Tuesday, April 13, 2010

S.H.E S'pore concert sold out but there's hope for ticketless fans

SINGAPORE: The upcoming S.H.E the One concert at the National Indoor Stadium on Saturday is completely sold out, but if ticketless fans want to get a glimpse of the Mando-pop trio, there are still a few opportunities left.

S.H.E members Selena, Hebe and Ella will be flying in on Eva Air flight BR225 and is expected to touch down on Friday afternoon at 12pm for their concert the next day.

For those who simply can't make their way to the airport on that day, another good chance to catch them is to stake out the opening ceremony of SMRT's Circle Line that takes place on Saturday at 1pm.

The girl group will make an appearance at Stadium Station to declare 11 Circle Line train stations open.

And on Sunday, you can head down to Plaza Singapura at 5pm where S.H.E are set to hold an event to thank their fans for the sellout concert, as well as for pushing their latest album "SHERO" to the top of the music charts here, two weeks after its release.

Those with copies of their album "SHERO" can also get them signed during the event.



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