Monday, April 12, 2010

Eddie Peng's Must Love MV with Shu Qui

Taking a break from acting, the former Golden Bell best actor nominee, Eddie Peng, ventures into singing…and dancing! As previously reported, Eddie specially invited good friend, Shu Qi, to be in his MV. The MV does not disappoint as many netizens praise how the MV showcases Shu Qi’s sexiness. But we really wish that Shu Qi would dance with Eddie like Lin Chi-Ling did with Joe Cheng. Nonetheless, Eddie surprises drama/movie fans with his ability to move.

Eddie’s first plug, “非爱不可” (Must Love), shows heavy influences from K-pop and J-pop. Taking on the current trend of dance music mixed with some techno and auto-tune, Eddie definitely meets our “singing” expectations. The song contains a simple yet catchy chorus as well as a dance solo in the middle. Dressed in a black suit with its right sleeve cut off to show off his arm muscles, Eddie enters the Taiwan pop-music industry in style



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