Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joe Ma & Sharon Chan, no love sparks

Once known as the "Rumor King", in the recent year Joe Ma has gotten rid of that title, drawing a line with rumors. He is now seen as a good man taking care of his family. With him is the tall Sharon Chan who claims herself as the "Rumor Insulator", therefore even after so many collaborations between the two, there's still no love sparks, it's just "brotherhood".

Sharon defended the "cool" looking Joe Ma, she said: "Actually he's really cute, very funny and is the "lead entertainer" among the group of friends. He can instantly turn dead water into something lively."

Joe and Sharon have collaborated in a number of series including - , , and both participated in . Because of this they became good friends. The two "tall people" are rarely paired up in the industry, but it was not until that they were arranged to play as a couple. The two gets into a love triangle with Flora Chan.

Often involved with rumors in the past, Sharon was never one of Joe's rumored girlfriends, Sharon joked: "I like girls! Actually I have always been a rumor insulator, you can check my history. Usually when I date, I would admit it, why don't I have rumors? Is it because I'm not good looking? Maybe my personality is too much like a guy! Sometimes when the paparazzi photograph me, I'm often out with a guy and still there's no stories about that guy being my boyfriend, looks like people aren't interested in me. Joe and I are also 'big brother - little sister', absolutely nothing will happen."

There was a period of time where Joe was surrounded by rumors, mostly revolving around Charmaine Sheh and Sonjia Kwok. It was only in the recent year where he kept it low, often photographed with his wife and children, looks like he successfully drew a line with rumors. Towards the old "playboy" image, Joe felt helpless: "I don' know either. Sometimes for series promotion, rumors are inevitable. Maybe because in the past my female co-stars had more rumors, but now my recent co-star Flora Chan is already married, rumors naturally go away. In the past, I would always do the initiating with other people, asking them if they need help or anything, but now I'm trying my best to reduce those actions and maintain the distance." Sharon heard this and complained: "He's always shouting at me! I"m a little upset!"

Joe joked that back then even when he crosses the road and there's a girl besides him, he'll be dead. It was really frightening, that time he didn't dare to do interviews either, fearing that the media would write about it: "What I say is different from what is reported. The writer would just write about their personal impression on me. I felt that was really unfair, I rather not do the interviews then. Fortunately that time is the past now, my wife trusts me."

Sharon defended Joe, she said: "He's a person who really loves his family. His family-oriented personality is quite similar to his role as Ng Chung Ming in . He looks after his family, he can cook, he's a good husband and lover. Don't look at his appearance being so cool and think he's mean. The other side of him is really playful, he can eat and drink well, he's a funny person. If he works in PR, he would definitely get popular, he's the lead entertainer. I clearly remember one time when I was at a friend gathering, the group of friends weren't too familiar with one another, the atmosphere was like dead water, no one said a word. I got tired and was about to leave when Joe came into the picture, he came running and jumping around. After a short period, the dead atmosphere turned into an atmosphere as lively as an anniversary show. I thought everyone ate something wrong, when they all got up and started dancing, Joe has the ability to bring back life from the dead. No matter if it's work or leisure, he is totally into it, just like TVB's slogan. Actually Joe is pretty silly, it's just that everyone misunderstood him. Of course he also does have his 'hot' side too, otherwise people would say he's good to bully." Joe laughed: "Must make it relaxing and comfortable outside of work!"

As if he's a good husband, Joe said: "It's hard for me to judge, but to be a 100% good husband and father is something really difficult. I also have my romantic side, sometimes giving surprises to my wife. As a father, you have to put in a lot of effort and time to develop the good relationship. My son is 11 years old, I'm very democratic, won't be too controlling."

Although Sharon isn't married yet, but she believes that she'll be a better wife than a girlfriend. "I like to do chores, housekeeping, I'm loyal and sympathetic. This type of wife is awesome! Can go into the kitchen and out into the hall. Being a girlfriend, have to keep boyfriend happy and be romantic. I'm not too good with those things."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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