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4minute – 4minutes Left music videos & pics

Korean pop group 4minute is set to release their first full length album, 4minutes Left, on April 5. A couple of MV and concept pics have already been revealed…

Heart to Heart (starring Jung-shin from CN Blue)

2PM releases "Take Off"

Check out their single below.

Only You TVB 2011 new drama starring Yoyo Mung and Kevin Cheng

Only You – <只有您>

Number of Episodes: 30


Louise Lee as Chong Sze Tim

Yoyo Mung as Mak Yak Man (Mandy)

Kevin Cheng as Ha Tin Sang (Summer)

Evergreen Mak as Chong Sze Chai

Krystal Tin as Szeto Fei Fei (Phoebe)

Joel Chan as Ashley

Summary (May contain spoilers. Read at your own risk!!)

The series is mainly based on weddings and there are different storylines. Mandy (Yoyo Mung)’s brother was getting married. The wedding was organised by Tim Jeh (Louise Lee) who was very experienced in organising traditional weddings. She worked in “Only You” owned by her brother Chai (Evergreen Mak) and his wife Phoebe (Kristal Tin). Due to the success of Mandy’s brother’s wedding, Mandy decides that she would like to be a wedding planner and starts her own business. However, her business was failing. Phoebe was looking for staff and she hires Mandy due to her talking skills. However, Tim Jeh did not have a good impression of Mandy and disliked her.

Summer (Kevin Cheng), was a photographer at “Only You.” He did not get along with Mandy and the two are always bickering. Tim Jeh starts to get on with Mandy knowing that she is hard working.

Mandy meets up with some old school friends and discovered that they are all married to rich men. She felt that she should also find a partner and Tim Jeh arranges some match making. When Mandy was invited to be a bridesmaid, she met Ashley (Joel Chan) who was wealthy and good looking. Mandy believed that Ashley has a crush on her. It turned out that Ashley was actually a bisexual and had used Mandy to keep his father happy. Mandy was really upset.

Mandy soon develops feelings for Summer but his ex-girlfriend returns and the two were dating again. It turns out that Summer’s girlfriend already had a boyfriend back at home and left him once again.

Tim Jeh’s daughter Ching (Natalie Tong) has decided to get married and was returning to Hong Kong. However, the two do not get along since Ching finds her mother annoying and believes that she forced her father to leave the family. However, she discovered that her father left the family because he had met another woman. She felt very ashamed and upset on her wedding day and apologised to her mother.

Meanwhile, Summer and Mandy begin to develop feelings for each other and start dating. “Only You” is becoming a very successful business, and Mandy suggests that they open another chain called “Only Me and You” along with King (Chris Lai) and Erica (Elaine Yiu). Mandy took the money that Summer gave her and invested in the new business. King and Elaine were going to get married but Elaine was really fussy over the wedding and keep altering her dress.

Ching learns that her father did not have an affair and leave the family for another woman. Instead, he just did not get along with her mother. She tries to convince her Tim Jeh to divorce her father but she refuses and was very angry with Ching. However, Tim Jeh realises that she must let go and agrees to divorce Ching’s father.

Summer decides to go travelling and does not want to focus on the new business. However, Mandy wants a more stable lifestyle and does not want to go travelling and leave the new business. The two begin to have problems and were arguing over their differences. King and Erica were taking photos for their wedding. On the day, a drugged driver was driving dangerously and killed King and Elaine. Everyone at “Only You” were really upset, but they agreed that they would organise a big wedding for the couple.

Summer and Mandy realise that if they love each other, they should be willing to sacrifice for each other. They agreed that they will start the business and once it is steady, they would go travelling together.

The series ends with Tim Jeh bumping into an old friend and they go shopping for wine.

Characters and Comments:

I quite like the cast of Only You and I think that the right actors and actresses were chosen. I was not really a Yoyo Mung fan before this series but I really liked her here. I did not realise that Yoyo could play such a funny character. I always got the impression that she plays dull and boring characters. This character was bad mouthed but was extremely funny. Just like a typical Hong Kong person. The chemistry with Kevin Cheng was definitely present. I quite like Kevin here too. A normal guy who likes photography and wants a simple life.

Another character I really liked was Phoebe played by Crystal Tim. I thought she did a great job in this series and had so much chemistry with Evergreen Mak. She did play the typical character of shop owner and making her business come first.

Louise Lee again did such a great job. The scene where Natalie and Louise were crying on her wedding day was truly touching, when Natalie realises that her mother just wanted the best for her.

I thought that the cutest couple in this series was Elaine Yiu and Chris Lai. They were so compatible together and looked really good together. It was such a shame that they were killed off. Ruco Chan and Macy Chan were also a very cute couple. They looked really good next to each other. And finally Eddie Li and Leanne Li looked very good together, probably because of the height factor. They were another cute couple to watch.

Best Storyline

This series had so many storylines and they were all different genres. The storyline I enjoyed the most is the wealthy family’s wedding with Susan Tse. That storyline was really good and I really enjoyed it. The episodes about the Indian family were also very interesting too. It’s very different from other storylines and shows a traditional Indian wedding rather than a Chinese one.


This series has so many different storylines and the themes of each storyline are very wide and varied. There are different types of weddings and many couples paired up in this series. The cast is so big too. I really enjoyed the different storylines and some of them were just great to watch. Overall, this was a pretty good series. The ending was very dramatic and unpredictable with the death of King and Erica. That was totally unexpected and was very sad indeed. However, this series is definitely different in that it makes you laugh, cry, angry and happy. Some of the storylines were not as good as others but due to the diversity of the storylines, there will be one that would suit you.

Via JayneStars

Grand opening of Nicholas Tse’s post-production company “P.O Cha Ting”

Yesterday it was a big day for Hong Kong actor/singer, Nicholas Tse, since it was the official public opening of his post production company “P.O Cha Ting” which, according to Wong Jing‘s previous comments, is a very successful company. Wong Jing had previously mentioned during an interview “Post-production work for virtually all the advertisements and films in Hong Kong are done by Tse’s company. Very few people outside the industry know this but every industry player knows it well.”

During the event, Nicholas Tse gave his CEO speech regarding the company’s matters, and naturally was also asked about the rumours of him leaving EEG. Nicholas laughed and immediately responded “Last week I signed it (the new contract) already.” The reporters went on to ask him whether he is going to set up his own music company, to which Nicholas answered “I can’t do management, I am very afraid to fall out with someone. I can tell you now that, by 99%, I am not interested in that. Also, EEG treats me well.” According to media, Nicholas signed an eight-year contract for the price of $300 million (HKD).

When asked about the latest car accident Cecilia was involved into, Nicholas calmly responded: “Her personality is such that she will worry about other people’s feelings first, so she’s really worried about that elderly man. She will help him to pay medical fees.”

After the opening event of “P.O Cha Ting”, Nicholas’ younger sister Jennifer Tse, wrote supporting messages for her brother on her Sina Blog, ” It was the grand opening of his post production company, P.O., where I witnessed him make his CEO speech… it was so motivational. Just to see all his hard work pay off and knowing how much he put into it, his heart and soul… So proud of him, my big bro all grown up…. Just heard my brother make the speech of a lifetime… so inspiring… it’s no wonder P.O. has such a solid and united team spirit. I’m so proud of you Nic! It was an incredibly humbling experience watching you this afternoon. Add oil, I’ll always be there for you, always…. You’re all so sweet for loving Nic so much! Honestly though, and not just because I’m his sister, I must say, he is wonderful. He’s grown to be such a good man. I’m so, so proud. Thank you everyone for all the support you’ve given him, ALL these years. ROCK ON NIC!” Jennifer also uploaded a picture of her and Nicholas at the event, ”And finally, the successful and accomplished man he is today. Look at him all smart in his suit.”

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Inside Scoop of Charmaine Sheh’s $18.5 Million House and New Mainland Contract

With her TVB management contract expiring this March, Charmaine Sheh Si Man allegedly decided to sign a contract with a new mainland company valued at over $10 million (HKD). Not wanting to severe all ties with TVB, Charmaine decided to sign a per-series contract with TVB for three years.

An inside source revealed, “The new company managed to secure three grand-production television series for Charmaine to star in. After filming the television version of If You Are the One <非誠勿擾>, Charmaine will have the opportunity to film with mainland television Best Actor, Sun Honglei in ancient drama, Cao Cao <曹操>. Her third project will be Famous Model <名模>. Charmaine will receive $150,000 (Yuan) per episode, which was equivalent to the salary of mainland’s top actresses and higher than Ada Choi Siu Fun and Sheren Tang Shui Man’s filming fees. Charmaine was guaranteed to earn $5 million (HKD) per series. In addition, the new company will launch Charmaine’s career in the mainland film industry. With these contract terms, why wouldn’t she be interested?”

In addition to increasing her wealth by filming in China , Charmaine profited $8 million (HKD) from the sale of her old 1,200 square feet fengshui home in North Point. Perhaps Charmaine was more in a rush to buy than sell a home. Earlier in the year, she purchased a $18.5 million (HKD) 1,600 square feet home at Dynasty Heights in Beacon Hill .

Giving Face to TVB

Since many actors and actresses with a wide audience following were leaving TVB, the company was eager to have Charmaine remain. “TVB was very generous towards Charmaine and offered good contract renewal terms. However, the mainland production company made an even better offer. If she let go of this opportunity, Charmaine was concerned that it will not come again. In the end, Charmaine decided not to renew her management contract with TVB,” a source close to Charmaine revealed.

An inside source at TVB described Charmaine’s new per-series contract terms, “Each year, Charmaine will film thirty episodes for TVB. If the episode quota can not be met within a year, then the contract will be automatically extended. TVB wanted to hold on to Charmaine and not let her work for another television studio!”

According to market sources, I-Cable will be awarded a free television license by the Broadcasting Authority. Since I-Cable produces the majority of its own programs, it will present a challenge to TVB, who also produces its own programs. TVB’s former monopolization of the Hong Kong television market may be challenged. Losing many of its leading actors and actresses, TVB was very determined to retain Charmaine.

Charmaine Sheh Purchased $18.5 Million New Home

Turning from TVB Best Actress to mainland leading lady, Charmaine’s wealth increased immensely. At the end of last year, Charmaine sold her fengshui home in North Point for $13.68 million (HKD), profiting $8.86 million (HKD) from the sale! Charmaine bought the house in 2003, during the SARs outbreak at a price of $5 million (HKD).

Despite the quieter real estate market recently, Charmaine was not afraid to purchase property. She bought a new 1,600 square foot apartment at Dynasty Heights for $18.5 million (HKD). At the end of January, Charmaine signed a provisional purchase agreement. Although the surroundings at the new home did not compare with Charmaine’s former North Point location, she preferred privacy of the mountainous surroundings at Dynasty Heights .

Located in Beacon Hill in Kowloon Tong, the Dynasty Heights residential complex included 22 buildings, which were grouped into the Tropicana, Skylodge, and Dynasty Heights Villas residences. The size of the apartments ranged from 816 to 1,564 square feet in size. The Dynasty Heights Villas were located at the rear position on the highest terrain with terraces and some units overlooking sea views. The estate grounds also included a 200,000 square feet clubhouse, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, golf courses, and wine cellars.
Beacon Hill is a luxury residential area in Kowloon Tong area. Dynasty Heights was located closer to the hillside and offered a high degree of privacy, hence welcomed by celebrities. In 2008, Fiona Sit Hiu Kei purchased a connected unit for $11.3 million (HKD).

Excerpt from Next Magazine # 1099

Additional images from www.centadata.com

Translated by jayne @ jaynestars

Jo In-sung plans his come back project(s)

Currently enlisted actor Jo In-sung (Frozen Flower) is wasting no time; though he won’t be released from service for another month, already he’s scoping out dramas and movies, and has settled on a film as his comeback project. He’ll take the lead in Fist Fighting (the title, kwonbup, refers to martial arts techniques using bare fists), which is directed by Park Kwang-hyun of the satirically funny commercial and critical hit Welcome to Dongmakgol.

This 10 billion won project takes on a sci-fi fantasy bent, set against a “city of the future.” In it, Jo plays a high school senior who taps into super-strength whenever he witnesses injustice, and has to save the village that’s home to the girl he falls in love with. Huh. I’m not so sure how I feel about the almost-30-year-old Jo playing a high schooler, even if he does look younger than his age. Maybe the genre aspect will take care of the potential weirdness? Also: It’s not clear what about the movie makes it futuristic or fantastical, so we’ll have to wait for more info on that.

He is also reportedly considering a couple drama projects: There’s Four Seasons, which comes from respected melo scripwriter Lee Kyung-hee (Thank You, Will It Snow For Christmas), as well as a drama based on Japanese manga Ice Blade (Jiraishin).

Jo, who began his military service in April 2009, will be discharged on May 4. Fans, get your welcomin’ arms in the ready position!

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Honey Lee's mermaid dress fail!

Miss Lee, 2006 Miss Korea and Second runner up in the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant wore this dress at the taping of Opera Star 2011. But whose looking at the dress?????

Han Hyo-Joo And So Ji-Sub Begin Their Love Story

Director Song Il-gon’s newest flick about love started filming last month.

“Only You“, a tale about a girl going blind and a tough boxer, started filming in Seoul recently. So Ji-sub, who portrays a parking lot attendant/water delivery man dreams of becoming the best boxer,while Han Hyo-joo, whose character is our determined and strong blind girl, were seen acting out the very first scenes from Korean’s possible new hit. The 2011 fall or winter release is sure to break noses and hearts when it punches its way into theaters. The actors’ attire give us a glimpse into their characters’ lives.

Ji-sub is an average guy,but does Hyo-joo come from an affluent family? Will their love survive their personal struggles?

The sky is the limit in “Only You”.

Source: TVReport
Via : popseoul

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