Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Raymond Lam wants to be on-screen lovers with Fala Chen

For several years, Raymond Lam has been one of the most loved Hong Kong male stars in Singapore. Raymond believes that Singapore fans started liking him after the Singapore-HK collaborated series , "besides this series, I know that Singapore audience likes to watch ancient and martial arts series, such as or . Perhaps this is the reason why they started liking me!" In the last 10 years, Raymond has often played the obedient boy, but actually he really wants a breakthrough for himself. He says: "I really want a role that is not that normal, like Roger Kwok's role in . Theres a sense of challenge in these types of roles. Also, I also want do a series about love, where the story is very romantic and pretty."

As to the love story series, who would be the female lead? Among the many female colleagues in TVB that he has collaborated with, Raymond chose his muted younger sister from , Fala Chen! "Fala and I have chemistry together. We also would really like to play as a couple on screen, the feeling will definitely be an interesting one!" As for Fala Chen, she also expressed: "I of course want to act as a couple with Raymond, haha!"

Raymond also expressed that his ideal on-screen lover is "someone who gives off a comfortable feeling when we come together." Raymond and Fala both have a love relationship in the new film <72>, let's hope that there will be another opportunity for this pair to date again on screen!

Source: U Weekly (优1周) Issue 221 Scans Credit: p1ng唲 @ baidu forum
Translated by: aZnangel @


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