Thursday, April 15, 2010

Parodies of Rain’s Love Song take the internet by storm

The internet has recently exploded with parodies of Rain’s trademark “abs dance” from his comeback song Love Song.

Following the release of his special album titled BACK TO THE BASIC, singer Rain has been met with undivided attention from the public, most who have awaited his comeback to the music scene for a long time.

Love Song is an emotional ballad that is being promoted as Rain’s title track. The highlight of the choreography has been dubbed as the “abs dance,” wherein Rain flips his shirt behind his neck and performs body rolls that flaunt his chocolate abs.

Although Rain began promotional activities only recently, many male fans have already tried to follow in the footsteps of the King of K-pop. Videos of guys performing Rain’s “abs dance” have surfaced on bulletin boards, receiving a hilarious reaction from netizens. Rather than having rock-hard abs like that of Rain, they pull their shirt over to reveal loose belly fat.

After watching various Rain’s “abs dance” parodies, netizens commented,

“kekeke This is too funny.”
“Not anyone can be Rain.”
“Ack! My eyes!”

As expected of the King of K-pop, Rain has received much love since his comeback on the 7th. is popularity hasn’t changed a bit.

I like this one best, this guy can ready dance like Rain... haha..

I had a good laugh at this, hope you did too!!

credit : allkpop


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