Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vicki Zhao breaks her silence after pregnancy photos exposed

After she was rumoured to have married real estate property magnate Huang You Long last year, Chinese actress Vicki Zhao was photographed with a round tummy during a grocery shopping trip in Singapore last week. The tight-lipped 34-year-old finally broke her silence of many months and spoke to a Chinese publication on her birthday last Friday.

Previously, a Hong Kong publication reported that her husband cheated on her with another Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi.

This marks the first time Vicki took the initiative to approach a publication after her exposed pregnant photos. She said, “Actually there is nothing to be shameful about. Everything I have done is to give my family have a peaceful living environment. I originally believed that it is solely my personal life and there is nothing that needs to be said to the public.

“Some things can’t be helped when you are in the industry. And now, my personal life is being linked to another female star, that’s bad enough.”

She thanked friends for their concern and explained that she is not used to putting her private life under public scrutiny.

“Maybe I have been too low-profiled and got involved in unnecessary rumours, suspicions and conjectures. I would like for the people concerned of me to stop worrying. My life is now very peaceful, ordinary, and happy! After working for so many years, I have not given myself sufficient time to rest and recuperate.

“To be honest, I am in the midst of picking from a few good movie scripts. I have also completed talks for a few advertorials earlier in the year and I plan to carry out these work plans soon. I hope to prep myself with a positive attitude to eagerly live my life and face the future. Thank you for your concern and love.”


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