood star earlier than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. For three years, I flew to America every three months to look at movie scripts."

Apparently, no script caught his fancy throughout the years.

"I was told very clearly that even in the next10 years, there would be no more than five scripts that are about Chinese. One of the better scripts I've seen is Year of the Dragon (1985), which starred John Lone.

"I've not signed with a Hollywood agency after that. What I'm looking for is something that I enjoy doing and hopefully, manage to impress others, instead of following the trend of going Hollywood. It's not really a big deal to go Hollywood," he concluded.

The 48-year-old, who got married to longtime girlfriend Carol Chu in 2008, revealed that his daily entertainment with wifey is watching TVB series.

"I enjoy watching Stephen Chow movies. They make me laugh," he said, adding that his favourite pastime includes going bowling with friends.

Asia One

Kim Tae-hee poses for Vogue

Kim Tae-hee poses for the March issue of Vogue Korea. Starring in the hit action drama IRIS along side Lee Byung-hun, KTH is known to be a natural beauty in the Korean entertainment.

The theme of the photoshoot is ‘Heart on the Pairie’ based on the show 'Little House on Prairie’ known for its Victorian style in the 1870s.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top actresses returning to the small screen

Haven't seen your favourite Korean actresses on the small screen for a while? Well, you'll be glad to know that actress Son Ye-jin, Moon Geun-young, Han Ga-in, Han Chae-young and Chae Rim are all coming back with a small screen.

Fans of TV dramas already have an ample lineup of witty programs to choose from, but the list will become more colorful with a number of top actresses returning to the small screen.

Movie star Son Ye-jin is tapping into the small screen market with ``Personal Interest'' (working title) after appearing in the dark thriller ``Walking the White Night'' (2009).

Son will appear as Park Gae-in, the CEO of a famous furniture company, who dreams of having a gay guy friend. She gets close to her dream when she ends up living with Jeon Jin-ho, whom she mistakes as the perfect match for her. Jeon will be played by ``Boys Over Flowers'' star Lee Min-ho.

The actress expressed the difficulty of portraying her ``White Night'' character during press events and interviews, and it seems like she will be able to brush away the mysterious and dark personality. The movie may have not topped the box office, but it showed how fearless the 28-year-old is when it comes to acting.

``I wanted to be involved in a bright and fun drama and I liked the character ― cute and charming and always up to the task,'' Son said.

The actress has been lucky when it comes to co-actors, performing opposite some of the top stars in Korea, including Bae Yong-joon, Kim Ju-hyuk, Jung Woo-sung and Ji Jin-hee.

Viewers will have to wait and see if she can embody the bubbly character, and create chemistry with the 22-year-old Lee.

``Personal Interest'' will start airing in April on MBC.

Actress Moon Geun-young recently applied for a temporary leave from school to focus on her new television series ``Cinderella's Sister'' (working title). The 22-year-old actress will be playing a modern Cinderella who plots revenge against her step mother and sister.

Moon recently posted her feelings on her personal blog, comparing the drama to a well made dish.

``I will be starting to cook soon. I went over the recipe, how long it will take for me to finish cooking and also the ingredients needed,'' she wrote.

``I feel like it will turn out to be a very delicious dish and I promise that we will do our best.''

Her fellow cast members will also add to the highly anticipated recipe, with the characters played by boy group 2PM member Ok Taec-yeon and actor Chun Jeong-myeong competing to steal Moon's heart. This is Ok's first drama, while Chun will be returning to the small screen for the first time in four years.

Moon has earned the nickname ``the nation's little sister'' over the years, but dropped off the public radar when she enrolled at Sungkyunkwan University to major in Korean literature in 2006. She returned to fans with the television series ``Painter of Wind'' (SBS) in 2008, and eventually won the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards.

``Cinderella's Sister'' will start airing late March in KBS.

Famous for her flawless skin and pretty features, Han Ga-in is one of the most popular cosmetic models in the nation. Pretty she may be, but the 28-year-old has yet to reach the top of the acting field since debuting in 2002. This year will hopefully bring some progress in her career, as she will meet fans through new drama ``Bad Man'' (working title) opposite Kim Nam-gil from hit period drama ``The Great Queen Seondeok.''

``Han is busy focusing on her character. It's been three years since her last work, and she is looking forward to meeting her fans as soon as possible,'' J.One + Entertainment said.

The series ``Bad Man'' will feature Han as a stubborn character that uses her charms to climb the corporate ladder, an edgier role than her previous soft and pretty characters. It features Kim as a businessman who dreams big, both personally and professionally.

``Bad Man,'' produced by the makers of ``I'm Sorry, I Love You'' (2004, KBS) and ``The Snow Queen'' (2006, KBS), will start airing in May on SBS.

Meanwhile, Han Chae-young is also returning to the small screen as a headstrong city desk reporter in new soap ``The Man Who is Called a God'' (working title). The new soap will be Han's first drama in four years.

The 29-year-old's priority has seemed to be films over the past few years. Except for a supporting role in the hit drama ``Boys Over Flowers,'' she starred in ``Girlfriends'' and ``Good Morning President'' in 2009, and has two more films in the pipeline for 2010. Nevertheless, Han is expecting to change that by appearing as a passionate reporter with fellow actor Song Il-gook and actress Han Go-eun.

``The Man Who is Called a God,'' based on the namesake cartoon by the late cartoonist Park Bong-seong, will start airing in March on MBC.

Last but not least, Chae Rim is waiting to captivate viewers with her charms through new series ``Oh My Lady!'' The 30-year-old actor, who appeared in ``All About Eve'' (2000, MBC) and ``Dalja's Spring'' (2007, KBS) will star as a bubbly and enthusiastic housewife-turned-top star manager. Also famous in China, she is expected to play opposite Super Junior member Choi Si-won.

Chae Rim has been busy flying back and forth from Taiwan for dramas, and the actress is aiming to captivate viewers once again.

``Oh My Lady'' will start airing in March on SBS.

The Korea Times

Aaron Kwok is considering marriage

Now that eternal bachelor Andy Lau has comfortably settled into his new role as husband and Leon Lai has also married, all eyes are on the only single Hong Kong Heavenly King left, Aaron Kwok.

And the baby-faced, 44-year-old superstar is already showing signs of wanting to settle down.

His love life with rumoured girlfriend Lynn Xiong was once again the centre of media attention when he appeared at a Lunar New Year event in Hong Kong last Wednesday. But the actor-singer didn't seem to mind and candidly spoke about her in front of reporters who asked about his "good friend."

The couple did not spend Valentine's Day together, which coincided with the first day of the Chinese New Year. The actress-model visited her family back in Nanjing, while Aaron stayed with his mother in Hong Kong.

When asked if his mother has hopes for a daughter-in-law soon, the award-winning actor said that he wants to focus on his career first, especially with his current world tour and an upcoming musical production.

"Once I feel I have achieved something, I can move into the next phase in life," he answered, hinting at possibly marriage.

Fans snap up Super Junior albums in anticipation of concert

K-pop boy band Super Junior proved their growing popularity in the Philippines with their “Super Show 2” live album, which topped the country's international album chart.

According to the record label that released Super Junior's album in the country, "Super Show 2" is No. 1 on the Astrovision and Astroplus international album chart for the period Feb. 8 to 14. The two retail chains have about 30 outlets in the country.

The “Super Show 2” album contains 39 tracks recorded live from Super Junior’s concert tours of the same title.

This is the third time that Super Junior’s album has topped album sales in the Philippines.

Many surmise that the brisk sales of Super Junior's albums is somehow connected to the boy band’s upcoming concert in the Philippines slated on April 10 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Super Junior's “Sorry, Sorry” album debuted at No. 1 on the Music One album chart three days after it was released last September, becoming the first K-pop artist to top the local music charts.

In addition, Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry-Answer” has topped the MYX music charts.

The single is No. 1 on the MYX Hit Chart covering the period Feb. 14-20, edging out releases by Adam Lambert, Tokio Hotel and Kris Allen.

It also topped the MYX International Top 20 for the period Feb. 13-19.

The “Sorry, Sorry” album was the No. 1 bestselling K-pop album in the Philippines last year.

It was included in Music One’s top 25 bestselling albums of the year based on sales from three outlets from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2009. It was the only K-pop album to enter the top 25 list.

As an offshoot, “Super Girl,” the album of the boy band’s subgroup, Super Junior-M, also topped the sales chart of both Music One and Odyssey Records when it was released last November.

Manila Bulletin

Friday, February 19, 2010

Michelle Yim's long-time boyfriend dies of cancer

Hong Kong veteran actress Michelle Yim's long-time beau, Wan Chi Keung, died on Tuesday after an 18-year battle with nasopharyngeal cancer. The former soccer star and actor was 53.

The cause was organ failure, said the Hong Kong celebrity soccer squad in a statement. He collapsed at home on the third day of Chinese New Year and was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead, said Ming Pao Daily News. Yim and his family were at his bedside, said her assistant to Apple Daily.

Wan, who played professionally in the Hong Kong First Division League in the 1970s and 1980s, was known as Asia's top striker. He became an actor and businessman after hanging up his football boots, and had a role as a senior police officer in the Infernal Affairs trilogy.

He was diagnosed in 1992 when he was still in the first stage fo nasopharyngeal carcinoma. He received intensive radiotherapy to overcome the cancer. But in the last year, he was seen frail and thin, and had apparently been in and out of the hospital with the spread of cancer, reported Lianhe Zaobao.

Yim said a press conference that there will be a memorial service for Wan after the Chinese New Year holiday. According to the local morning daily, Wan has many friends in the field, so arrangements will be worked out and funeral details will be released by TVB.

Wan got to know Yim, 54, on the set when he made occassional guest appearances on film and television. According to Ming Pao, the pair had been seeing each other for 26 years but their relationship was only made know to public in 1995, three years after he was diagnosed with the cancer.

Wan had apparently proposed to Yim several times, but was turned down each time, said Lianhe Zaobao. Although she did not marry him, but the Chinese paper said the deep love which the pair shared is no different from a married couple. Yim had apparently also sold a house to raise cash for his medical expenses.

Source: divaasia

KARA's hit song "Mister" was orignally made for male singers

KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was made for male singers?

Making the many Korean males’ hearts flutter with their butt dance and the hit song ‘Mister’, the secret to the song has also been revealed recently. The song which has showcased the KARA members’ cuteness and youthful charms was initially made for the use by male idol singers. With the truth behind the song revealed, many were shocked.

An official said, “The song ‘Mister’ was actually made for male code. We didn’t know that the song will go well with KARA.”

KARA revealed their new song ‘Lupin’ on 17th February and it has been received overwhelming responses going up to the #1 spot on various realtime charts. Especially since the girls have dumped the pretty cute image for a strong and new image, there has been much interests garnered.

An official said, “KARA is one of the groups in Korea with great individuality. And hence songs with stronger sound will bring out the members’ charms better. And that is why their hits like ‘Break It’ and ‘Mister’ which were originally intended for male singers did well as the girls were able to carry it out with their own styles. Instead of calling it transformation, we feel that the word evolution fits better.”

The group has been called the ‘progressive stars’ because even though they debuted about the same time as So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls, they went through many ‘failures’ like members leaving the group etc. But through the different stages they emerged stronger and more matured.

And that is why this album and song is important to the girls, because with the huge pressure on the girls and the great image transformation, the girls need to win the hearts of the fans.

But as we can see, the song ‘Lupin’ has been given the first acknowledgement with the overwhelming responses that it received. There is great anticipation for the girls’ new evolution for their comeback.

Meanwhile, KARA will be having their comeback stage on 25th February on Mnet M!Countdown.

Check out their new song Lupin

Source: Kbites

BIG BANG releases Lollipop 2

Last year Big Bang teamed up with LG Cyon to promote the sweet Lollipop phone. Now they return with Lollipop 2 as the full sequel track has been released!

The previous Lollipop campaign was a definite success for the boys and helped ease in their sister group 2NE1, who also benefited greatly from the advertisement. And even though it’s not another Big Bang – 2NE1 pair up, it’s still great to hear something new from the group.

2NE1 may not be here to add their feminine touch but Big Bang still keeps the energy alive with their cute outfits and vibrant colors. Former 1TYM leader Teddy produced the song and with the help of G-Dragon and T.O.P., they composed and wrote the song together.

So which version do you guys like better, last year’s version or the sequel? And who will be the new Lollipop Girl?

Source: AllKpop

Actress Cheung Ho-Yee kicked out of boyfriend's home after split

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee has reportedly split with her boyfriend, millionaire fund manager Tsang On Bong, and was kicked out of his home.

Cheung, who turns 41 in March, met 42-year-old Tsang while hosting the television show "Living Up" in 2008.

Just last year, Cheung, who was co-habiting with Tsang, said that their relationship was "stable" and that she "would not rule out marriage" when the time is right.

However, Hong Kong media reports recently claimed that the pair had apparently called it quits. Cheung was forced to move out from Tsang's luxury residence at Repulse Bay and live with her younger sister's family.

The reason for their separation is rumoured to be Cheung's bad temper. Many said Tsang could not put up with Cheung's behaviour and ended their relationship.

Cheung's close friend claimed Cheung's bad temper could have been the result of the rare Grave's Disease which Cheung contracted five years ago. The autoimmune disease can result in an overactive thyroid which makes the sufferer irritable.

Cheung, a finalist in the 1994 Miss Hong Kong pageant, carved out a name for herself with roles in the Hong Kong drama serials "Old Time Buddies" and "One Good Turn Deserves Another" in the mid 90s.

She went on to appear in numerous television shows but had took a two-year break from the entertainment scene after being diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 2005.

- CNA/ha

Michael Miu admits there was a 'third party' during marriage

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Michael Miu revealed that there was once a 'third party' during his marriage to actress Jamie Chik as the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with their friends on Tuesday.

Miu, 52, said during the event that he had dated and stayed together with Chik, 48, for almost 28 years and went through lots of ups and downs with her but admitted that there was someone else during his marriage after a deejay quizzed him about it.

When the deejay asked who strayed, Miu replied that it "did not matter if it was her or I".

Miu then went on to thank his wife for trusting him over the years.

"Every man would go out and play, but [Chik] knows how to let go," he said, adding that he did not do anything salacious and knew his limits.

Miu and Chik met on the set of the TVB drama "You Only Live Twice" and started seeing each other in 1982.

They broke up in 1989 due to clashes in personality and Miu started dating singer Anita Mui while Chik saw someone else.

After Miu split with Mui, he got back together with Chik and married her in 1990. The couple have two children.

Miu, who was once part of TVB's 'Five Tigers' with Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Felix Wong and Ken Tong in the 1980s, took a break from showbiz in the 1990s to concentrate on building his business but returned to acting in 2004.

Chik made her comeback last year with the TVB blockbuster "Born Rich" and earned a TVB Best Actress nomination for her role during last year's TVB Awards.

- CNA/ha

Rom-com Romeo takes tougher role

In order to perfectly immerse himself in his role as Song Tae-ha, a slave on the run, actor Oh Ji-ho let his hair and beard grow. [JoongAng Photo]

The KBS TV drama “Chuno,” or “Pursuing Servants,” is a smash, with ratings of around 30 percent, putting it tops among Wednesday-Thursday TV dramas. And it shows no signs of stopping.

Much of that popularity is thanks to a strong plot about slave hunters in pre-modern Korea, but at least a little of its appeal comes from its flamboyant action sequences, with leading male characters flexing their six-packs. Foremost among these heartthrobs is Oh Ji-ho, who, to put it inelegantly, keeps female viewers drooling - and glued to the tube.

Oh rose to stardom in romantic comedies, and at first, industry insiders said the actor had been miscast as the complex character Song Tae-ha in the serious drama. Even Oh himself once said that he had failed to land roles so often that he began to see his good looks as a liability.

But the market has spoken, and viewers and bloggers agree Oh was the right pick, and he is seizing the chance to reinvent himself.

“After my last role in ‘Queen of Housewives,’ I wanted to play a real macho man,” Oh said. In that hit show, which centered around struggling housewives who push their husbands up the corporate ladder, Oh played an incompetent husband - far from a strong male lead.

This time, things are different. At one point Oh’s character grabs a live snake with his bare hands and takes a bite out of it. He swings around a sword that weighs about 4 kilograms (8 pounds) with a single hand.

“I worried a lot about viewers comparing me to [my castmate] Jang Hyeok because he is practically a martial arts expert,” Oh confessed. But it didn’t take long for the natural-born athlete to learn the basics of martial arts and how to wield his blade.

“I think I’m good at all types of sports, especially ball games,” said Oh, who hits clean-up on a celebrity baseball team. Oh said it took less than a year for him to achieve an average score of 180 in bowling, quite a feat for an amateur player.

Although Oh picked up the martial arts and other physical skills easily, his role in Chuno demands constant hard work.

In order to maintain his picture-perfect abs, Oh works out hard between scenes. He and his castmates also shoot the drama half-naked, despite recent subzero temperatures. Nevertheless, Oh is still happy with his decision.

“I love to travel around [for the show]. It’s just fun for me to visit every nook and cranny of Korea,” he said. “I can even go into some off-limits areas because of this drama. I’m also completely alive and kicking even if I can’t get a wink of sleep for days because of filming.”

The actor is also pleased that he was able to make friends his own age through this drama.

“Jang Hyeok, Lee Jong-hyeok and I are the same age. We often hang out when the camera is not rolling,” he said.

Asked about the hardest part of being on Chuno, Oh answered, “Romantic scenes with my co-star are always hard because my character is a man of few words, yet I have to portray his romantic side since he’s deeply in love with [the character] Hye-won.”

Oh turned 35 this year, making this the 12th year since he entered show business. But after all this time, he says he is just starting to understand the beauty of acting.

“When I was in my 20s, I thought I would retire from acting and run my own business when I turned 40 because I didn’t know what I was doing then. I had many ups and downs, but I think I can stay focused on acting now,” he said. “I want to grow old with acting.”

By Kang Hye-ran, Sung So-young []

Lee Da-hae to attend Warner Brothers party in Hollywood

Korean actress Lee Da-hae attends a Warner Brothers party [DBM Entertainment]

Korean actress Lee Da-hae is scheduled to attend a party hosted by major Hollywood studio Warner Brothers, according to her agency DBM Entertainment on Wednesday.

DBM announced that "The Slave Hunters" actress -- the only Asian actor to be invited to the event -- will be leaving for Los Angeles today to attend a character launching party hosted by Warner Brothers.

The agency further explained that officials at Warner seemed "very interested in Lee Da-hae" during their visit to Korea early this year, saying they were impressed with "not only her acting skills but also her fluency in English and Chinese".

The Hollywood studio was said to have asked Lee for a meeting but she was unable to make time due to her busy shooting schedule for hit KBS2 TV series "The Slave Hunters".

The Warner Brothers' party in reference will be attended by many industry heavyweights including high-ranking executives at the studio and famous Hollywood actresses -- namely Jessica Szohr (of "Gossip Girl"), Julia Stiles (of "Bourne Identity" series) and all-around entertainer Jennifer Lopez.

The U.S. studio and the Korean actress will reportedly set up a meeting to "discuss future projects" after the party.

Lee, 25, has appeared in more than a dozen television dramas and commercials since her debut in 2001. Her most notable works include "Lotus Flower Fairy"(MBC, 2004), which placed her onto stardom, and "My Girl" the following year which gained her popularity throughout Asia.

She currently stars in the top-rated drama "The Slave Hunters" alongside Jang Hyeok and Oh Ji-ho.

Reporter : Lim Hye-seon
Editor : Lynn Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>
Source: 10Asia

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kwon Sang-woo to debut as a singer in Japan

You have to be the judge whether this handsome actor should really sing professionally. Check our the youtube video of KSW singing the theme song of his most popular drama "Stairway to Heaven".

Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo will debut as a singer in Japan, according to a report on Monday.

Daily Japanese sports paper Sankei Sports reported that Kwon will make his singing debut in Japan after releasing a DVD on February 19.

The DVD, titled "DREAM IN JAPAN," will contain the actor's Japanese songs as well as footage from his latest visit to the country.

The newspaper also quoted the actor as saying, "I would like to start my nationwide tour in Japan as soon as possible."

Kwon will hold two fan meetings in Osaka and Tokyo later this month where he will perform his Japanese ballads "Missing" and "Tears for Love."

Sankei added the actor is currently working on signing with a record company.

Kwon, who has appeared in several dramas and movies since his debut in 2001, is most well-known for his roles in the 2003 TV series "Stairway to Heaven" and Korean films "My Tutor Friend" and "Love, So Divine."

He has been tapped to star in "Into the Fire," which is set to start filming during the latter half of the year. Some of Korea's most popular celebrities including Kim Seung-woo, Cha Seung-won and T.O.P. will also appear in the film.

The picture will be set during the Korean War where 71 student soldiers battle against North Korean army soldiers.

Reporter: Cho Bum-ja
Editor : Lucia Hong
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jordan Chan weds girlfriend on Valentine's Day

The "Young and Dangerous" actor Jordan Chan is a man with charisma. On Valentine's Day, Jordan wedded his girlfriend of 3 years in a Chapel in Las Vagas. The wedding ceremony was held very low key and the bride and groom was surrounded by close friends and family. Jordan seems emotional at the altar. The couple seems very much in love and happy.

It seems that one of the reporters from Mingpao magazine was present at the wedding and was able to report in details about the wedding.
Below is the news article published in Mingpao and translated by aZnangel @ asianuniverse
Yesterday on the big Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, the first happy event happened in the entertainment circle where Jordan Chan and his rumored to be pregnant girlfriend Cherrie Ying held their wedding in the United States. The wedding was very impressive as the groom Jordan praised his new wife in English, but it was not understandable. The hilarious scene stirred up huge laughter among the audience, even the bride did not know if she should cry or laugh.

Currently 42, Jordan and his girlfriend of 3 years, 26 year old Cherrie Ying (Ding Ding) held their marriage at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas at 12:30pm on Valentine's Day February 14th. Around 10 close friends and family attended the wedding, including Ding Ding's 90+ year old and on a wheel chair grandmother; from the entertainment circle there were Eric Tsang and his son, Michael Tse and his wife, Louis Yuen, Yumiko Cheng and Charles Heung and his wife.

The bride Ding Ding was dressed in a low-cut white wedding gown, while the groom wore traditional Chinese attire. The wedding was presided by a foreign female priest, who misread Jordan's name as "Golden" even before the ceremony started, which led to laughter among the audience. The priest then apologized. The moment they were exchanging rings was the most touching part in the ceremony, the pair were so touched that they could not stop tearing up. Among the two, Jordan was the most emotional as he cried harder than the bride.

The priest then brought Jordan and Cherrie for the marriage oath, Jordan used English to say "Forever love my wife, for my whole life. My wife is my best friend, will always forever be my wife." During the time, he tried to be creative and added one emphasis that Ding Ding is his "most loved wife", but the English Jordan said could not be understood, he turned the statement into "You are the best one in a group of wives." The touching moment turned into a hilarious scene, initially the tearing Ding Ding immediately started laughing. Ding Ding told Jordan: "I told you not to speak English!"

Ding Ding: I will take care of you
On contrast, Ding Ding used Chinese to express her commitment to Jordan: "If the world doesn't understand you, I will try my best to. Even if the world leaves you, I will not. I know you are a kid, don't worry, I will take care of you." Ding Ding had a changed in personality as she switches roles with Jordan. When the two walked out of the chapel, Jordan took the initiative to lift Ding Ding's hand, Eric shouted at Jordan: "It is suppose to be the bride lifting the groom's hand, not the other way around" leading to more laughter among the guest. After the ceremony, Ding Ding and Jordan stood in the front of the chapel and threw the flower bouquet, while the guest fought for it. Results, Ding Ding's close friend got it. The group then transported to a hotel for the private wedding party continuing the fun.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Actor Gallen Lo threatens to take legal action against HK mag

HONG KONG: Actor Gallen Lo has threatened to sue Hong Kong entertainment rag Next Magazine over reports that portrayed him as an irresponsible father.

The magazine had previously claimed that Lo was having the time of his life with his current wife, Chinese actress Sophie Su, whom Lo married in December last year, and ignored his 10-year-old son with ex-wife Clare Fong.

"Next Magazine recently featured a news article about me on its cover without confirming it with me or the other people mentioned in it. To create sensational news, they fabricated the truth, reported irresponsibly and misled the public," said Lo in a statement on Wednesday. "Next Magazine's actions have seriously damaged my public image as an entertainer."

The 47-year-old actor denounced the article and promised to take legal action against the publication.

Lo, who is currently on vacation in Japan, told reporters that he will return to Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year holidays to visit his parents, his ex-wife and his son like he always had.

Fong also defended her ex-husband and spoke out against the report in a separate statement. She said the report was untrue and that Lo has done his part as a father and takes care of his son.

She added that she hopes she and her son will not be embroiled in baseless reports and rumours as they are not in the entertainment industry.

Fong had been married to Lo for almost a decade before separating amicably in 2008 due to "communication problems".

- CNA/ha

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yoon Eun-hye featuring in new Cass commercial

Yoon Eun-hye and 2PM's Nichkhun and Taecyeon are in a new commercial drawing attention to their love triangle.

This music drama's full version is being released on the CASS beverage homepage (

In the music drama, Nichkhun is suffering through a scandal with a hot actress because of blackmail. This top star Nikhun is being followed by Taecyeon who suspects relationship with the edgy stylist Yoon Eun-hye.

The twist in the story is that this is a thrilling story that brings Taecyeon to his first acting!

There are action scenes as well as love scenes! The 13 minute music drama will be more than you expect!


Lee Byung-hun "The Influence" poster review

The poster and preview for the online mystery film "Influence", starring Lee Byeong-Heon and Han Chae-young, have been revealed.

The film's producer Realize Pictures and Windsor Entertainment released the poster on Friday, showing a relatively large image of a suited up Lee from the bust upward and smaller head-to-toe image of Han donning a red dress.

Lee plays the role of the character W who has to make a choice in order to follow his path to fulfill a promise he made many years ago. Han will play J, W's lover who is stuck in an aquarium. The two share a love that transcends time and space.

The film, based on a time period spanning from 1907 to 2010, will be Lee Jae-gyoo's directorial debut pic. He has created several hit TV series during his career including "Damo" and "Beethoven Virus".

"The Influence" is set for release online in early March.

Reporter : Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Daniel Henney in new CF for Biotherm

On MBC Section TV Entertainment Relay aired on 12th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri and actor Daniel Henney were seen at a filming site.

They were chosen as the new faces of cosmetic line Biotherm and were filming the upcoming CF together.

Definitely a combination of beauty and handsome


Remake of MJ "We Are The World" for Haiti

New generation singers have joined force in remaking Michael Jackson's "We are the world".

Bosco Wong kiss and tell : Kitty Yeun is a better kisser than Moylie Wu

Bosco looks ridiculous with that hair cut!! I am screaming GAY GAY GAY!! And whats with that shirt???

Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Wong Cholam, Kitty Yuen ((小儀) and Christine Kuo attended a promotion activity for TVB up coming new series "Don Juan De Mercado" at the Ocean Park yesterday. They were playing couple games with the audiences. Christine was very popular with the male artists, they all wanted to partner with her. Kate didn't mind that Christine had all the attention, she reckoned it is quite normal that males like attractive girls. (Is she insinuating that she's not as attractive as Kate?) She told the reporter "If I am looking for a boyfriend, I would choose Cholam, not Bosco. Nowadays, guys need to be special, not necessarily tall and handsome." Reporter asked Bosco if he has bought Myolie a Valentine's present yet? He replied "Not really, we are not old husband and wife, anyway she is not in Hong Kong." The reporter went on to ask if he wanted to give her a surprise? He said "No, I need to promote the movie." Talking about the kissing scene in the series, Bosco revealed that Kitty is a better kisser than Myolie and he is not worried that Myolie might be crossed with him making that remark because they are all friends.

Source: MingPao
Translator: R.E.D @

Nick Cheung receives complaints for fund raising on the street

The night before yesterday, 6 time Best Actor award winner Nick Cheung was at Victoria Park Lunar New Year market as the ambassador for Sowers Action Student to sell fortune rice at their booth in hope to raise money for children in poverty in the mountain areas. All you had to do was donate some money to buy the fortune rice and you will be able to take a picture with Nick. No wonder the audience was so excited when they saw Nick, shouting: "Nick Cheung", "Cheung Six King".

Because Nick attracted too many people surrounding the booth, the booths nearby complained to the relevant department about the large number of people. There was so much confusion that the booths almost fell apart from all the pushing. The organization's responsible person expressed their apology and told some of their volunteers to help keep up the booth to avoid it from actually collapsing.

Nick was around for about an hour and a half, attracting more and more people. In the end, they sold a few hundred bags of rice, the funds raised exceeded normal sales by 20 times. When Nick left the scene, 5 male security members protected him. Before he left, he took a big group picture with all the volunteers for memories. The responsible person reveals that Nick brought in a huge check, which was donated to them by his boss Albert Yeung under the identity of "EEG Charity Foundation", that check could buy a few thousand bags of rice.

Source: Mingpao
by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates the lunar new year. How do you and your family celebrate the lunar new year? Usually everyone in our family would gather at our parents house and enjoy a sumptuos feast that my mum prepared. It usually includes shark fin soup, steem free range chicken, sticky rice

Filming of "The Slave Hunters" Oh Ji-ho, Lee Da-hae and Jang Hyuk

On a cold winter day in January, director Kwak Jung-hwan of KBS TV series “The
Slave Hunters” was at Unju Temple in the South Jeolla Province. It is the place,
mentioned in the tenth episode, which Dae-gil (played by Jang Hyuk) guessed
correctly right away when told Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) went to where a statue of
Buddha lies on its back facing the sky. “There is a statue of Buddha laid on the
ground and facing the sky in the Unju Temple. It is said to contain the
unfulfilled hopes of the commoners. I couldn’t not go to shoot there after
hearing that story,” Kwak explained of his reason in choosing the temple as a
location which would also symbolize Tae-ha’s yet-to-be opened world and the
dream of the slaves.

But Unju Temple does not just have symbolic meaning
for “Hunters.” It is also where many of the main characters gather after a large
number of supporting actors are killed off the show in the ninth and tenth
episodes. Tae-ha holds the baby king in one hand as he meets his old friends and
Dae-gil’s clan gathers at Unju too. About five scenes were shot at the Unju
Temple this day. And each scene focused more on the meeting and the parting of
the characters rather than its usual spectacular action. But the atmosphere on
set was as somber and sincere as the emotions involved in the meeting and

“Turn around as soon as you take a step forward,” Kwak
instructs Tae-ha, played by Oh Ji-ho. He then explained, “We didn’t rush in the
beginning because we started shooting the first few episodes several months ago
but these days, it’s all about time management.” But once he goes into shoot, he
digs into the details so insistently that it seems as if he forgets all about
time. He does not miss a single thing, down to the smallest movement a character
makes to the most trivial historical fact. To Kim Ha-eun playing the role of
Sul-hwa, he will direct her to “breathe harder after running here.” And after
receiving confirmation that “in the past, nobody entered the main temple
building through the central door other than the chief monk,” Kwak reflected
this fact into the scene where a boy monk greets Dae-gil who is chasing Tae-ha.
Add just a little exaggeration, it could be said that the amount of Kwak’s
exercise almost equalled that of Dae-gil and Tae-ha got from shooting their
actions scenes. He endlessly checked the monitor, went back onto the set,
checked everything, made orders, and then monitored again.

Not a single loud noise comes from the set of “Hunters” but that atmosphere on set is also the atmosphere amongst the actors. The Chuno clan, composed of Jang Hyuk, Kim Ji-suk and Han Jung-soo, sat around ahead of going into shoot to quietly discuss
their scene while Oh Ji-ho and Lee Da-hae focused on their own acting and did
not speak a single word to each other. The moment they finally smiled and talked
to each other was when Oh Ji-ho finished shooting his scene. “You’re leaving
before I am because you’re done? That’s an offense!” Lee jokingly said to Oh.

Shooting began at 8 a.m. in the morning but the clock was heading toward
8 p.m. But the crew of “Hunters” had been shooting a single scene since later
afternoon — the moment when Dae-gil breaks down. It will be a scene in the 12th
episode where Dae-gil’s emotions explode like they have never done before during
the show’s run so far. And hence it was when director Kwak and Jang Hyuk’s
energy also collided at its highest point. Ahead of going into shoot, Jang Hyuk
watched scenes him and Hae-won’s romantic scenes to focus on his emotions. And
Kwak continued to repeatedly shoot the scene from various angles — a full shot,
close-up shot, with the Jimmy Jib, then on-the-move. The staff moved swiftly,
operating every piece of equipment in time with Kwak’s orders. Jang Hyuk repeats
crying, laughing, shouting and gazing up into the sky. Only a few minutes of
this hours-long shoot will go on air. But Kwa, Jang Hyuk and the staff continue
to concentrate, knowing the importance of this scene. Like the slave being
chased by a slave hunter, the set of “Hunters” is short on time. But everyone
was trying everything they could do produce the best result.

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor : Jessica Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin

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