Monday, March 29, 2010

Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng announced their divorce

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Ronald Cheng have announced that they have split up this month. However, it was discovered that they were in fact married in Las Angeles in January 2006, their split up became divorce. Yesterday, they held a press conference to clarify their divorce. Ronald and Ah Sa were both in tears, stated that although they can't be a couple, they are friends for ever.

Ronald and Ah Sa began their secret love affairs after they were working on "Hidden Heroes" back in 2004. Ronald even has a tattoo of "Charlene" on his arm. There love affairs have surfaced the last few years until this year, when things have changed between them. During the Lunar new year, Ah Sa told reporters that single life suited her better. When the rumor circulated that they were in fact married in L.A in 2006, they announced their separation to the media. A few days ago, the two refused to answer if the rumor was true. Yesterday, a copy of their marriage certificate was published. They had no choice but to admit that they are going through a divorce.

The press conference was held at 6:35pm last night. Ronald looked very serious and Ah Sa smiled reluctantly. Ronald said "Thank you very much for attending this press conference. It is true that we are married. We were very happy in 2006, so we made that decision to get married under the blessing and support of our parents. We feel our marriage life is our private affairs, and there is no need to make it public. For the past few years, there have been numerous media reports about our relationship. Therefore, we have decided to make the announcement for the first time and the last. We were very happy the first few years after we were married. We both grew together and face a lot of challenges together. We understand each other so much that we feel it suits each other better if we are separated. We made that decision together and that is the fact. I repeat, there is no 3nd person involved in our relationship. We are going through a divorce procedure, and our lawyers are dealing with it....."

Ronald was in tears, he put his head down and kept wiping his tears with his hand. Ah Sa looked at her ex husband 7 times during his speech, her eyes were red too. Ronald continued as he was sobbing "Even though we can't make it as a couple, we did have a happier time...." He stopped and couldn't continue. Ah Sa's assistant passed some tissues to her, and she gave one to Ronald. After Ronlad wiped out his tears, he continued "I hope we can be friends forever. Thank you very much. I hope you will give us some space now. Thank you!"

Compared with Ronald, Ah Sa appeared more calm. When Ronald finished talking, she continued "From the time Ronald and I started courting and married, and now separated, we were together in all the decision. We decided to get married with our family and friends support. I feel that is our private affairs, that is why we didn't make it public. That was our little secret. I often think even artist can have some privacy. But I was wrong, in fact artist cannot have any privacy. It is not our own affair anymore..." Ah Sa started to cry at this point , Ronald patted her back to comfort her, Ah Sa continued "It seemed a lot of people are involved in our private lives. We didn't announce our relationship to protect ourselves and our families. There are many people getting hurt now and I hope no one will get hurt from now on. That is why I make this announcement. I hope you will give us some space. We are still good friends and I hope Ronald and I will be happy in our lives. Thank you!" Ronald and Ah Sa left the room quietly, the press conference lasted for 10 minutes.

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