Monday, April 26, 2010

Mnet Media responds to Hyori’s plagiarism accusations

Controversy surrounding plagiarism accusations from Lee Hyori’s fourth album has finally reached the ears of her company Mnet Media.

The Queen of K-pop was alleged to have plagiarized several songs without giving credit or compensation to the originals. The songs themselves were released in her long-awaited comeback album titled H-Logic.

She was building momentum in a short amount of time until she was slammed with plagiarism accusations for six out of the seven songs in her album, all of which were coincidentally(?) produced by Bahnus. Bahnus (real name: Lee Jae Young), the leader of the group Bahnus Vacuum, apparently gave 180 songs for Hyori to choose from.

Let’s roundup the Hyori plagiarism accusations, shall we?

Cookie Couture’s Boy, Bring it Back and Hyori’s Bring it Back, Lil Precious’ So Insane and Hyori’s I’m Back, Melanie Durrant’s Feel the Same and Hyori’s Feel the Same, Mikis Theodorakis’ The Train Leaves at Eight and Hyori’s Swing, Jason DeRulo’s How Did We Get and Hyori’s How Did We Get, Second Person’s and The Alphabet Song and Hyori’s Memory.

Stacy Maroske, a member of the girl group Cookie Couture, released a statement on after finding out Hyori had plagiarized their song and has hired a lawyer to go after Hyori.

However, according to Mnet Media’s official statements, it looks like there has been a misunderstanding about the whole situation, similar to that of the guide version American artist Ke$ha’s recorded for SNSD’s Run Devil Run.

A representative of Mnet Media stated, “We were already aware that the guide version of the demo song was up on YouTube before the release of her 4th album. Bahnus had already made these songs 4 – 5 years ago and had sold them. However, the problem was, he then made recordings of the guide and distributed the demo CDs. Also, it is also said that the vocalists who recorded for the CD all possess a copy of it.”

“Bahnus has already secured the documents containing evidence for the recording time, the name of the vocalist, and even the daily records of the entered recording studio. Since YouTube and various portal sites possess copyright infringements, a request has come in to delete the leaked source. The leaked source has announced infringement of the copyright law by the composer.

The representative added, “During the sales of the 4th album, we have revealed this truth in the description of her song Swing. There is no need to receive a copyright approval because this ballad does not have a title and its author is anonymous.”

Although Mnet Media has made official statements defending Hyori, can the issue dissolve as quickly as it erupted?

[Thanks to liljennie for the tip].

Credit - Allkpop
I am still very confused about Mnet's response. Is everyone else as confused as I am?? So who is copying who?


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