Friday, March 26, 2010

Moses Chan is afraid of women, Charmaine Sheh only buys expensive gift for mom

TVB held a promotion press conference in the "Hong Kong International Film & TV" yesterday. Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Sheren Tang, Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai were all there to promote TVB's upcoming series such as "Can't buy me love", 'Rosy Business: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love","Interpol 2010" and "Growing Through Life".

Charmaine and Moses dressed up in ancient costumes that they wear for filming "Can't buy me love". Moses told the reporters he is afraid of women. When asked if he is really afraid of them?He smiled and said "A little bit, in fact, I love them and hate them."The reporter went on to ask him if he has met one that he is afraid of? He couldn't answer, Charmaine came to the rescue, telling him to say "You can say you are afraid of your mom."

Speaking about the recent rumor that Charmaine has bought a jewelry for Virginia Lok as present, Charmaine said "I don't have to answer this, because senior executives are not allowed to accept expensive gifts anyway. Please don't hurt the innocent people." Reporter asked if she had received birthday invitation card with a present list attached to it? Charmaine replied "I haven't received an invitation card. Usually the secretary deals with that. The reporter went on to ask what type of birthday present she usually buys for people? Charmaine said "That depends what the person likes. For example, I bought Virginia a jewelry because she always attends functions." (Why not a handbag?) Handbag is expensive, she may not accept it, therefore, it is no good. I only buy expensive present for my mom."

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