Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cecilia Cheung’s second baby is due in May

In an interview with the Hong Kong press, Jennifer Tse, younger sister of Hong Kong artiste Nicholas Tse, revealed that her sister-in-law, Cecilia Cheung, will be giving birth to her second child in May.

Speaking in an interview with Hong Kong's TVB Entertainment show on her family, love, and career, the 26-year-old revealed that Cecilia who's pregnant with her second child is due to deliver in May and praised her for "taking good care of my brother".

"When my brother comes home, he will spend 10 hours with his console games. Cecilia does not have any complaints at all," she says.

On her brother who's always been the "cool and stylish" person, Jennifer said that she was shocked by his greetings when he wished her "Happy Birthday" once

"I think he should keep a goatee, it will be easier for him to imitate the ancients when he is deep in thought," Jennifer jested.

The model-actress briefly shared her views of her actor-boyfriend, Andy On, whom she calls a "marriageable partner" and she feels "very lucky" praising him for being "perfect".



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