Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grand opening of Nicholas Tse’s post-production company “P.O Cha Ting”

Yesterday it was a big day for Hong Kong actor/singer, Nicholas Tse, since it was the official public opening of his post production company “P.O Cha Ting” which, according to Wong Jing‘s previous comments, is a very successful company. Wong Jing had previously mentioned during an interview “Post-production work for virtually all the advertisements and films in Hong Kong are done by Tse’s company. Very few people outside the industry know this but every industry player knows it well.”

During the event, Nicholas Tse gave his CEO speech regarding the company’s matters, and naturally was also asked about the rumours of him leaving EEG. Nicholas laughed and immediately responded “Last week I signed it (the new contract) already.” The reporters went on to ask him whether he is going to set up his own music company, to which Nicholas answered “I can’t do management, I am very afraid to fall out with someone. I can tell you now that, by 99%, I am not interested in that. Also, EEG treats me well.” According to media, Nicholas signed an eight-year contract for the price of $300 million (HKD).

When asked about the latest car accident Cecilia was involved into, Nicholas calmly responded: “Her personality is such that she will worry about other people’s feelings first, so she’s really worried about that elderly man. She will help him to pay medical fees.”

After the opening event of “P.O Cha Ting”, Nicholas’ younger sister Jennifer Tse, wrote supporting messages for her brother on her Sina Blog, ” It was the grand opening of his post production company, P.O., where I witnessed him make his CEO speech… it was so motivational. Just to see all his hard work pay off and knowing how much he put into it, his heart and soul… So proud of him, my big bro all grown up…. Just heard my brother make the speech of a lifetime… so inspiring… it’s no wonder P.O. has such a solid and united team spirit. I’m so proud of you Nic! It was an incredibly humbling experience watching you this afternoon. Add oil, I’ll always be there for you, always…. You’re all so sweet for loving Nic so much! Honestly though, and not just because I’m his sister, I must say, he is wonderful. He’s grown to be such a good man. I’m so, so proud. Thank you everyone for all the support you’ve given him, ALL these years. ROCK ON NIC!” Jennifer also uploaded a picture of her and Nicholas at the event, ”And finally, the successful and accomplished man he is today. Look at him all smart in his suit.”


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