Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taiwan star Vanness Wu spotted with mystery girlfriend

HONG KONG: Taiwan star Vanness Wu has been photographed shopping with a long-haired beauty on Monday in Hong Kong and has admitted that she is his new girlfriend, said Chinese media.

The pair were spotted behaving intimately while shopping in the Central district with Wu's friends. He swept the hair from her forehead when they entered a lift and was seen laughing and chatting with her throughout the trip.

The 31-year-old singer-actor admitted that the girl was his new squeeze in a statement relayed by his manager Katie.

"Since [we] have been photographed, it's best to admit it. She is indeed my new girlfriend. [We] have just started seeing each other," said Wu in his statement.

Katie pointed out that the former F4 member did not deliberately hide his relationship with her. He simply wanted to maintain a low profile.

He had apparently known the girl for several years but they only started dating about a month ago. She, like Wu, grew up in America and is also a Christian.

Wu's buddy, actor Phillip Ng, described her as a "very, very good female friend" of Wu and said that the girl had been "part of their circle of friends for a long time".

Wu said that as she is not from the entertainment industry, adding that she was uneasy about being followed by paparazzi.

After the "Meteor Garden" star split with actress-model Vivian Hsu, he admitted to having another girlfriend but eventually broke up with her as well.

Wu had not been seeing anyone for the past two years, though he was recently rumoured to have taken an interest in "Monga" star Ethan Ruan's girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu, after acting opposite her in the Taiwanese drama "Autumn's Concerto".

- CNA/ha


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