Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sex tape of female celebrity gets leaked!

A shocking report has just been sent in, and yes, it’s scandalous! A singer, anonymously known as “A,” has once stopped her activities in the past due to an unfortunate scandal. She is creating yet another buzz online for having her sex video finally leaked.

Since last weekend, a file – with its title revealing the star’s identity – began to spread online like wildfire. The file apparently contains a video of that celebrity, engaging in sexual intercourse with an unknown man. Because the video clip has been recorded portrait and not the typical landscape, it is highly likely that it was shot using a phone camera.

In a phone interview with MoneyToday Star News on the 21st, a representative of “A”’s company stated, “After watching the sex tape, we approached “A” directly and asked her if she was the girl in the video. “A” replied that it is 100% not her.”

The representative added, “If you look closely at the video, anyone will be able to easily see that it is indeed not “A”. “

Of course, final conclusions can’t be made just yet. However, after watching the sex tape for themselves, netizens are certain that “A” is none other than singer Ivy.

As many already know, Ivy has once been engulfed by a scandal a couple years ago that involved ex-boyfriend and model by the name of “Yoo.” He had blackmailed Ivy with an alleged sex tape for an amount of $45,000. Although no such tape ever surfaced, the scandal caused Ivy to step away from her career as a singer indefinitely. Meanwhile, “Yoo” was sentenced to one year in jail and two years on probation.

WARNING: Viewer discretion advised.
Click here for a screencap of the sex tape revealing “A”’s face.

S: Yahoo! News & Allkpop


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