Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh not awkward at work

Yesterday Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh and Sharon Chan were filming for the ancient drama Can't Buy Me Love (also known as Arrival of Princess). Although there were earlier reports of Moses and Charmaine flirting onset, yesterday everyone could see that the pair were totally focused on their work with no signs of embarassment in their chit-chat.

Sharon was wearing a neck brace when she didn't need to be on film, and reporters asked afterwards for the reason. "These head accessories are way too heavy, my neck, hands and fingers are also sore and in pain!" Charmaine laughed, adding, "When I was filming Beyond the Realm of Conscience, I tried driving with the head accessories on, but because they were too long, I had to open the sunroof to drive, letting the top of the accessory stick out the top!"

Bernice Liu ignores rumours
Bernice, also rumoured to be a girlfriend of Moses', couldn't care less about the heated rumours of a relationship between Moses and Charmaine. Yesterday at a public event, reporters questioned Bernice about her thoughts on Charmaine's intentions to sue a magazine company about their false reports regarding her relationship with Moses. "I haven't seen Charmaine, so I won't be trying to ask about that. It's also none of my business so I have no comment... also it's a new year, these things are already in the past." She also revealed that she hasn't seen Moses in the new year, but had showed recent pictures of her niece to him, looks like their relationship is quite complicated!

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