Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everything about Daniel Henney says 'gorgeous'

SINGAPORE : Okay, so I knew I was supposed to be asking Daniel Henney about his latest TV show. But the Korean-American actor is so gorgeous, it was kind of hard to concentrate - even though he and I were only talking over the phone.

I mean, even his voice is pretty.

The man who knew how to expertly handle a gun as the mercenary Agent Zero in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" now plays the cocky, womanising Dr David Lee in "Three Rivers", a medical drama about the doctors and patients at a hospital specialising in the high-stakes, dilemma-ridden world of organ transplants.

It also stars Alex O'Loughlin and Katherine Moennig. But who cares, really?

"What's it like to be so gorgeous?" I had to ask Henney. "Surely you step into the street and all the women fall at your feet?"

"Absolutely," the 31-year-old replied. "Even this morning, I stepped into the street and 30 women just fell at my feet." Laughing, he continued: "It's not really like that. I guess a lot of the time, people are intimidated.

"For example, I was at a job for two weeks in Australia. For the longest time there was this production assistant - a girl - and she never talked to me. She was very cold. She'd just kind of walk away from me. I found out later on that she was a huge, huge fan. She had all these websites. She was so nervous around me that she couldn't speak."

Assuming they aren't tongue-tied little wusses, how good is Henney with the ladies? "I'm not as good as David," he confessed. "In high school, I had two girlfriends the whole time. I've never been the guy that goes out to bars and picks up girls easily. I have friends who can, and I'm somewhat jealous of them, but it's embarrassing for me."

Gorgeousness without obnoxiousness is great gain, but if there's one thing Henney is a little self-conscious about, it's the fact that his scrubs in "Three Rivers" are too tight.

"Actually, when we shot the pilot, we all had the same scrubs on. These sort of tight, very strange-looking scrubs," Henney explained. "We all looked like we worked on the Starship Enterprise. And then the network came in and changed everything.

"They said, 'It looks kind of flaky - we'll put you guys in actual scrubs.' I was really happy - and then a note came saying: 'Every doctor except David. David gets to keep the tight scrubs.'

"I thought: 'Why me?'"

Born in Michigan, the son of a Korean-born mother and an Anglo-American father began his career as a model. He broke into the South Korean scene with ads for Amore Pacific and Olympus, and later appeared in the hit Korean drama "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon". He also starred in movies "Seducing Mr Robin" and "My Father".

After scoring a considerably meaty role in last year's "Wolverine", Henney moved to Los Angeles to get in on the American market, where he now lives with his dog, Mango.

Between his two big roles in Hollywood, Henney thinks he's more David Lee than Agent Zero.

"Agent Zero was a lot of fun, but it was tough for me to play a bad guy like that. David's closer to who I am on a personal level - he's much more dynamic in his character; his idea of fun is to crack jokes and be sarcastic. Agent Zero was kinda just pissed off all the time."

See? A total nice guy and totally gorgeous - even in those tight "Star Trek" scrubs.



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