Thursday, April 22, 2010

Louis Koo urges people to donate to Ching Hai earthquake victims

Louis Koo as the ambassador for UNICEF participated in a fund raising event for Ching Hai earthquake victim. He appeared very serious throughout the event. Apart from urging people to donate generously, he revealed that his own trust fund had also donated money. He told reporter it is not important how money much one gives, that is why he refused to disclose the sum he had donated. Louis pointed out that the area of Ching Hai is very difficult to reach. It makes it more difficult for transportation for the relief effort. Louse is not intenting to visit the site due to its high altitude. Nevertheless, he hopes the relief effort can reach the area regardless of the location. It is very important that food and medical supply can reach there as soon as possible.

Talking about a recent media report that Ron Ng had borrowed money from him, but didn't want to pay back, and the two is not in good term. The two had appeared in a function together recently but there was no interaction between them. He was asked if it was true, Louis said he wouldn't answer this question as it is not true. The reporter went on to ask if he was seen with Ron recently, he replied "I am here for the fund raising today, not to reply matters that are not true."

Translator: R.E.D @ asianvn


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