Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lee Jun-ki quits filming to fulfill his army duty

Military service has been looming for a while for Lee Jun-ki, but in a surprising turn, he has announced that he will enlist next week, on May 3. As a 1982-er, Lee would have to enlist by the end of this year, but he received his papers shortly after beginning his new film project.

This forces him not only to drop his upcoming drama Faith, which would have paired him with Kim Hee-sun and Philip Lee, but also his film Grand Prix, which has already begun shooting. Grand Prix is the horse-racing movie that co-stars Kim Tae-hee, and because of Lee’s last-minute dropout, the producers are currently filming all the parts that exclude his character while hurriedly casting Lee’s replacement.

Lee had attempted to postpone enlistment, as he had filled his work schedule through the end of the year, but was unable to do so.

Credit - dramabeans

Choi Si-won is humble and sexy!

Actor and singer Choi Si-won of the Kpop group Super Junior is a Super Hot guy. Not only he's super hot he's also considered by his co-star as someone who's humble and sweet. Sounds like the type of guy you want to bring home to your parents?

Check him out in the following interview with Ariang Korea.

Kara to kick start activities in Japan in July

K-pop girl group Kara [DSP Media]

Female idol group Kara will be kicking off their activities in Japan coming this July, according to their agency DSP Media on Wednesday.

"The girls have signed an official contract with Universal Music Japan and will begin their musical careers in the country during the latter half of the year," DSP Media stated in a press release.

The girls had visited Japan in February to hold their first showcase in the country, and held an additional show after tickets for their performance sold out in five minutes of going on sale.

Universal Music Japan is currently selling their Korean album in major retailers throughout the country. The record had received about 10,000 preorders.

Meanwhile, the girls are set to attend an event where they will shake hands with some 8,000 fans on May 5 and celebrate the launch of their official Japanese fan club with 3,000 members the following day.

Kara - composed of members Han Seung-yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji-young, Park Gyu-lee, Gu Hara - have released several singles and albums containing hits including "Pretty Girl" and "Mister" since their debut in 2007.

They returned to the local music scene in late February with their third mini-album containing title track "Lupin" which conquered numerous online and offline music charts.

Credit - Asiae

Vietnam first Cosmopolitan issue

Vietnamese beauty and former Miss Vietnam Nguyen Thuy Lam has the honour of gracing the first issue of Cosmopolitan Vietnam May issue.
The parent company Hearst Magazines announced that the popular international magazine will be released in the nation's capital cities Hanoi and HCM City. The first edition will be sold for VND 29,800 which is the equivalent of USD 1.55. The Vietnamese edition of Cosmo will supplement the editorial tone of the American version but there will be articles catered specifically to Vietnamese readers.
Hearst Magazines in association with Vietnam's Sun Flower Media and with the support of the Hanoi Media Association has enable the launch of the magazine in a country. The target audience are working urban females age between 20 and 35 years old.

Credit - MediaBistro & One Asian World

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hyeon Bin to hold fan meeting in Japan this week

Korean actor Hyeon Bin [AM Entertainment]

Korean actor Hyeon Bin will be visiting Japan later this week to hold a fan meeting in Yokohama, according to his agency AM Entertainment.

An official at AM explained that the actor will be meeting with some 7,000 fans at the event titled "2010 Hyeon Bin Do the motion? Aloha, My barista!" on Thursday afternoon, 5 p.m, at the Yokohama Arena.

The actor is rumored to display his barista skills and reveal videos that he shot in Hawaii, where he spent two weeks last month learning how to pick and roast coffee on a coffee farm.

Hyeon Bin, whose real name is Kim Tae-pyung, rose to stardom when he appeared as a restaurant owner in smash hit TV series "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" (MBC, 2005).

He followed it up with dramas "Worlds Within" (KBS2, 2008), where he started dating co-star Song Hye-kyo, and "Friend, Our Story" (MBC, 2009), a small screen remake of the hit 2001 film "Friend" which starred Hallyu star Jang Dong-gun.

Credit - Asiae

Oh Ji-ho's never before seen before wild look

Actor Oh Ji-ho is featuring in the fashion magazine W KOREA's May issue.

The photoshoot was taken in Hawaii Honolulu. Wearing only a pair of jeans and shirtless Oh is showing off his six-pack and tanned complexion. Oh I am drooling.... :P

Mel Gibson's First Chinese Film

The movie "What women want" starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt is reportedly will be remake in Chinese.
CRI reports:

Chinese actor Andy Lau will work with Hollywood star Mel Gibson on the Chinese remake of "What Women Want". It will be the first time Gibson acts in a Chinese-language film, reports.

Polybona, a Beijing-based film distributor, bought the adaptation rights to "What Women Want", a 2000 romantic comedy led by Mel Gibson. Polybona has raised Andy Lau's remuneration from 1.55 million U.S. dollars to 2.32 million.

In the Chinese version, 90 percent of the story will stay the same as in the Hollywood version, where Mel Gibson plays a manager at an advertising company who accidentally becomes able to read women's minds. He uses this ability to get promoted and marry a beautiful woman. In the Chinese version, however, Andy Lau will play a divorced man with a son. After accidentally getting the ability to read women's minds, he makes a girl - played by Fan Bingbing - fall in love with him.

Director Chen Daming added a new character to the film and invited Gibson to play the role. Gibson, considering the Chinese film market very important, was also interested in the idea of acting in a Chinese version of his own film, the report says.

"What Women Want" will begin shooting next month. Chinese actress Gong Li's participation should be confirmed within two weeks, according to Chen.

The film is scheduled to hit Chinese cinemas next Valentine's Day.

Credit - CRI

South Korea seeks law to protect actresses from sexual advances

File picture of South Korean actress Jang Ja-Yeon, who killed herself
after suggesting she had been forced to have sex with influential figures to promote her career.
CNA has reported that South Korean are seeking protection for actresses against unwanted advances and sexual harrassment from influential figures. After the incident that occurred last year when the young actress Jang Ja-yeon who killed herself and left a death note suggesting that she was forced to "have sex with influential figures to advance her career". If the protection law is in place this would provide actresses with the support they need if they are forced into similar situation.

SEOUL: South Korea is to bring in legislation to protect actresses after a survey found 60 per cent of them said they had been pressured to have sex to further their careers, an official said Wednesday.

The law will lay down strict rules on the establishment of entertainment agencies, a culture ministry official told AFP, adding unregistered agencies would be shut down.

"The government will enact a law, this year if possible, to protect their rights," he said on condition of anonymity.

On Tuesday the National Human Rights Commission published a survey conducted last year of 111 actresses and 240 aspiring actresses. Some 60 per cent reported receiving sexual advances from people who could influence their careers.

Such offers from wealthy businessmen, television programme makers, movie producers and politicians come through colleagues, entertainment agency officials and brokers, the state rights body said.

In answer to specific questions, 22 per cent of those interviewed said they were "forced or requested" by their agents to provide sexual favours while more than six per cent said they were sexually assaulted.

The survey showed 45 per cent were forced to drink with influential figures, while 32 per cent said they had experienced unwanted physical contact or sexual harassment.

More than half said they had been offered "sponsorship" - a secret contract under which they receive financial support from rich men in exchange for having regular sexual relations.

The report included an account from an unnamed actress in her mid-20s, who said she is still suffering from a nightmarish experience with the boss of her agency.

The actress said she was dragged into a hotel after the boss allowed her to buy expensive clothes and accessories. "He told me that I should know more about men if I want to be successful in this community," she said.

The commission said the survey was conducted to raise public awareness following the suicide of an actress last year.

Jang Ja-Yeon killed herself after suggesting she had been forced to have sex with influential figures to promote her career.

Credit - CNA

William Chan new MV ft. Charlene Choi

William Chan - 穿心箭 (MV)

Charlene Choi plays "resist but welcoming" girl in William Chan's new MV

William Chan was shooting for the MV to his new song <穿心箭> and asked big sister Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) to be the female lead. William is a bartender in the MV and had always had a crush on Ah Sa, but was afraid to confess to her, until one night. In the MV, Ah Sa and her boyfriend got into a fight, so she drank a lot, which gave William the opportunity to take another step in the relationship. Ah Sa and William had many intimate scenes, but the director wanted Ah Sa togive off a "resist but welcoming" feeling. On camera, the feminine feeling was written all over Ah Sa, William looked helpless.

Asked if William has experienced this kind of situation before? William said: "Nope. I have been drunk before, but I only laugh constantly when I'm drunk, not as good as the male lead in the MV."

Although Ah Sa is a film queen, playing many different types of roles before, but a "resist but welcoming" is the first time. She even explained for her character, she said: "This type of girl uses drunk as a way to relax, giving an opportunity for the person who has a crush on her. Maybe because there are other reasons that she isn't brave enough to confess directly."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Joe Ma & Sharon Chan, no love sparks

Once known as the "Rumor King", in the recent year Joe Ma has gotten rid of that title, drawing a line with rumors. He is now seen as a good man taking care of his family. With him is the tall Sharon Chan who claims herself as the "Rumor Insulator", therefore even after so many collaborations between the two, there's still no love sparks, it's just "brotherhood".

Sharon defended the "cool" looking Joe Ma, she said: "Actually he's really cute, very funny and is the "lead entertainer" among the group of friends. He can instantly turn dead water into something lively."

Joe and Sharon have collaborated in a number of series including - , , and both participated in . Because of this they became good friends. The two "tall people" are rarely paired up in the industry, but it was not until that they were arranged to play as a couple. The two gets into a love triangle with Flora Chan.

Often involved with rumors in the past, Sharon was never one of Joe's rumored girlfriends, Sharon joked: "I like girls! Actually I have always been a rumor insulator, you can check my history. Usually when I date, I would admit it, why don't I have rumors? Is it because I'm not good looking? Maybe my personality is too much like a guy! Sometimes when the paparazzi photograph me, I'm often out with a guy and still there's no stories about that guy being my boyfriend, looks like people aren't interested in me. Joe and I are also 'big brother - little sister', absolutely nothing will happen."

There was a period of time where Joe was surrounded by rumors, mostly revolving around Charmaine Sheh and Sonjia Kwok. It was only in the recent year where he kept it low, often photographed with his wife and children, looks like he successfully drew a line with rumors. Towards the old "playboy" image, Joe felt helpless: "I don' know either. Sometimes for series promotion, rumors are inevitable. Maybe because in the past my female co-stars had more rumors, but now my recent co-star Flora Chan is already married, rumors naturally go away. In the past, I would always do the initiating with other people, asking them if they need help or anything, but now I'm trying my best to reduce those actions and maintain the distance." Sharon heard this and complained: "He's always shouting at me! I"m a little upset!"

Joe joked that back then even when he crosses the road and there's a girl besides him, he'll be dead. It was really frightening, that time he didn't dare to do interviews either, fearing that the media would write about it: "What I say is different from what is reported. The writer would just write about their personal impression on me. I felt that was really unfair, I rather not do the interviews then. Fortunately that time is the past now, my wife trusts me."

Sharon defended Joe, she said: "He's a person who really loves his family. His family-oriented personality is quite similar to his role as Ng Chung Ming in . He looks after his family, he can cook, he's a good husband and lover. Don't look at his appearance being so cool and think he's mean. The other side of him is really playful, he can eat and drink well, he's a funny person. If he works in PR, he would definitely get popular, he's the lead entertainer. I clearly remember one time when I was at a friend gathering, the group of friends weren't too familiar with one another, the atmosphere was like dead water, no one said a word. I got tired and was about to leave when Joe came into the picture, he came running and jumping around. After a short period, the dead atmosphere turned into an atmosphere as lively as an anniversary show. I thought everyone ate something wrong, when they all got up and started dancing, Joe has the ability to bring back life from the dead. No matter if it's work or leisure, he is totally into it, just like TVB's slogan. Actually Joe is pretty silly, it's just that everyone misunderstood him. Of course he also does have his 'hot' side too, otherwise people would say he's good to bully." Joe laughed: "Must make it relaxing and comfortable outside of work!"

As if he's a good husband, Joe said: "It's hard for me to judge, but to be a 100% good husband and father is something really difficult. I also have my romantic side, sometimes giving surprises to my wife. As a father, you have to put in a lot of effort and time to develop the good relationship. My son is 11 years old, I'm very democratic, won't be too controlling."

Although Sharon isn't married yet, but she believes that she'll be a better wife than a girlfriend. "I like to do chores, housekeeping, I'm loyal and sympathetic. This type of wife is awesome! Can go into the kitchen and out into the hall. Being a girlfriend, have to keep boyfriend happy and be romantic. I'm not too good with those things."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kate Tsui, Vivien Yeo, Grace Wong dances to Wonders Girl "Nobody"

Yesterday Vivien Yeo, Kate Tsui, Grace Wong, Cilla Lok Tung and Wu Fung were in Tseung Kwan O recording for "Big Fun Hong Kong". For the opening of the show, the group had to learn the dance routine for popular Korean group Wonder Girls' Nobody performance. Wu Fung still appeared young and was able to keep up with the beat. Kate and Grace's body twists for the dance was pretty hot.

Vivien Yeo's ex-boyfriend Eric Suen recently admitted that he and Macy Chan are dating, Vivien expressed: "I am really happy for them, finding true love. Macy and I are friends, she's a good girl." Vivien exposed her relationship a year ago, she said: "A year ago I dated a Malaysian guy, at the time I was already rumored with Eric, my boyfriend was unhappy and asked me if it's true, so it was hard to continue the relationship. Now we both have pursuers, but I hope to get a deeper understand first. Until I find Mr. Right, I won't announce my relationship."

Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

What will Jang Dong-gun's baby look like?

The above pic is a computer prediction of what Jang Dong-gun and wife-to-be Go So-young 's baby. Go who is now 3 months pregnant is preparing to wed Jang on May 2nd in Seoul. With a baby on the way, netizens are curious as to what the baby would look like.

We can be very confident that with the parents good looks the baby will turn out to be very beautiful nevertheless.

Credit - Popseoul

Nicholas Tse Celebrates Supporting Actor Award On New Shaolin Temple Set

Nicolas Tse has had a very good year. His wife is expecting their second child in a few weeks and a week ago Nicolas was awarded with the best supporting actor for his role in Bodyguards and Assassins at the 2010 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Returning to work on the set of his new project Shaoling Temple starring Andy Lau and Jacky Chan, the cast and crew members threw a party for him celebrating his win at the award night.

Oh Ji-ho in Japan promoting Chuno

Oh handsome actor Oh Ji-ho was in Tokyo, Japan on April 22nd to promote the new kdrama Chuno (aka Slave Hunters). Oh plays the lead along with Lee Dae-hee and Jang Hyuk.

The visit to Japan coincide with his birthday as such Japanese fans presented Oh with a birthday cake.

Source - Chosun Online

Jay Chou "Superman Cant Fly" released

Jay CHou has released his new single Superman Can’t Fly (Chao ren bu hui fei) today.

Check it out!

Rain On The Cover Of TIME Magazine!

Isn't it great to see an Asian celebrity made to the list of TIME's100 most influencial person?!
We all know Rain is a mega star in Asia who would have guessed that he's now listed amongst the influence people like Bono and Michelle Obama.

BTW, where's Rain? can you spot him in the pic above?

Hint: He’s around the zeros near Reese Witherspoon.

Daniel Henney and Shin Se-kyung in LG Cyon new add

Heart throb actor/model Daniel Henney and pretty actress Shin Se-kyung have released their full length LG mobile “Cyon Cafe” commercial on April 21st.

This CF was definitely worth waiting for! Fans get to see up-close and personal footage of the smokin’ hot star. You even get a chance to hear Daniel‘s advanced Korean. And lucky for us, no more awkward Engrish accent. You can also see the cutie pie actress having a furry little conversation with her kitten.
Credit - Popseoul

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jay Chou's new song 'Superman Can't Fly' premieres

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by:

Every move heavenly king Jay Chou makes stirs up excitement in the Chinese music industry, in 2008 when he released his album "Capricorn", he won the acknowledgement of 8 GMA nominations, he won 3 big awards, his results were great. After nearly 2 years of fans anticipation, Jay Chou is finally releasing his 10th new album in May this year, "Just want to listen to music Hit Fm online network" are premiering it worldwide, they will broadcast the first plugged song "Superman Can't Fly" from the new album on the 26th of April at 10 to share Jay Chou's latest work with all listeners, don't miss out!

Jay Chou wrote the melody and lyrics for the new song "Superman Can't Fly" as well as producing it, in a lyrical style he slowly sings about his 10 year journey. In the lyrics he mentions the phenomenon he has brought to society and music, he mocks himself for becoming the representative of good people and good deeds, he needs the greater public to review him and then naturally he can bring out his unique Jay humour style and make people smile, Jay Chou expressed "Generally lyrics that have some intent on being critical use heavy beats or rapping to package it up, but I'm using a lyrical style to give everyone a new feeling!"

The name of the song "Superman Can't Fly", mocks Jay Chou who doesn't have any special abilities, he only has a dream and persistence to make music! Who could have thought his songs could become educational material, every move he makes has become examples for society, every one is helping him count up the ratings, box office and awards, his image, expression, words and actions, even the cars he drives, the apartments he lives in, or his albums, what isn't top? Has his movies set new high box office records? All of it has been dug up and examined closely, for instance the lyrics say "Mother says don't take things too much to heart, it's just a sense of duty that finds me, I can't sleep.", he can't help but sing "At the end of the day am I a singer-songwriter or a representative for good people and good deeds!" Jay Chou expressed it's inevitable that you'd feel tired of a life like this, you need space to breathe, but the lyrics also reveal at the same time "Don't ask me if I've cried before, because superman can't cry!" He still displays his manly personality.

Jay Chou made a Jay style superman look to go with his new song, he gelled his hair back, wore a leather coat and put on a pair of sunglasses, he's cool but has an enchanting temperament, the bat mobile he has collected has also made it's official appearance with him, "Superman" plus "Bat mobile" creates a mixed hero style, such creativity.

The MV for "Superman Can't Fly" narrates a moving story about a "ordinary hero", it talks about an ordinary guy who has a kind heart, everyday he does something good, until a day when he meets the leading female, an exciting interaction. But this time Jay Chou is not the main star of the MV, but instead he sings the lyrics that match up with this moving story, Jay Chou believes this MV can encourage many ordinary people to have the courage to become heroes, create unlimited possibilities for society and themselves.

"Just want to listen to music Ht Fm online network" is leading the new music trend, in order to match the new song of the heavenly king, they are working with MusicRadio and City Fm, Malaysia's MY FM, Singapore's 1003, Canada's Chinese station, Los Angeles' AM1300 Chinese station to broadcast it globally, Taiwanese audiences should stick on Hit Fm at 10am on 26th of April, you'll be able to hear heavenly king Jay Chou's new single "Superman Can't Fly". For online listeners please go to Hit Fm online network, North FM107.7, Centre FM91.5, South FM90.1. Passionate PLAY, just want to listen to music!

Hit FM preview:

Rainie and Jerry hugs and become inseparable

Credit: tdrama*

Tonight, Rainie Yang finally had 10 year dream come true, reaching the Taipei Arena for her own concert and also invited Jerry Yan as special guest. The good relationship of the two were playing hug hug on stage as if about to pretend to kiss. However, the two actually got stuck together, having the costume stylist to come up on stage to release the tangled two.

To open up the introverted Jerry, Rainie especially picked a Taiwanese duet "愛情限時批", which opened Jerry up a bit, the two were holding hands on the heart shaped stage singing happily together.

After the duet, both Rainie and Jerry kept praising each other. Jerry says, "Rainie is so cute it makes me very nervous." Rainie also shouted, "Jerry's hand feels very good to be holding" and her hand went directly towards Jerry's chest proving what she had previously told the media about taking advantage (tofu) of Jerry.

Jerry also changing his usual restrained character, shouted on the stage that he wanted to kiss Rainie. Fans below the stage acted up and all wanted them to kiss. Rainie gets shy and also being scared of Jerry's fans said will wait for future collaboration opportunities to kiss.

In the end, the two had a passionate hug but unexpectedly they became inseparable. Rainie called out to the staff on stage for help as the decorations on her chest got caught to Jerry's clothes. Jerry also screaming with fear that he was scared of touching Rainie's chest so resisted to untangle it. Rainie hadn't forgot to joke around and responded, "I'm scared you might not be able to find it (my chest)!" In the end, the stylist came on stage and successfully seperated the two.

Andy Lau appointed as China Disabled Welfare Foundation vice chairman

Andy Lau has always been known to be a very benelovent person. He has participated in numerous charity events.

Yesterday Andy Lau was appointed as vice chairman for China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation. Andy admits that the job carries a lot of responsibility, he said "I would like to work with each and every committee member and those who want to help people with disabilities." In 2010, the Foundation aims to raise 220 million RMB.

Source: Wenweipo
Credit - asianvn

Bosco Wong doesn't want to get spoiled by Myolie Wu

Bosco Wong was at the Metro Radio promoting his new song "Across the mountain across the hill" yesterday. Talking about the song strikes a similarity to a cartoon movie theme song, Bosco responded by saying that song does sound a bit like "Ninja Healer". He went on to say in fact this is a love song. The lyric says that he wants to finish his work quickly so that he can go on holiday with his girl friend. Speaking about earlier when Bosco was found out that he went on holiday with Myolie Wu, he was asked if the song reminded him of that holiday. Bosco was embarrassed and changed the topic straight away by saying his left leg has been hurting him for a while. He didn't have time to see the doctor until yesterday. He saw the doctor just before his interview at the Metro Radio, that is why he was late. When asked what the doctor had said to him, Bosco said he has to see a specialist and needs to go to hospital to have some x-ray for his leg. Bosco said "But I haven't even got time to go to the hospital. (You need someone to look after you.) My dog doesn't even care about me. But I am a big boy, I don't need people to look after me or spoil me. (Did Myolie ask how you are?) Yes, a lot of my fans also ask how I feel."

Translator: R.E.D @ asianvn

SHINee and f(x) impress in Japan

SM Entertainment groups SHINee and f(x) recently made Japanese fans swoon over with their amazing concert performances for the New Generation Live in Yokohama event. The two groups catered to an audience of 5000 Japanese concertgoers on the 24th.

Girl group f(x) kicked things off at the concert event with opening performances of their songs Chocolate Love, LA chA TA, and Chu. The group’s impressive performances on stage weren’t the only things that got fans in the crowd talking. The girls’ masterful handle of 4 different languages definitely made an impression on Japanese fans.

The five shining stars of SHINee followed the ladies and performed all their previous hits like Replay, Love Like Oxygen, Juliette, JoJo and Ring Ding Dong. Of the 5000 fans in the crowd, a good majority avidly chanted, waved light sticks and sang along with the boys throughout their performances. Several others even made posters with members’ names and messages of encouragement for the group.

Check out some videos and pictures from this amazing event!
SHINee - Replay (remix)

SHINee - Love Like Oxygen

Credit - Allkpop

Mnet Media responds to Hyori’s plagiarism accusations

Controversy surrounding plagiarism accusations from Lee Hyori’s fourth album has finally reached the ears of her company Mnet Media.

The Queen of K-pop was alleged to have plagiarized several songs without giving credit or compensation to the originals. The songs themselves were released in her long-awaited comeback album titled H-Logic.

She was building momentum in a short amount of time until she was slammed with plagiarism accusations for six out of the seven songs in her album, all of which were coincidentally(?) produced by Bahnus. Bahnus (real name: Lee Jae Young), the leader of the group Bahnus Vacuum, apparently gave 180 songs for Hyori to choose from.

Let’s roundup the Hyori plagiarism accusations, shall we?

Cookie Couture’s Boy, Bring it Back and Hyori’s Bring it Back, Lil Precious’ So Insane and Hyori’s I’m Back, Melanie Durrant’s Feel the Same and Hyori’s Feel the Same, Mikis Theodorakis’ The Train Leaves at Eight and Hyori’s Swing, Jason DeRulo’s How Did We Get and Hyori’s How Did We Get, Second Person’s and The Alphabet Song and Hyori’s Memory.

Stacy Maroske, a member of the girl group Cookie Couture, released a statement on after finding out Hyori had plagiarized their song and has hired a lawyer to go after Hyori.

However, according to Mnet Media’s official statements, it looks like there has been a misunderstanding about the whole situation, similar to that of the guide version American artist Ke$ha’s recorded for SNSD’s Run Devil Run.

A representative of Mnet Media stated, “We were already aware that the guide version of the demo song was up on YouTube before the release of her 4th album. Bahnus had already made these songs 4 – 5 years ago and had sold them. However, the problem was, he then made recordings of the guide and distributed the demo CDs. Also, it is also said that the vocalists who recorded for the CD all possess a copy of it.”

“Bahnus has already secured the documents containing evidence for the recording time, the name of the vocalist, and even the daily records of the entered recording studio. Since YouTube and various portal sites possess copyright infringements, a request has come in to delete the leaked source. The leaked source has announced infringement of the copyright law by the composer.

The representative added, “During the sales of the 4th album, we have revealed this truth in the description of her song Swing. There is no need to receive a copyright approval because this ballad does not have a title and its author is anonymous.”

Although Mnet Media has made official statements defending Hyori, can the issue dissolve as quickly as it erupted?

[Thanks to liljennie for the tip].

Credit - Allkpop
I am still very confused about Mnet's response. Is everyone else as confused as I am?? So who is copying who?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lee Hyori accused of plagiarizing?

We’ve received multiple tips on this potential issue but have yet to see it in the Korean news, however if true the ramifications are potentially pretty severe.

As many of you know, Lee Hyori released her long awaited comeback with H-Logic on April 13 and it seems some of the tracks are being accused of plagiarism.

On April 21st, Zack Taylor’s blog reported this:


Lee Hyori, Korea’s Artist of the Year, is in BIG trouble!!

The 30-year-old Korean pop star has just been caught allegedy plagiarizing from Canadian pop group, Cookie Couture – The group released their track, Boy Bring It Back, in 2008 and Lee JUST released her VERY SIMILAR track, Bring It Back, this month.

Cookie Couture’s Stacey Maroske said in a statement to yesterday,

“I was shocked when I first heard Lee Hyori’s 2010 recording. I couldn’t believe how similar the song was. It’s almost an exact replica, even down to our vocal riff’s. I mean we worked really hard as a group to write this song and perfect it back in 2008. It just seems really unfair that this song is being sold on iTunes by an artist who has stolen the song from us. It’s plagiarism, and we hope we see justice.”

Nobody from Lee’s camp could be reached for comment about the alleged plagiarism.”

A video comparing the songs:

Memory, Swing, How Did We feat. Daesung, I’m Back, and Feel the same are also “accused” of plagiarism by various foreign netizens but none of these tracks have had a direct response like Cookie Couture has with Bring it Back. Apparently, Cookie Couture is trying to take some sort of legal action against Lee Hyori’s camp.

These accused tracks were composed by a producer named BAHNUS. Mnet & Lee Hyori most likely didn’t know about these songs. I say that because what company and artist in their right mind would purposely do this? In any case, I’m interested to see Mnet and Lee Hyori’s response(s) to all of this.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Credit - Allkpop

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiona Yuen retires from the industry, moves to Vancouver

Source: The Sun

Fiona Yuen attended to a photography gallery yesterday. She disclosed she goes to Guangzhou often to find Chinese recipes for her husband, who has 7 restaurants in Canada. She will return to Canada next month and retire from showbiz.

She said she couldn't give up performing at first, however, seeing her good friend Bell Lau taking good care of her two children and family, but herself has to be separated from her husband, who likes children a lot, Fiona thinks it's time to have a child and become a full time mother. She joked her husband won't let her get involve in the restaurant business except having babies.

Fiona was the second runner of Miss Hong Kong 1996 and Miss International Goodwill of that year. Last year in March, she married Chinese-Canadian Anthony Kong.

Lights, camera, Aaron!

SINGAPORE : When Aaron Kwok first staged his De Show Reel Tour, it caused a sensation. The stage, for one, rotates 450 degrees (that's 360 degrees horizontally, and 90 degrees vertically), and even includes a small water pool. It was dubbed "the most outstanding and spectacular concert of the year", and even got into the Guinness Book Of World Records for World's Largest Indoor Revolving Stage.

That, plus the 45-year-old's gruelling schedule - in between tour dates, he was shooting for movies, and he has been on the road since 2008 - means that he has probably had more than his fair share of challenges.

This reporter, too, has been dealing with similarly daunting challenges - like trying to conduct an email interview in a language he's not fluent in. And the replies came in traditional Chinese characters, not the simplified version we were taught in school.

But thanks to online translators, as well as a few helpful colleagues and friends, we can now present the interview in English (kind of). This, of course, means the correspondence now reads like Kwok has fallen on his head a few times and developed an unnatural obsession with exclamation marks.

Me: What surprises have you planned this time?

Aaron: I'm very happy to stage another concert in Singapore! This time, there'll be a lot of new costumes and dances, and everyone will see a fitter Aaron Kwok, and will have a good time! You can rest assured!

Okay then! Resting away! Assuredly!

What's it like winning all these awards, especially the Guinness Book Of World Records? Do you feel pressure to up the ante for the next project?

I am very honoured that the Reel Show and the revolving stage got into the Guinness World Record for a Chinese concert. I think it's a glorious record of achievements. But these past years, I have too many "most popular male singer" awards! As an artiste, of course I'm glad to receive the awards! But because each concert or album has a creative life of its own, you only use your own charm to attract fans to come and enjoy your work! Besides, I'm thinking of doing musicals next - which is a completely different interpretation from concerts. So, more pressure or no pressure, these things are a driving force for what I do next!

You've been doing this for a long time. What is the most important lesson you've learnt?

I've learned to believe that hard work and study will get you where you want to go to - and I have adhered to that! But after you get to a certain stage, it is necessary to ... discover the new you. You know, do not repeat too much of the same work, and you can have a breakthrough.

How long do you want to keep doing concerts of this scale?

Actually, I don't plan to do a concert next. It is my dream to be in a musical!

How about your movie career - would you like to do that full time?

Right now, I am shooting three movies ... including one about black magic! As to whether the business focus shift, I will put a little more time on movies, but I will not give up a stage career! It's about trying to achieve a balance - I like doing both!

How long do you want to keep on singing?

The stage show will always be my life-long career. That's the job I fell in love with for so many years, how can I give it up? But the challenge is doing both: Film and stage are part of my professional life!

Credit - CNA

Poster for upcoming TV series "Road No.1" revealed

Korean actor So Ji-sub in an official poster for new TV series "Road No.1" [MBC]

The official posters for upcoming television series "Road No.1," starring Hallyu stars So Ji-sub and Kim Ha-neul, were unveiled today.

The show's poster is in three different versions featuring each of its main characters; Jang-woo (played by So), Soo-yeon (played by Kim) and Tae-ho (played by Yoon Kye-sang).

The war drama has been garnering much hype prior to its airing due to its blockbuster scale and star-studded cast, led by So who is making his comeback to the small screen since last year's "Cain and Abel" (SBS).

Actress Kim Ha-neul portrays a strong-willed doctor in the series, who sacrifices her love for So's character to provide for her family.

Yoon Kye-sang, a former member of boy band G.O.D. who has crossed over to acting, plays an elite military officer named Tae-ho. His character falls in love with Kim's character only to be turned away when her first love, played by So, comes back alive from the war.

"Road", produced on a whopping KRW 13 billion won budget, is an epic drama set during the Korean War.

It is set to premiere in Korea on June 23.

Credit - Asiae

Song Seung-heon to make small screen comeback this year

Korean actor Song Seung-heon [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Song Seung-heon will be making a comeback to the small screen in an upcoming television drama tentatively titled "My Princess," according to his agency Storm S Company on Thursday.

An official at Storm S said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily today that the actor has been cast in the new series, written by noted television writer Kim Eun-sook who previously penned "Lovers in Paris" (SBS, 2004) and "On Air" (SBS, 2008).

"Casting for the drama will wrap up soon and go into shoot starting August," the official explained, adding that a director and broadcaster for the show has not been decided as of yet.

The actor is said to have expressed his anticipation for the show, remarking that he is "looking forward to this series because I'll get to show a different type of soft-guy image."

Song, 33, rose to stardom after appearing in the popular sitcom "Three Guys and Three Girls" (MBC, 1996) and has since starred in many television dramas and films including the smash hits "Autumn Tale" (KBS2, 2000), "Summer Scent" (KBS2, 2003) and "East of Eden" (MBC, 2008).

Considered one of the original heartthrobs in Korean show business, he has also appeared in several films, most notably the romantic comedy pic "He Was Cool" in 2004.

"Princess" is reportedly aiming to go on air in the second half of 2010.
Credit - Asiae

Jang Dong-gun's bride-to-be Ko So-young pregnant

Korean star couple Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young in their wedding photo [AM Entertainment]

Actress Ko So-young, who will wed top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun next month, has been found to be pregnant, according to Ko's agency.

An official at her agency broke the news during a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Thursday, revealing that the 37-year-old actress is pregant.

The actress is said to be taking extra caution being in her early stages of pregnancy, even taking her physical condition into account when choosing her Oscar de la Renta wedding gown.

Fans are responding excitedly to the news, saying "Just how beautiful will this baby be with parents who are both fantastic looking?"

Ko and Jang made headlines last November after admitting to their two-year romantic relationship, confirming dating rumors that they had sparked since first meeting as co-stars in the 1999 film "Love Wind, Love Song."

The star couple, dubbed Korea's equivalent of Brangelina, further fueled the public's interest in their upcoming nuptials when they unveiled their studio wedding photo two days ago.

The wedding ceremony, to be held at Seoul's Shilla Hotel on May 2, will be officiated by prominent Korean literature critic Lee Eo-ryung with veteran Korean actor Park Joong-hoon as the host.

Singer Shin Seung-hun, a close friend of the couple, will also be singing at the event.

Credit - Asiae

2PM gives comeback performance on "M! Countdown"

Members of idol group 2PM from left to right: Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Junsu and Chansung [JYP Entertainment]

Korean idol group 2PM made a comeback on Mnet's televised music program "M! Countdown" yesterday, according to their agency JYP Entertainment on Friday.

The boys performed songs "Don't Stop Can't Stop" and "Without U" from their third single album on the show in their new 'black 2PM' look.

"It was great performing for such a big audience. We were a bit disappointed that we couldn't show our fans 100 percent of what we had prepared but we will give it all we have in our upcoming performances."

"Without U," the title track from the six-member group's latest album, has been topping several online music charts since going on sale Monday.

2PM, originally a seven-member band, has fared well despite former leader Park Jae-beom's departure from the group last September.

Their first-full length album "1:59PM" featuring title track "Heartbeat," released two months later, dominated music charts for weeks.

Credit - Asiae

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Simon Yam wins another film award

After 34 years of hard work in the entertainment industry, things have finally paid off for 55 year old Simon Yam. After winning his first Best Actor trophy from the HK Film Awards several days ago for his stirring portrayal of a benevolent father in Echoes of the Rainbow, Simon has also won the “Asian Star” award at the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) to be held in June. With his acting talent being recognized once again, plus his new film Ip Man 2 chosen as the opening film for the festival, there is definitely reason for Simon to be happy these days.

Currently in China for a film shoot, when Simon found out about the news, he was very happy: “I have already been told of the good news – very happy! I am planning to fly to New York in June to personally accept the award! At that time, I will probably stay for a week or so and take the opportunity to get some vacation.” (Will your wife be accompanying you?) “Not sure yet, need to see how things go, since it’s still 2 months away.” (Have you gotten more job opportunities since your HKFA win?) “There have always been a lot of job opportunities, so didn’t really notice whether there was an increase since the win.” (There are rumors that Echoes director Alex Law is planning on doing a film on the subject of the Chinese railroad workers and is anticipating for you to be the male lead.) Simon responds: “That particular subject matter is pretty complicated. Let’s wait until the script comes out before deciding on anything.” Simon indicated that his filming in China wrapped yesterday, so after a few days rest, then he will be moving on to the next job.

This year’s New York Asian Film Festival will take place from June 25th to July 8th at the Lincoln Center. Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, and Sammo Hung’s new film Ips Man 2 will be the opening film for the festival. The film is slated to premiere in Hong Kong next week.

Source: The Sun
Translation: llwy12@ asianfanatics

Louis Koo urges people to donate to Ching Hai earthquake victims

Louis Koo as the ambassador for UNICEF participated in a fund raising event for Ching Hai earthquake victim. He appeared very serious throughout the event. Apart from urging people to donate generously, he revealed that his own trust fund had also donated money. He told reporter it is not important how money much one gives, that is why he refused to disclose the sum he had donated. Louis pointed out that the area of Ching Hai is very difficult to reach. It makes it more difficult for transportation for the relief effort. Louse is not intenting to visit the site due to its high altitude. Nevertheless, he hopes the relief effort can reach the area regardless of the location. It is very important that food and medical supply can reach there as soon as possible.

Talking about a recent media report that Ron Ng had borrowed money from him, but didn't want to pay back, and the two is not in good term. The two had appeared in a function together recently but there was no interaction between them. He was asked if it was true, Louis said he wouldn't answer this question as it is not true. The reporter went on to ask if he was seen with Ron recently, he replied "I am here for the fund raising today, not to reply matters that are not true."

Translator: R.E.D @ asianvn

Rain rips his pants on Strong Heart!

He dances, sings, produces, acts, models, has the body of a god, and did I mention, he has the body of a god? In other words, Rain / Bi is pretty much made of perfection and is regarded as a top A-lister in the celebrity world. But even for a guy like him, there are unavoidable things that occur which help us realize, in the end, Rain is only human.

At the end of the episode of SBS Strong Heart that aired on the 20th, a preview was shown of the man himself making an appearance on next week’s episode.

The clip had shown Rain doing some sexy dance waves, when all of a sudden his pants ripped and he disappeared off stage! I mean, we have seen Rain rip off his shirt plenty of times on stage, but ripping his pants is something new.

Credit - KBites

Ekin Cheng exposes that TVB is unfair

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Yesterday Ekin Cheng attended the promotional event for the movie with Candice Yu. At the event, Ekin exposed that TVB contracted artists were treated unfairly. He said: "TVB and I had a contract, a TVB contracted artist. However, because of my awkward status and that I'm also contracted under the Big 4 record companies, for the movie promotions, we contacted TVB to set up promotions with them, but they replied and said 'it's best not to'."

Ekin exposed his jealousy of Jordan Chan not having any contracts and are greatly welcomed by any television station. Once worked with Vicki Zhao in , Ekin saw the reports of Vicki becoming a mother and he's happy for her.

Candice Yu plays Ekin's mother in the new movie, she often tells Ekin to dress in a way to make him look younger, so she doesn't have to look so much older.

GDragon ‘She’s Gone’ MV from ‘Shine A Light’ concert DVD

Fans can rejoice with a new MV released from GDragon.

The MV is included as part of the concert DVD to GDragon’s solo concert ‘Shine A Light’ and features the song ‘She’s Gone’ off the singer’s solo album released last year.

Love it or not?

Credit - KBites

"There is no love" MV by Gummy

Coming back with a new album ‘Loveless’ to be released on 29th April, Gummy reveals the full song and MV to the minialbum title song ‘There is no love’ on 22nd April.

This will be Gummy’s appearance in her own MV after 5 years. Meanwhile, the minialbum contains 2 title song, the other one titled ‘As a man’. And it is known that the producer to the title song is Teddy. Meanwhile, a MV for ‘As A Man’ is also produced since this is Gummy’s comeback after 2 years

Credit - KBites

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ji Sung in MBC’s Kim Suro

Ji Sung (Swallow the Sun) is taking the titular role in MBC’s upcoming drama Kim Suro, as pictured in these newly released stills. He has acted mostly in contemporary dramas such as New Heart and All In, but jumps back two millennia to play the first king of the Kaya nation, who reigned in the 1st century A.D.

In addition to Ji Sung and his co-star Yoo Oh-sung, the drama has added actress Seo Ji-hye (I Love You) and Go Joo-won (OB-GYN) to its cast.

Go Joo-won plays Kim Suro’s rival as his half-brother by a different father; their mother is played by Bae Jong-ok. Seo Ji-hye will play Kaya’s first queen, Heo Hwang-ok; according to Suro’s legend, she was a princess who traveled to Kaya from a far-off kingdom Ayodhya (located in current-day India). Her parents had been told in a dream that a man named Suro was sent by Heaven to found the Kaya state, and were instructed to send their daughter to be the new king’s spouse. Once she had arrived via ship and met Suro, he confirmed that he had also foreseen that his wife would be sent to him.

The drama will air on weekends beginning in late May.

Credit - Dramabeans

Bad Guy adrift without a broadcast date

Kim Nam-gil’s upcoming drama Bad Guy has hit a bump in the road, because it has failed to secure a spot on the upcoming broadcast schedule. Producers had been planning to premiere the series in May on SBS, but against their expectations the show has not managed to snag a slot in SBS’s new drama lineup.

Until recently, it had been planned for the next midweek spot on the SBS schedule. However, Lee Beom-soo’s Giant has been given one of the station’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday slots (to follow Jejoongwon), and Kang Ji-hwan’s Coffee House has taken the other (to follow Oh My Lady). The Wednesday-Thursday slot following Prosecutor Princess is going to Kim Sun-ah’s I Am Legend. And weekends are tied up with longer-running shows like Life Is Beautiful.

A source with Bad Guy’s PR team said to the press, “At first, Bad Guy was planning to air beginning May 26 on SBS, but those plans have changed. It’s disappointing, but SBS decided to air I Am Legend first. However, we are not thinking of moving to another station or a cable channel just because Bad Guy hasn’t been given a timeslot. SBS is currently looking favorably into matters and when they decide, the official schedule will be announced.”

Bad Guy has been attracting interest due to its PD (Lee Hyung-min of I’m Sorry, I Love You) and its star, Kim Nam-gil. Interest is also high in Japan, as the drama is being co-produced by Japan’s NHK TV.

Credit - Dramabeans

Jae-beom works with U.S. hip-hop producer Teddy Riley

Korean singer Park Jae-beom (left) and American record producer Teddy Riley []

Park Jae-beom, Korean singer and former leader of boy band 2PM, looks set on making his debut in the U.S. music scene by collaborating with famed hip-hop producer Teddy Riley on his upcoming new album., a popular online hip-hop industry news source, reported today that "Teddy Riley has teamed up with Korean superstar singer/rapper Jay Park" and that "since linking with Teddy Riley, Park has completed tracks with Snoop Dogg, Daz, T-Pain, Krayzie Bone and others."

Riley, considered one of the most prominent record producers in the U.S., has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Amerie and Lady Gaga.

The news site described the former K-pop idol in detail, explaining how he had first shot to fame through 2PM and that his "controversial statements about Korea" led to his downfall last year.

AllHipHop also mentioned that his cover of B.O.B.'s "Nothing On You", posted on Youtube, "has received a staggering 4 million views alone, since being released in March." Riley is said to have been impressed with Park after watching him in this particular video.

The Seattle-born singer was at the peak of his career last September when it was revealed that he had written several controversial remarks -- including "I hate Korea" -- on his MySpace pages during his teenage years as a trainee at agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

The matter sparked such national outrage that Park quit the band and left Korea four days after his old comments became public.

With fans pleading for his return, he was expected to rejoin the group and make a comeback to the local music scene this year. However, JYPE announced in February that it had decided to terminate its exclusive contract with the singer due to "a huge wrongdoing" that he had committed in his personal life.

Park had been staying in the U.S. since, dancing with his b-boy crew Art of Movement and putting up videos of his cover performances on Youtube.

He was recently seen in a Youtube video posted by Korean-American hip-hop artist Dumbfoundead, promoting the latter's upcoming new single, to be released on Friday, for which he did a featuring.

Park has also been cast as the male lead in the b-boy film "Hype Nation" and is expected to visit Korea around June to shoot the movie.
Credit - Asiae

Kim Yun-jin first public appearance since her wedding

Picture of Korean actress Kim Yun-jin [L'Oreal]

Actress Kim Yun-jin will be arriving in Korea today, attending an event later in the week which will mark her first public appearance since getting married last month.

"Kim will be flying in today to attend a function on Sunday held by L'Oreal for which she currently is the spokesmodel," said an official at her agency Zion Entertainment, adding that she will also greet her fans for a short time during the event.

The actress had made headlines last month after announcing just a day before her wedding on March 29 that she would marry Park Jeong-hyuk, a movie producer and also the head of her agency.

The two held a private wedding ceremony in Hawaii and had stayed on the island since with Kim shooting the last season of ABC hit series "Lost."

Her performance in the Emmy Award-winning show has made her the first South Korean actress to make a breakthrough into the U.S. entertainment industry.

Kim, who grew up in New York, rose to fame in 1999 with her role as a North Korean spy in the first-ever Korean blockbuster "Swiri."

Credit - Asiae

"IRIS" season 2 starts pre-production

Official poster for KBS TV series "IRIS" Season 1 [Taewon Entertainment]

Pre-production work for the second season of blockbuster TV series has kicked off amidst much hype and anticipation among fans, according to production company Taewon Entertainment on Tuesday.

Taewon explained in a press release that "IRIS" producers have started the casting process for the next season, even talking with agents for the actors from the first season such as Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee and Kim So-yeon and considering a new face to appear in the series as well.

The first season of "IRIS" garnered much publicity in Korea last year for its huge scale, global location shoots and a star-studded cast, led by Lee and including Jung Joon-ho, Kim Seung-woo, and Choi Seung-hyun, better known as T.O.P. from popular Korean idol group Big Bang.

The drama sparked a frenzy among viewers around the country and dominated weekly TV ratings charts during its two-month run.

It even created a spin-off series titled "Athena: Goddess of War", which Taewon is also producing as of present and is set to be broadcast later in the year. The line-up for "Athena" include top Korean actors Jung Woo-sung, Cha Seung-won, Soo Ae and E Ji-ah.

First season of "IRIS" is set to premiere in Japan tomorrow with noted Japanese actors Fujiwara Tatsuya and Kuroki Meisa providing voice-overs for its two main characters, originally played by Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee.

The sequel will pick up from about three years after lead character Hyun-joon was killed by a gunshot while driving in his car and unfold the circumstances surrounding his death.

It will kick off shooting next March and is scheduled to air around October 2011.
Credit - Asiae

Filial Jay Chou to invite Grandmother on stage

Jay Chou will be starting his concert tour in June in Taiwan. Tickets for the two shows were nearly sold out in just one day. The organizers are currently discussing the possibility of adding another show. It has also been reported that for the Shanghai and Beijing performances, Jay intends to have his maternal grandmother go on stage as a special guest.

According to Mainland reports, the fairly filial Jay Chou not only named one of his albums after his mother, he also had his maternal grandmother, who is an expert at international standard ballroom dancing, participate in one of his directed MVs. He says that everyday his grandmother is very generous in all aspects. With her straightforward looks, and kind and gentle face, she will be welcomed by fans. Furthermore, his grandmother can practically sing every one of his songs. That's why he invited her to be the special guest. However, his grandmother is fairly old, so the possibility and the method of her going on stage must be discussed with the staff.

In addition, this year is the 15th anniversary of the death of Teresa Teng. On May 14th, the "Teresa Teng Education Foundation" will hold a commemorative concert in Chengdu where Jay was invited to perform. Teresa Teng's third eldest brother, Deng Chang-Fu stated that despite Director Jay and Teresa Teng's style being very different from each other, when Jay received the foundation invitation, he immediately gave a straightforward agreement. He even expressed that when he was younger, he would frequently listen to her songs and liked them very much. However, the program for the performance remains highly classified. Neither JVR nor the organizers were willing to divulge any information.


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