Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ethan Ruan rejects plum role in Stanley Kwan’s new movie

The Taiwanese actor was unable to accept the role's provocative and sensual nature and rejected the opportunity to star in Stanley Kwan's upcoming new movie

One of Taiwan's hottest and most bankable star, Ethan Ruan, was said to have surreptitiously attended a casting session in Beijing a few days ago for Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan's latest flick, The Peony Pavilion.

Things did not work out between both parties and they were unable to reach a consensus as Ethan was unable to accept the role's sexually-provoking nature.

The 28-year-old who rose to fame from his leading roles in Taiwanese idol dramas like Fated To Love You, My Queen, and his latest movie, Monga, decided to pass up the opportunity after he was told that the nudity and love scenes in The Peony Pavilion was comparable to Lee Ang's sensual espionage thriller, Lust Caution.

According to sources, there will be explicit love scenes with the female lead in this movie. Reputable Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu is slated to be in the running for Ethan's role after the latter rejected it.

In other related news, at a bubble tea event held a few days ago, reporters questioned the 1.82m-tall Ethan if he was willing to sacrifice and go nude for his roles. The undaunted one honestly confessed that "going nude onscreen really requires a lot of courage."



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