Monday, March 22, 2010

Jacky Cheung concert tour embroiled in fraud case

BEIJING: The management company that represents Canto-pop superstar Jacky Cheung, Fun Entertainment Ltd, has been accused of defrauding 16 Chinese concert promoters of more than 17 million yuan (S$3.4 million) in down payments to co-organise the Heavenly King's latest concert tour in China, said Chinese media.

The concert promoters alleged that they were approached by a woman named Shen Shi Yi, who claimed she was the owner of the Beijing branch of Fun Entertainment.

Shen convinced them that she had the authority to bring onboard concert promoters to co-organise Cheung's upcoming concert tour and collected down payments from them.

The money was then funnelled into her personal account.

In fact, Shen's company was not related to the Hong Kong-based Fun Entertainment (whose Chinese name is Tian Xing Yu Le) and she had no power to engage Chinese concert promoters for Cheung's concert.

Fun Entertainment said in a statement that it "had not authorised any individual or organisation to collect down payments for Jackie Cheung's upcoming concert tour".

The concert promoters involved were up in arms over the statement and felt that Fun Entertainment had a duty to find a solution to their problem.

"We are very angry. We obviously paid them the money and now they claim we have not," said one concert promoter.

Others called on Shen, who had since quit her position, to come forward and take responsibility.

Cheung's manager and head of Fun Entertainment, Florence Chan, responding to mounting criticism from the Chinese concert promoters involved, said that her company has sent specialists to China to investigate the matter.

She has also pledged to refund all the money these concert promoters have paid once the investigations have discovered the truth of the matter, in order to avoid any misunderstandings with them.

However, Chan, speaking to Chinese media, insisted that her firm had nothing to do with Shen's unauthorised collection of down payments.

"Shen Shi Yi acted alone. The companies Beijing Tian Xing [the alleged Beijing branch of Fun Entertainment Ltd] and Hong Kong Tian Xing [Fun Entertainment] were registered separately and completely unrelated. It is untrue that the former is a branch of the latter," said Chan, adding that the incident will not affect Cheung's concert tour.

Cheung, 48, who is currently in Hong Kong, said he is aware of the matter and will be holding a press conference along with Chan and her husband, to clear the air on the matter some time in the near future.

- CNA/ha


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