Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ada Choi gets advice from Gigi Lai on how to become pregnant

According to the Taiwanese media, there has been pregnancy rumors revolving around Ada Choi and is scheduled to give birth in October. She clarified that the rumors are false, but according to the Hong Kong media reports, Ada listened her good friend Gigi Lai's advice on going to do acupuncture to increase her chances of getting pregnant. It's estimated that she'll be a year of the rabbit mom.

Hong Kong's "Oriental Sunday" reports last week on April Fools, Ada was photographed in Jordan secretly to pick up the results from her MRI examination at the "HK Health Check". Because she's suffering from Bechterew syndrome (inflammation of the joints - usually the spine), it will affect her chances to conceive. When she noticed that she was being followed, she became very nervous and quickly headed home with a cap on.

As described by the media, getting a medical examination report is not something that needs to be hidden, but Ada appeared overly nervous about it. A source reveals that she actually has a reason because she's been married for 2 years and had no luck in getting pregnant, so she's panicking and goes visit the doctor for examinations. She hopes the doctor can help her get a child.

This September, Ada will be turning 37. The media reported that after she was advised by Gigi who is rumored to be pregnant with twins, that she should go for acupuncture to increase her chances, hoping to succeed in having a child this time.

Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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