Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sharon Chan proud of her figure

Sharon Chan was doing a commercial for Q & A yesterday. She was showing off her figure wearing a bikini. She said "This is my second year as the spokesperson for Q & A. I hope we can continue working well together. As I work all hours and not getting enough sleep, I need their skin care products and their service to help me." . Sharon went on to say "I have been busy working on "Can't Buy Me Love", I have lost about 5lb in weight. Therefore, I don't need to go on slimming diet to do this commercial." The reporter asked if the size of her chest is affected due to her weigh loss? She replied "I haven't changed much, still size over 30." Sharon is very happy with her figure, she reckons her weight and weight are in proportion. She had thought having a fuller top, but she would never consider plastic surgery. She feels a person's beauty cannot be judged by the size of her chest.
I've always thought that she's a skinny girl now that I see her in a bikini she even look skinnier than I thought.


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