Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rain issues a $2 million dollar lawsuit

Looks like Rain isn’t out of the legal storm yet – although he won his last lawsuit, the idol is now involved in another lawsuit worth 2 billion won (~$2 million USD). Rain and seven other investors are all suing J.Tune Creative for embezzling the investment they put into the company, meaning that Rain, fortunately, isn’t the one under fire this time around.

It’s been revealed through Newsen that Rain & seven investors of J. Tune Creative, the fashion design company of Rain’s company J.Tune Entertainment, are pressing charges of embezzlement (fraudulent use of funds) against the company through the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. As J. Tune Creative is a part of J. Tune Entertainment, it seems that this is an internal company dispute regarding a certain group of staff misusing funds.

One of the investors, who identified as Lee, said through the prosecutors, “In 2008, we invested 2 billion won in J.Tune Creative for the fashion business purpose and looked at it as a loss. Of the registered fees, Rain and I as well as others paid 2.5 billion won [for the company and] the model fees of Rain … Two billion won was embezzled.”

J.Tune Entertainment said, “We are finding out more details about the complaint right now.”

Stay tuned as we continue to explore this matter.

Source: Newsen, Nate & Allkpop


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