Monday, April 19, 2010

Actor Daniel Wu marries long-time girlfriend in South Africa wedding

Yes it is true. The handsome Hong Kong actor is now a married man. Congratulations to Daniel and his Mrs on a long and lasting marriage!!!

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu announced on his blog on Saturday that he had tied the knot with girlfriend of eight years, Monaco-born model and Channel V veejay Lisa Selesner on April 6 in a wedding ceremony held in South Africa.

The wedding, attended by just 30 of the couple's family and friends, saw the pair walking to a forest clearing, near a mud hut Selesner, better known as Lisa S, reportedly owned, wearing traditional African cloaks and headdress, before going through a ceremony officiated by an African priestess.

The couple then knelt and exchanged rings in Western wedding attire after taking off their traditional garb. Wu was dressed in a coffee-coloured suit while Selesner, 30, wore an elegant cream-coloured shoulder-less wedding gown.

"This is the place where I fell in love with Lisa, so we decided to hold our wedding here, a place which holds a special meaning for us," Wu told Hong Kong media.

"When we first knew each other, I always heard her (Selesner) say she wanted to go to South Africa and felt it was strange as she said the mud hut had no electricity. When I went with her [to the mud hut] for the first time, we stayed for a month and I found that I liked her. If we can live together for a month, I can stay with her long term."

Wu has indeed managed to stay with Selesner for quite awhile. They first met at a party in 2002 and then started going out three months later before deciding to live together in 2005.

The couple claimed they had a very smooth relationship, only having six fights in their eight-year relationship and never over rumours about Wu and other women in the papers.

"I don't ask about it and don't wish to know. Luckily, our (Wu and herself) Mandarin is quite poor, so we don't read the gossip columns in the newspapers. We also understand that a lot of it is just for publicity," she said.

Wu popped the question in October last year, though not in the traditional sense. The 35-year-old actor revealed that they were talking about having children before he realised what they had to do first, and blurted out what was on his mind.

"Shouldn't we get married first? Then should I propose on bended knee?" Wu said at the time.

Selesner admitted that while the "Shinjuku Incident" star was the one who popped the question, she was the one who pursued him in the beginning.

The veejay first introduced herself to Wu at a party where they first met and also asked him out on movie dates after working with him on a magazine shoot.

The pair has revealed that they will be holding a large-scale party to celebrate their union at a later date in Hong Kong.

The lovely Mrs Lisa Wu all smile walking down the aisle

The couple got married in a small forest in South Africa where they fell in love.

Daniel and Lisa sat on the special Sesotho blanket.

A friend of the couple Chinook, congratulating the couple on their marriage.

the ceremony commence

Exchange of their wedding rings

Credit - CNA and Alive not Dead


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