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'Lost' Kim Yun-jin weds movie producer in Hawaii

Korean actress Kim Yun-jin [Zion Entertainment]

Korean actress Kim Yun-jin married movie producer in a surprise wedding ceremony in Hawaii today, according to her agency Zion Entertainment.

An official at Zion told Asia Economic Daily over the phone Monday that the actress "will hold a small wedding with only the bride and groom's immediate family in attendance."

The nuptials reportedly took place on a privately owned beach this morning around 8 a.m. (Seoul time) and the "Lost" actress did not even wear a wedding dress.

Kim and her husband, known only by last name Park, were said to have first met in 2002 as manager and client and grew close while Kim was working on her 2007 book [tentatively titled in English] "Kim Yun-jin's Hollywood Story."

"My husband is a humorous and thoughtful person," the 37-year-old actress was quoted as saying. "I wanted to make once-in-a-lifetime memories quietly and start the beginning of a new life in Hawaii where we started dating."

The newlyweds will stay in Hawaii for their honeymoon and come to Korea next month, when Kim will begin future projects in the country. Kim is currently shooting the last season of the ABC hit series "Lost".

Kim, who grew up in Staten Island, New York, rose to fame in 1999 when she starred in Korea's first blockbuster film "Swiri" as a North Korean spy.

In 2004, she became the first South Korean actress to make a breakthrough into the U.S. entertainment industry when she was cast as one of the main characters in the Emmy Award-winning drama "Lost."


Rain 'Love Song' audio revealed

Korean singer Rain and actress Han Ye-seul in a music video for "Love Song" [J. Tune Entertainment]

Korean entertainer Rain has revealed his new single “Love Song” over night, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Tuesday.

J. Tune explained in a press release that “Song”, the title track from his upcoming special album “BACK TO THE BASIC”, was unveiled at midnight last night on various web-based music sites.

The track, which is his first-ever ballad single release, is currently ranked at No. 3 on real-time music chart for music provider Melon.

Yesterday, the singer also released a 30-second teaser clip from the music video, which included a kissing scene with popular Korean actress Han Ye-seul.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, started his career as a trainee at Korea's major talent agency JYP Entertainment in 2002. He quickly gained fame throughout Asia, releasing five albums in Korea and starring in hit televisions dramas including "Full House" and "Sang Doo! Let's Go To School".

He made his Hollywood debut in 2008 thru the Wachowski Brothers' action flick "Speed Racer", which led to his star turn in the martial arts pic "Ninja Assassin" last year.

"BASIC" marks his comeback to the local music scene in two years after releasing his last studio album "Rainism" in 2008.

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Daniel Henney's Romantic Movie Picks

Daniel Henney [CAT the Culture Production]

When we first saw Daniel Henney, it was in a black and white cosmetic commercial. The moment this beautiful man, whom we had never seen before and was racially hard to define, walked out of a lake, every woman let out a cry in awe. From his very first appearance, he was a fantasy in reincarnation and he revived it well. In MBC’s hit drama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon”, he played the second male lead, a part that is often just a tool for jealousy or conspiracy. But Henney played the character Henry with such plain genuineness that Henry was, for a long time, the Daniel he is.

However, Mr. Fantasy did not hide his ambitions as an actor. He easily won us over by putting variations on the nice guy image that everyone adored, but he took everyone by surprise by playing the heartless Robin in “Seducing Mr. Robin” and swept the awards for Best New Actor with “My Father”. Throughout the movie, he wept, screamed, resented and then he laughed and forgave. With “My Father”, he displayed a variety of emotions on a frequency from 1 to 10, entering the path to turn from a living statue into a passionate human and actor.

Everyone watched to see what he would do after “My Father”, where his language handicap worked to his advantage. Leaving behind concerns that he would not be able to keep working with his less-than-fluent Korean, he flew to Hollywood. And in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, he came back as the mean Agent Zero, a character with an inferiority complex to Wolverine. Henney, who said that “As an actor, I can’t just give the public what they want to see”, has a clear picture as an actor and to achieve that, he does not hesitate, not even for a second. At the same time, to his fans who might be surprised to see his tough side, he assures them by telling them “Don’t be surprised” and that he is “still gentle”. Yes, Henney is still “Daniel Henney”. Here, Daniel Henney, the perfect guy for the romantic lead, gives romantic movie recommendations that are just as sweet as the actor himself.

1. “Big” (1988, directed by Penney Marshall)
“This is my favorite movie. I have a fantasy about a child suddenly becoming an adult and I have always loved fantasy movies. I also watched the movie“Annie” over and over as a child. It aired on TV every morning at 7 a.m. and I never missed a day of it. I was living in the countryside at the time, so a big city like New York was really interesting to me. In “Big”, Josh is shocked when he goes into the city where adults live. I was able to relate to the same confusion. The movie reminds me of my childhood every time I watch it.”

Thirteen-year-old boy Josh, played by Tom Hanks, makes a wish at an amusement park and becomes a thirty-year-old man overnight. Josh, a boy in a man’s body, is amused by everything in the grown-up world. He accidentally gets a job at a toy company, succeeds in everything he does and earns the chairman’s trust. Women are attracted to the honest and genuine Josh and the movie informs, in a comedic and articulate way, what women want in a relationship.

2. “Kate & Leopold” (2001, directed by James Mangold)
“I watch this film to get the feeling that I’m on vacation. I think movies are like two-hour vacations we can enjoy in our everyday life. They don’t always have to be serious and complex. The crazy love story of Kate & Leopold, which spans over much time and space, leaves a great feeling in me… like I just took a good long rest. Stories about less-than-perfect people are more relatable than stories about successful, perfect people. And the tough guy Hugh Jackman is so different in this film. (laughs)”

Unpolished beauty Hugh Jackman meets the queen of romantic comedy Meg Ryan in this movie. The cynical single woman Kate, played by Meg Ryan, enjoys voyeuring old lovers’ houses. She runs into Leopold, played by Hugh Jackman, who is very odd. He is a helpless romantic with corny manners and too many compliments.

3. “The Princess Bride” (1987, directed by Rob Reiner)
“This is a movie about a prince and a princess but it’s a little different. It makes parodies of all the conventional fairy tales and movies. In a swordfight, they keep fighting with one cut-off arm and a hotdog in the other hand. (laugh) It’s a really cute, funny, romantic movie. It has a perfectly predictable “happily ever after” ending but the process is new and fresh. It’s really fun… I recommend everyone to watch it.”

There are no princess and prince fairy tales that you know of in this movie. The twisted old stories are fresh to watch, even now. The princess, played by Robin Wright, is set to marry a prince from a neighboring country but actually loves the servant boy, played by Cary Elwes. Caught up in a war conspiracy, the princess is kidnapped and the prince tries to kill the boy.

4. “Notting Hill” (1999, directed by Roger Michell)
“This film is very personal to me. When I first went to Hong Kong three years ago, this movie was all I had. I had no friends, no one to talk to in a tiny apartment. And I had a VCD, not even a DVD, of “Notting Hill”. I watched it every night by myself, crying and laughing. And eating a peanut butter sandwich wet with tears. Can I fall in love with an ordinary girl working in a bookstore? Of course! (laughs)”

William, played by Hugh Grant, is a bookstore owner living a quiet life who accidentally keeps running into Hollywood movie star Anna, acted by Julia Roberts. He and his close friends see the real, hidden side of Anna and the two, after going through their ups and downs, end up realizing they are in love. The movie has all the elements of a classic romantic comedy -- from the dramatic proposal at the press conference to the happy ending. The theme song “She” lingers around long after the movie has ended.

5. “My Sassy Girl” (2001, directed by Kwak Jae-yong)
"I did an advertisement with Jun Ji-hyun. She was really sexy when we shot it but you can’t see any of that in this film. She drinks, vomits and slaps a guy on the subway. (laughs) She was completely crazy but natural in her appeal. I prefer cute women to those who always look perfect. And I think that’s why people like this film. In most movies, the female lead is beautiful and smart, but here Jun looks like someone who could be in an office or school. I think that was the secret to the success of this movie.”

The first and the most successful of the romantic comedy series by the Kwak-Jun collaboration. Still reeling from her painful first love, the seemingly innocent character Jun is actually violent and stubborn. And Gyun-woo, played by Cha Tae-hyun, loves her but is physically exhausted by her. Full of incidents of slapping, vomiting and getting drunk, the love story of Gyun-woo and the sassy girl is lively and animated, just like the internet novel that it was based upon.

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Big Bang sings theme song for Japanese news program

Big Bang members Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP and Daesung [YG Entertainment]

K-pop idol group Big Bang has been tapped to sing the theme song for weekend Japanese news program “Mezamashi” on Fuji TV, according to the Japanese newspaper Sankei sports on Tuesday.

A representative from Sankei sports stated, “This is the first time Hallyu artists were chosen to sing the theme song for the Fuji TV news program.”

The song “HANDS UP” from the boy band is still in production but will air for six months starting April 3.

Big Bang members Daesung and Seungri said, “We are busily preparing the song that will make everyone happy.”

Big Bang released their debut single album in Japan last June and appeared on the live broadcast of “Mezamashi Terebi” on the same day. They were also the special guest stars for the 15th anniversary of Mezamashi TV in February.

Big Bang made their debut in 2006 with the single “Bigbang,” after being discovered and trained by major talent house YG Entertainment. They are considered to be one of the biggest cultural icons for Korea’s younger generation in music and fashion.

They released their digital single “Lollipop Pt. 2” in mid-February which was used in the LG cellular phone commercial.

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Joey Yung Lights up Sydney with starlight spectacular

picture Xinhua

picture Xinhua

Asian pop star Joey Yung presented a spectacular Starlight Concert performance to thousands of fans at the Sydney Entertainment Center on Sunday night.

The show was a good mix of romantic love songs and fast-paced dance music with attractive cyber costumes and laser lighting effects. The highlights included police sirens and machine gun sounds as Yung appeared on stage to sing and dance "Escape". She performed her famous "tilting" move while being lifted off the ground by her dancers.

The pop queen sang and danced to a medley of her most popular fast songs with a group of exotic dancers. The atmosphere was electric with a special fireworks display creating a surprising and spontaneous effect. A large portion of the young audience waved their glowing light sticks and moved to the beat of the music.

Among the many Cantonpop songs that have been performed by Yung, "My Pride" is her personal favorite. This "golden song" has brought Yung more than 50 awards in different parts of the world including the United States, Canada and China.

"I hope the message in my music can encourage the young people in a positive way with songs like 'My Pride', 'Be Strong' and 'Amazing Grace'," she told Xinhua.

"I wish I could be a positive role model for the young people and inspire them to set their life goals and endeavor to achieve them."

Yung believes her passion in music and persistence has led to success in her life.

"Despite the difficulties and setbacks that have arisen in my career over the last 10 years, I have never given up. It is so important to be persistent and resolute in your desire to fulfill your dreams," she said.

By Mimi Chau


Bang Kieu attended Hong Nhung's birthday party in HCM City

On March 17, Bang Kieu attended one of his close friends from the Viet nam music industry birthday bash held at Cham Charm Restuarant in Phu My Hung, District 7 HCM City. In attendance were singers and actors such as Quang Dung, Ngo Thanh Van and Johnny Tri Nguyen.

Hong Nhung, Bang Kieu and Miss Viet Nam Ha Kieu Anh

Hong Nhung (a.k.a. Bong) and her foreign boyfriend

Ngo Thanh Van and Johnny Tri Nguyen

Singer Quang Dung

Hong Nhung and Quang Linh

Two of her besties preparing the birthday cake decorate it with fresh roses

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain, Back to the Basic album Love Song teaser revealed

Rain and actress Han YeSeul

Lee Hyori comeback 4th album spot teaser video to be released on 29th March

With her comeback coming this early April, Lee Hyori will be releasing a spot video on 29th March for her upcoming 4th full length ‘H-Logic’ album. The video will be released at 11am on 29th March.

Through the video, Lee Hyori’s much anticipated new image for her new album will be revealed. Mnet Media said, “As much as it is a long-awaited comeback, she will be showing well-made music with this album. Her comeback stage prepared will also be of great satisfaction for fans.”

Also other dates to look out for:

•1st April: Tracklist and MV release
•8th April: Album full release


Check out the teaser below

Jang Woo-hyuk awarded most influential Asian performer in China

Jang Woo-hyuk awarded the most influential Asian performer

Korean singer Jang Woo-hyuk was named the most influential Asian performer at the China Music Award and Asia Influential Awards (CMA) on Sunday, according a press release by his agency.

Jang received the distinguished award at the CMA, which took place at the International Tennis Center located in China's Sichuan region.

The ceremony, co-sponsored by the Chengdu Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and mass media group Channel V, was broadcast throughout China and aired in 53 countries.

The Korean pop singer also performed at the event, which was attended by numerous international celebrities including Chinese movie stars Jet Li, Jay Chou, Donnie Yen, singer A-Mei, Korean actors Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee.

Jang, 32, made his debut in 1996 as a member of the now-disbanded idol group H.O.T and embarked on his solo career in 2005. He visited China several times for his musical activities in the country after he completed Korea's mandatory two-year military service.

He recently made headlines when pictures of him and Hong Kong actress Karen Mok surfaced on the Internet from the shoot for his music drama.

Jang Woo-hyuk performs at the China Music Award and Asia Influential Awards


Jang Woo-hyuk meeting Chinese fans youtube video credit Ariang TV

Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng announced their divorce

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Ronald Cheng have announced that they have split up this month. However, it was discovered that they were in fact married in Las Angeles in January 2006, their split up became divorce. Yesterday, they held a press conference to clarify their divorce. Ronald and Ah Sa were both in tears, stated that although they can't be a couple, they are friends for ever.

Ronald and Ah Sa began their secret love affairs after they were working on "Hidden Heroes" back in 2004. Ronald even has a tattoo of "Charlene" on his arm. There love affairs have surfaced the last few years until this year, when things have changed between them. During the Lunar new year, Ah Sa told reporters that single life suited her better. When the rumor circulated that they were in fact married in L.A in 2006, they announced their separation to the media. A few days ago, the two refused to answer if the rumor was true. Yesterday, a copy of their marriage certificate was published. They had no choice but to admit that they are going through a divorce.

The press conference was held at 6:35pm last night. Ronald looked very serious and Ah Sa smiled reluctantly. Ronald said "Thank you very much for attending this press conference. It is true that we are married. We were very happy in 2006, so we made that decision to get married under the blessing and support of our parents. We feel our marriage life is our private affairs, and there is no need to make it public. For the past few years, there have been numerous media reports about our relationship. Therefore, we have decided to make the announcement for the first time and the last. We were very happy the first few years after we were married. We both grew together and face a lot of challenges together. We understand each other so much that we feel it suits each other better if we are separated. We made that decision together and that is the fact. I repeat, there is no 3nd person involved in our relationship. We are going through a divorce procedure, and our lawyers are dealing with it....."

Ronald was in tears, he put his head down and kept wiping his tears with his hand. Ah Sa looked at her ex husband 7 times during his speech, her eyes were red too. Ronald continued as he was sobbing "Even though we can't make it as a couple, we did have a happier time...." He stopped and couldn't continue. Ah Sa's assistant passed some tissues to her, and she gave one to Ronald. After Ronlad wiped out his tears, he continued "I hope we can be friends forever. Thank you very much. I hope you will give us some space now. Thank you!"

Compared with Ronald, Ah Sa appeared more calm. When Ronald finished talking, she continued "From the time Ronald and I started courting and married, and now separated, we were together in all the decision. We decided to get married with our family and friends support. I feel that is our private affairs, that is why we didn't make it public. That was our little secret. I often think even artist can have some privacy. But I was wrong, in fact artist cannot have any privacy. It is not our own affair anymore..." Ah Sa started to cry at this point , Ronald patted her back to comfort her, Ah Sa continued "It seemed a lot of people are involved in our private lives. We didn't announce our relationship to protect ourselves and our families. There are many people getting hurt now and I hope no one will get hurt from now on. That is why I make this announcement. I hope you will give us some space. We are still good friends and I hope Ronald and I will be happy in our lives. Thank you!" Ronald and Ah Sa left the room quietly, the press conference lasted for 10 minutes.

Source:MingPao/On.cc (image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

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Twihard fans can get up close and personal with Robert Pattinson

Madame Tussauds wax figure of Robert Pattinson (a.k.a. Edward Cullen) are currently on display at New York and London. The Twihard fans can now get close and personal with their idol without fear of him running away. Some even plan a kiss on Robert's face.

A kiss of a life time

Fans cannot resist touching the famous hair style.

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo breakup is false

Actor HyunBin and actress Song HyeKyo, who were rumored to have broken relationship ties, were confirmed to have been false! It’s pretty common these days for celebrities to make or break romantic ties, but there are bound to be exceptions to that.

Both celebrities’ entertainment companies have clarified this rumor once and for all. It’s understandable that the couple might have drifted apart during their individual schedules overseas, but they are still seeing each other when the chance arises.

Hyunbin was busy filming his new movie “Late Autumn” with Chinese actress Tang Wei from January until early March. However, he remained overseas for other reasons.

On the other hand, Song HyeKyo has been tied down with her latest movie “The Grand Master” in China. Recently, she has been in Korea, Thailand, and Japan working on a movie trilogy titled “Camellia” after the concluding the final episode “Love For Sale” along with actor Kang DongWon.

Rumors will remain as rumors until proven otherwise. They too can be both harmless or devastating to both idols and fans alike. Therefore, rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

Original Source: Newsen.com

Translations: OHHxbby @ kpoplive.com

Fact vs. Fiction in 'Slave Hunters'

Jang Hyuk stars as a chaser of fugitive slaves in the highly popular drama “The Slave Hunters (Chuno),” which airs on Wednesday and Thursday on KBS. The drama deals withs slavery in Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910).
/ Courtesy of KBS

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

KBS’s drama “The Slave Hunters (Chuno)” is enjoying huge popularity for its heart-pumping action sequences and its focus on those who are often overlooked by history books and dramas.

Set in the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910), the drama depicts the world of slave hunters and fugitive slaves. Some were born into forced servitude and for others it was a form of legal punishment.

In the drama, a slave hunter named Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) seeks to track down the escaped Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho). Tae-ha became a slave after being falsely framed for a crime. Dae-gil is also looking for Eon-nyeon (Lee Dae-hae), a female slave he loves.

As the 24-episode drama, which began on Jan. 6, draws to a close, many are wondering what is fact and what is fiction concerning slavery during the era.

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) offers a Web-based service to address such questions regarding the drama by providing relevant historical facts analysis.

Did Slave Hunters Really Exist?

In the 18th century, the number of fugitive slaves sharply rose, although their economic situation improved a little with commercial and agricultural development.

To prevent further escapes, the government came up with measures that ended up being unsuccessful. As a result, slave owners began to seek their own solutions.

“`Sokdaejeon" (a supplement to the Nation Code) states that the government punished the illegal chasing of slaves to reduce evil practices carried out by the noble class and slave hunters. Owners were supposed to attain the government’s permission before hiring such hunters. But in most cases, they defied the government.

In the drama, Dae-gil and other slave hunters pursue Tae-ha hoping to earn a bounty. In the historical records, slave hunters were paid with such rewards. According to “Chuangeupgukan,” a book that documented statements of felons, slave hunters could make money but their earnings were considered “unfairly acquired property.”

The academy said that often owners sent other slaves to capture the runaways.

Were Runaway Slaves Stigmatized?

One of the noticeable points in the drama are the marks made on runaway slaves’ foreheads or chests identifying them as such.

There is a historical record of tyrant King Yeonsan ordering runaway slaves to be marked in 1506.

However, as stigmatization was considered a ruthless punishment, it was actually never implemented and was abolished in 1740.

Instead, slaves were recorded in the official documents that recorded transactions involving them. Fugitive slaves were also documented.

Who Became Slaves?

The drama portrays more than half of the population falling victim to forced servitude during the reign of King Injo in the early 17th century.

The slavery system, during the Joseon Kingdom, was based on lineage, following a rigid Confucian hierarchy.

Under the law, if one parent was a slave, the children were also. If an owner had a female slave, her children were born into that life. So slavery was one of the best ways to increase an owner’s assets.

Felons became slaves as a legal punishment. In the drama, Tae-ha was originally a high-class military officer but became a slave after being framed for political scheming.

According to the academy, historical documents such as “Daejeonhoetong” (the Comprehensive Compendium of the National Code) prove that there were indeed such cases during the Joseon era.

Some people voluntarily became slaves because of poverty. The historical document recorded one wife becoming a slave in the late 18th century to take care of her husband and pay for a funeral for her father-in-law. Such cases were not rare despite the fact that once they became slaves, their status would be handed down to their children.

Sometimes, due to poverty, parents sold their children as slaves to noble families. For the noble class, this situation offered a good opportunity to buy slaves at a low price.

Could Slaves Change Their Destiny?

In the drama, Keun-nom and Eon-nyeon run away after robbing and setting fire to Dae-gil’s house. They succeeded in starting a new life, hiding their original social status.

“Yeongjo Sillok” (The Annals of King Yeongjo) states that there was a figure named Eom Taek-ju who was born as a slave but ran away and passed the state examination to become a civil officer in the royal court.

After his origin was divulged, King Yeongjo ordered a strict punishment for Eom and sent him into exile on Heuksan Island, where he again became a slave.

After being exiled, he fled from the island to Seoul and eventually posted a statement criticizing the state, which was regarded as treason at that time. He was arrested and tortured to death.

The case shows the human will to overcome the obstacles of social status, the academy said.

For more details, visit www.kostma.net/Contents/Chuno.

Korea Times

Taiwan’s Fahrenheit to Meet Fans in Seoul

Fahrenheit, a popular boy band from Taiwan, will meet its Korean fans this Friday at a fan meeting event at Melon-AX. / Courtesy of Mays Entertainment

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Fahrenheit, a popular boy band dubbed as "Taiwan's TVXQ," will meet its Korean fans this Friday.

Band members Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang will be visiting Seoul to promote Taiwan as a tourist destination. The boy band has been tapped by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau as ambassadors to Korea and Japan.

Fans will have a chance to see Fahrenheit perform their hit songs and interact with their favorite members at their first official fan meeting at the Melon-AX Hall, March 26, according to event organizer Mays Entertainment.

Actress Koo Hye-sun will also be appearing as a special guest. Koo, who is best known as the heroine in the hit KBS drama ``Boys Over Flowers," filmed a music video with Fahrenheit last January. The video ``Touch Your Heart'' showed Koo visiting popular tourist attractions in Taiwan and sampling Taiwanese cuisine with the Fahrenheit members.

The band made its debut in 2006, releasing a self-titled album in Taiwan and China. Their subsequent albums were ``Two-Sided Fahrenheit'' in 2008 and ``Love You More and More'' in 2009.

Fahrenheit members have appeared in several Taiwanese dramas, such as ``KO One'' and ``X-Family. Chun and Wang gained popularity throughout Asia when they starred in the hit comedy ``Hana Kimi.''

Chun has also appeared in the dramas ``Tokyo Juliet,'' ``Romantic Princess'' and ``Hot Shot.'' Wang, who is known for his comedic talent, was also in ``It Started With a Kiss'' and ``They Kiss Again.''

Fahrenheit is known for their pop songs and ballads such as ``I Have My Youth,'' ``Love's Arrived,'' ``Ten Thousand Joys'' and ``New Home.''

The group has made several visits to Seoul in recent years. They performed at the 2008 Asia Song Festival, where they also received the Best Asian Artist award. Fahrenheit was also given the Asia Star award during the Asia Model Awards 2010 in January.

Tickets to the Fahrenheit fan meeting are 55,000 won. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. Visit ticket.auction.co.kr. To get to Melon-AX Hall, get off at Gwangnaru Station line 5, exit 2.


The Korea Times

Friday, March 26, 2010

CoCo Lee Rehearses for Comeback Concert on March 27

CoCo Lee rehearsed for the first leg of her comeback world tour concert 'East to West' at the Taipei Arena Thursday. The singer will stage a mesmerizing dynamic show on March 27 to her loyal fans; it has been 12 years since her last gig in Taipei in 1998.

However, the singer didn't announce too many details of her performance, only to say she will surprise the audience with a variety of costumes and looks.

Taiwan's pop singer Elva Hsiao was spotted on site of the rehearsal to show support of her friend.

Barbie Hsu Says Her Wax Figure 'Too Fat'

Barbie Hsu poses next to her newly unveiled wax figure at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong on March 24, 2010. [Photo: Tungstar/ent.sina.com.cn]

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong unveiled actress Barbie Hsu's wax figure on Wednesday.

The look was adapted from her character in her new film, "Future X-Cops ", but Hsu said she wasn't happy with the result.

"I think the wax figure is too fat. I hope Madame Tussauds will do something to make the figure lose weight."

Hsu said she was dieting when Madame Tussauds took her measurements and has since lost two kilograms.

"I suggested they make my face slimmer when they measured it, because I would be on a diet. But they didn't accept that and said they would follow the real measurements."

Hsu stars as a time-traveling police officer who warps time to rescue her partner, played by Andy Lau, in "Future X-Cops".

The actress is known for her roles in "Connected" and "Hot Summer Days" as well as the TV drama "Meteor Garden".

By Chen Zhe

It must be very upsetting for her to have her wax made not to her liking. Now everyone will remember her as a 'fat' Barbie Hsu.


Fala Chen doesn't mind posing as "Eve"

Fala Chen was dressed in bright shinny red bra top and mini shorts the other day doing a commercial. The theme is "This summer, become Eve" Fala posed the photo session for nearly nine hours. She told reporter she was happy to pose as Eve. This is because Eve is considered the most perfect and the first beautiful girl in the world. Fala expressed that she pays great attention to her health and exercise a lot. It is not easy to maintain her body figure.

Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Moses Chan is afraid of women, Charmaine Sheh only buys expensive gift for mom

TVB held a promotion press conference in the "Hong Kong International Film & TV" yesterday. Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Sheren Tang, Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai were all there to promote TVB's upcoming series such as "Can't buy me love", 'Rosy Business: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love","Interpol 2010" and "Growing Through Life".

Charmaine and Moses dressed up in ancient costumes that they wear for filming "Can't buy me love". Moses told the reporters he is afraid of women. When asked if he is really afraid of them?He smiled and said "A little bit, in fact, I love them and hate them."The reporter went on to ask him if he has met one that he is afraid of? He couldn't answer, Charmaine came to the rescue, telling him to say "You can say you are afraid of your mom."

Speaking about the recent rumor that Charmaine has bought a jewelry for Virginia Lok as present, Charmaine said "I don't have to answer this, because senior executives are not allowed to accept expensive gifts anyway. Please don't hurt the innocent people." Reporter asked if she had received birthday invitation card with a present list attached to it? Charmaine replied "I haven't received an invitation card. Usually the secretary deals with that. The reporter went on to ask what type of birthday present she usually buys for people? Charmaine said "That depends what the person likes. For example, I bought Virginia a jewelry because she always attends functions." (Why not a handbag?) Handbag is expensive, she may not accept it, therefore, it is no good. I only buy expensive present for my mom."

Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Louis Koo & Sandra Ng have supernatural power in new film

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng and Peter Chan attended "Fantastic Crazy" press conference yesterday. Louis dressed up as an oriental "Batman" and Sandra was in red. They play the role as a couple having supernatural power. Sandra said "Since we both have supernatural power, there are lots of incredible stunts involving waist bending and body stretching. The cups and saucers in the room were all broken." Louis added "Sure sure." Sandra said Peter, her husband is the film producer, he should be there watching the shooting of the film, but he left half way. Sandra went on to say "In fact, that was the day when the film had its blessing ceremony. He was only there for that occasion. After he had gone, I was more relaxed." Louis said although he and Sandra have worked together a few times, it was the first time they play the role as a couple. He didn't feel very comfortable at first.

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Gigi Leung braved the weather to film a commercial

Gigi Lai is the spokesperson for FANCL, skin care products. She was doing a photo shoot for the commercial the day when the temperature was only 8 degree celsius, the coldest day since winter. She braved the weather all day, wearing only a short skirt. That showed her professionalism of her work. Gigi smiled "In fact, my body was frozen, I could only put on a thick coat when I was not in front of the camera. Fortunately, the camera crew prepared 2 heaters for me."

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Ekin Cheng hopes to become a film director in a few years' time

Ekin Cheng, Alex Law, the producer and Mabel Cheung congratulated Chan Kwong Wing, Lo Kwok Sing and Tsang King Lai who have won "Best music" "Best Visual Effects" and "Best Sound" for "The Kingdom of Soloman-Part one:A Sedition in Jerusalem" in the 28th Iranian Film Festival award ceremony.

Ekin revealed that he is indebted to Chan Kwong Wing, who had helped him a lot in his singing career. He was very happy for Chan to have won the award. He mentioned that he would like to become a director in a few years' time. A magazine recently reported that Ekin is a very loyal person who never stayed away from his friend Chin Kwok Wai when he was arrested by ICAC. Ekin said "When a friend is in need, I will help. I hope he gets himself sorted. This friend of mine is a very talented person. I believe he could do better. Life is a challenge, being tested ll the time. When there is a risk, there is a hope." Ekin was asked if he heard Chin Kwok Wai said he was being alienated by his friends? Ekin said "No, his cell phone is overloaded. He has many friends."

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Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok named their daughter 林天若

Frankie Lam had an interview with Char Siu Yan at the commercial radio yesterday. He revealed that he had named his daughter "林天若". Frankie said "Just like the movie "A Moment of Romance" (天若有情). I feel the name sounds very nice and gentle, not many people chose this name."

Frankie admits that he is a "benevolent father", he couldn't bear to hear her cry. The moment she starts crying, he would go up to her and pick her up. He went on to say "I came home the other day, Kenix said the baby was crying and she let her cry for 45 minutes. She asked me not to get upset when I heard that." Frankie was asked if Kenix gets jealous because he loves his daughter so much? He replied "No, both of them are my treasure." Frankie smiled and said when his daughter grows up, he would tell her to let him know if she wants to go to Christmas party, he won't disturb her, but he would watch her from a distance. Reporter asked if Kenix laughed and thought he is sick after she heard what he said? Frankie replied "I don't want my daughter to get bullied."

Kelly Chen once said she would encourage her son "Har Gau boy" to chase after Frankie's daughter. Frankie said "I will let the young generation develop freely. "Har Gau boy" is so cute. When he grows up, we shall see if "Tin Yurk Har Gau"(天若蝦餃) matches each other!"

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Jang Hyuk to star in Chinese remake of "All About Eve"

Actor Jang Hyuk [Sidus HQ]

Korean actor Jang Hyuk has been tapped to play the male lead in the Chinese remake of a hit Korean drama from ten years ago, according to the star's agency Sidus HQ on Friday.

The original series, translated into "All About Eve" in English, aired in 2000 and starred actors Jang Dong-gun, Chae Rim, Kim So-yeon and Kim Jung-eun, now some of Korea's most well-known names in the industry.

For the Chinese remake, Jang Hyuk will play the role of a producer of a broadcasting company who helps those around him while Chinese actress Dan Zhu and Cheryl Yang will be two news reporters who fight for the top position in the company.

A representative from Sidus HQ explained that the Chinese producers of the show decided to cast Jang because they were pleased with his acting skills.

The Chinese adaptation of "All About Eve" is scheduled to air on China's Zhejiang Satellite TV starting September.

Jang, who made his acting debut in the SBS drama "Model" in 1996, recently played the role of slave hunter Dae-gil in the historical KBS series "The Slave Hunters."

He also appeared in the first season of "School" and TV series "The War of Flower." His movie roles include "Windstruck," "Dance of the Dragon" and "Maybe."

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Lee Byung-hun named most influential Asian actor at CMA

Actor Lee Byung-hun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean star Lee Byung-hun will be recognized as the most influential Asian artist at the China Music Award and Asia Influential Awards (CMA) to be held Sunday, according to his agency BH Entertainment.

Lee will be the first Korean actor to receive the prestigious award at the CMA co-sponsored by the Chengdu Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and mass media group Channel V.

The event, now into its 14th year, will take place at the International Tennis Center located in the Sichuan region.

The awards ceremony will be broadcasted live in all of China and telecasted to 53 different countries including Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Other noteworthy mentions are Chinese actors Jet Li, Jay Chou and Donnie Yen who will receive the award for most influential Chinese actors.

Lee, who made his debut in 1991, has long been considered one of the most successful actors in Korea with dozens of television dramas and films under his belt.

He had a particularly successful year in 2009, making his Hollywood debut in action flick "G.I. Joe" and co-starring with Josh Hartnett and Takuya Kimura in "I Come With The Rain."

He also led a star-studded cast in blockbuster drama "IRIS", for which he picked up the grand prize at KBS Acting Awards.

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