Monday, April 19, 2010

Sammi Cheng tells about her suffering from depression

Cantopop superstar Sammie Cheng disclosed she was once suffered from depression. After years in the entertainment industry Sammi still haven't been able to find love and Mr Right to settle down and have a family. In her recent interview with Mingpao she said that she previously sufferred from depression and that almost ruined her life. But luckily she found saviour in GOD and was able to live her life again. She expressed that she would give up her career now if she finds love and would go whereever he goes.
One would never have guessed that Sammi have suffered from depression. She always appear so cheerful and positive in the public eye.

Source: MingPao
Credit translator: R.E.D @ asianvn

When she was in Taiwan promoting her record, she disclosed her experience when she was depressed. At the height of her illness, she didn't take bath for a week and ate excessively until she found religion. Sammi also revealed that she is hoping she will find love and will not rule out getting marry very swiftly. She is willing to give up her career to be with her other half where ever he wants to go.

Sammi revealed that she put on 20 pounds when during her depression because she was eating so much. She locked herself in her house for a week without a bath. Now thinking back, she feels scared. She knew she has everything, yet she felt empty at the time. Since she became a Christian, she learned to pray and control her emotion. Believe in God helps her to live again, and she has someting she can rely on. In the past, she did not treasure her loved ones, always put herself first. Now she is treating her famliy much better. Reporter asked if she is thinking about reconciliation with Andy Hui? She said "All depends on God".

Sammi hopes her other half will also believe in God so that when they can spread God's good news together. Talking about as Christian, she can't have "sex before marriage", Sammi felt embarrased, she said "I will try to obey".


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