Monday, April 4, 2011

Jo In-sung plans his come back project(s)

Currently enlisted actor Jo In-sung (Frozen Flower) is wasting no time; though he won’t be released from service for another month, already he’s scoping out dramas and movies, and has settled on a film as his comeback project. He’ll take the lead in Fist Fighting (the title, kwonbup, refers to martial arts techniques using bare fists), which is directed by Park Kwang-hyun of the satirically funny commercial and critical hit Welcome to Dongmakgol.

This 10 billion won project takes on a sci-fi fantasy bent, set against a “city of the future.” In it, Jo plays a high school senior who taps into super-strength whenever he witnesses injustice, and has to save the village that’s home to the girl he falls in love with. Huh. I’m not so sure how I feel about the almost-30-year-old Jo playing a high schooler, even if he does look younger than his age. Maybe the genre aspect will take care of the potential weirdness? Also: It’s not clear what about the movie makes it futuristic or fantastical, so we’ll have to wait for more info on that.

He is also reportedly considering a couple drama projects: There’s Four Seasons, which comes from respected melo scripwriter Lee Kyung-hee (Thank You, Will It Snow For Christmas), as well as a drama based on Japanese manga Ice Blade (Jiraishin).

Jo, who began his military service in April 2009, will be discharged on May 4. Fans, get your welcomin’ arms in the ready position!

Via Asiae and dramabeans


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