Monday, April 19, 2010

Twins return to stage performing at HK Coliseum

The long wait by Twins fans is finally over. After the tumultuous year for Twins members Ah Sa and Gillian Chung following their personal affairs being revealed to the public, the girls are back on stage and rocking it. To the delight of thousands of fans at the Coliseum in Hong Kong the girls entertain fans with their stunning outfits.

The Hong Kong pop duo Twins have returned to the stage with a comeback concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

The concert was originally scheduled to take place two years ago, but member Gillian Chung's involvement in Edison Chen's sex photo scandal resulted in the show being postponed indefinitely.

And during preparation for this concert last month, the other half of the duo Charlene Choi announced her plans to divorce her husband, Hong Kong singer-actor Ronald Cheng. The pair wed in Los Angeles in 2006 but their marriage was never made public.

Despite Twins' troubled private lives, their fans turned out in scores to show their support. Choi said she was deeply touched, "I saw fans' banners showing that they came from several places. They reserved the seats long time ago. It was very hard to get the tickets for the concert. We're really grateful for their hearty support."

Chung echoed the sentiment, "We have been through so much recently. Seeing all this support and singing 'Love for a Decade'... That really made me want to cry."

The duo also announced that profits from the concert will be donated to Qinghai Province to help with the earthquake relief work there.


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