Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jang Dong-gun officially announces May 2 wedding

It is official! Jang Dong-gun will be marrying his girlfriend Ko So-young on May 2nd.
Hallyu star Jang Dong-gun at his fan meeting held at COEX Auditorium in Seoul, Korea on March 6, 2010 [AM Entertainment]

Top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun announced at his fan meeting over the weekend that he will wed his actress girlfriend Ko So-young on May 2.

The Hallyu star gave the much-awaited confirmation in front of some 1,000 local and overseas fans at Seoul's COEX Auditorium on Saturday, keeping his promise that they would be the first to hear about any news regarding his marriage.

"On May 2, I am getting married to Ko So-young -- my best friend, colleague and the woman I love," the actor said, reading off from a statement he had prepared for the event.

He said that during filming for movie "Warrior's Way" on location abroad, he started "looking back upon [his] life and thinking about [his] life as a man, beyond the actor Jang Dong-gun".

Jang, who turned 38 yesterday, went onto say that he "began to develop different emotions toward an old friend" and naturally started feeling that [he] wanted to spend of the rest of [his] life with her."

The actor added, however, that he is "cautious not to show off his personal happiness in such difficult social and economic times" and that he wants to hold the wedding "as quietly as possible."

He ended the message by saying, "I will do my best as actor Jang Dong-gun, as I have always done, and make you feel proud to be my fans."

Jang, one of Korea's top actors who has starred in numerous television dramas and movies, made headlines last November after admitting to his two-year romantic relationship with Ko. The two stars first met as co-stars in the 1999 film "Love Wind, Love Song".

The wedding is set to take place at Shilla Hotel in Seoul with only family and close friends in attendance.

He is scheduled to start shooting "My Way" in June, re-uniting with his "Taegukgi" director Kang Je-gyu.


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