Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BoA with new hairdo

Korean superstar, BoA, is getting ready for her upcoming Japanese single, Bump Bump, was seen with a new hairdo at Tokyo Game Show.

BoA Bum Bump ft Verbal preview

Angela Zhang silences drug accusations with urine test

With her family dispute affecting the release of her latest music album, The Fifth Season, Taiwanese singer-actress Angela Zhang called for a last-minute press conference and refuted rumours of her drug-taking habits by producing a medical report.

Due to the recent spate of events (her family's tussle for money, and drug-taking accusations), the petite singer's recording company decided to cancel 57 work assignments she was involved in, vastly affecting the promotional work for her latest music album.

She sighed helplessly and said, "I really feel very sorry what has happened lately. I would like to tell concerned friends that this is not a promotional stunt. Nobody would use such news as a promotional gimmick. There are a lot of unreal accusations lately."

"There has been a lot happening, I do not know what to say. I think we should give each other some space first. We should handle and solve our own domestic matters by ourselves," said Angela on her estranged relationship with her mother.

Previously, Angela's mother revealed that under the influence of "bad" friends, her daughter started to drink excessively and take drugs. Under such accusations, together with her siblings and friends, Angela immediately went for a urine test which would check for traces of ecstasy, marijuana, and other substances.

The medical results were out last Thursday and showed no traces of the singer's alleged drug abuse. With the results in hand, an agitated Angela broke into tears as she repeatedly proved her innocence before the press.

On Jenny's strained relationship with Angela's mother, Angela commented, "The problems that surfaced between a mother and her daughter is not created in one or two days. In fact, I feel sorry for dragging my friend into this entire matter."

Gaile Lok reveals why she doesn't wear her wedding ring

Hong Kong model Gaile Lok-and wife of Heavenly King Leon Lai-recently attended at the Gioiello Italiano Jewelry Fair held two nights ago as a jewelry model. She donned a million dollars worth of accessories and openly shared her love for both inexpensive and luxurious accessories.

"I will buy whatever is fashionable in the ongoing trends. [Leon] seldom [buys me any], I prefer to buy things myself though I will also occasionally shop for him too. I am not very sure how many [jewelry] we have at home. The most will be earrings because I don't normally wear rings. I will forget where I've placed it each time I remove the ring for work!"

When reporters probed Gaile on her wedding ring, the model candidly replied, "That is why I don't wear it! Whenever I have time to go out and shop, I will wear it - only when I'm not working. That is why you can't see it."

The beaming model refused to divulge the details of her wedding bling as she was afraid that it might be used as a topic of contention for the media. Gaile laughed as she spoke about a surprise she received from Leon, "He bought a bottle of perfume on the plane's duty free shop. The air stewardess told him to buy it, and he really bought it!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Backstreet Boys to release 7th album

From left Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough

After being in the business for 16 and a half years, the Backstreet Boys have returned with their 7th album entitled, "This Is Us". The album features songs with upbeat music, like their latest single "Straight Through My Heart".

Check out the MV here

Video credit doig17 via youtube

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee's "wedding of the year"

SINGAPORE : It has been heralded as “The Wedding of the Year” and Tuesday night marks the big night for local celebrity couple, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. The couple, who said their "I do's" in a simple ceremony at the presidential suite of the Shangri-La Hotel on May 16 this year, will hold their wedding banquet at the same hotel on Tuesday. And if you have not been invited like the rest of the world, fret not, for MediaCorp will broadcast the dinner banquet live from 8pm on Channel 8.

The lovebirds have spared no expense - they had their bridal shoot in Maldives and the much-anticipated wedding is estimated to cost S$5 million. While this amount may prove to be too extravagant for most mere mortals, being famous does have its perks.

On top of her Vera Wang bridal gown, Wong has a Bollywood-inspired bejewelled gown specially designed for her by Bally, worth S$300,000. Her wedding bling which consists of three collections of self-designed bridal jewellery sponsored by Celestial® by Goldheart, are worth about S$2.5 million. The collections include a headpiece, diamond drop earrings, bangles and a bracelet, but the highlight has to be the sparkling 60-carat diamond necklace where each diamond is supposed to represent the different milestones of the couple's courtship

The groom is not left out either as Lee has his own collection consisting of a diamond ear stud and ring and will be suited up by Italian label Ermenegildo Zegna.

Lee had previously mentioned that he wanted to give Wong “the best wedding ever” and took care of details like the wedding invitations and the banquet himself. With around 90 tables for guests, the banquet is expected to cost around S$110,000. And that's not all. The couple will hold another wedding dinner for Lee's friends and family in his hometown of Malacca on October 11.

In this photo, the groom was made by the bridesmaids to finish five packets of curry rice in five minutes. Looks like he had a lot of trouble keeping the curry rice down :-)

Photos credit to

Catch highlights of the wedding in our photo gallery. For more photos, videos and stories, visit the official site.

- CNA/nc

Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Junior M mini album tops Taiwanese music chart

Super Junior-M's mini album seized the top of the music charts in Chinese speaking regions after just one day of sales becoming the hot topic.

Super Junior-M resided in first for the 18th - 24th on Taiwan's well-known music website, G-Music's, music rankings that are announced weekly. This happened only after a day of official Super Junior-M's album sales.Super Junior-M were number one not only in the overseas music domain, but Taiwan and Mainland China were also included into this entire domain. Thus, it holds even more significance.

Chinese fans' reaction were extremely welcoming. One after another they stated "Super Junior is too cute", "[They] sing very well", etc.

Super Junior-M will be participating in CCTV's Mid-Autumn Festival evening party and Korea-China Song Festival on October 3rd and 6th respectively.

Source: XinMin
Translation Credit: MoonlightD @ asianfanatics

Lee Jun-ki pays for his own concert in Taiwan

Hallyu star, Lee Junki held his 2009 J Style Taiwan Concert Tour at the Taipei International Convention Center on 26th September. But after it was discovered before the concert that the local Taiwanese organizer had ran off with the money for the concert, as Junki and his management had to fork out money from their own pockets to make sure that the concert went ahead, without disappointing the fans.During the concert, Lee Junki did everything by himself and his dedicated performance had his fans clapping his every more. One of the unique performance saw him doing a mask dance, pushing the concert to a climax.

This Taiwan concert was supposed to be the last stop for Lee Junki's Asia concert tour. Lee Junki arrived on 22nd September to a great reception from his legion of fans, and he also greeted them in Mandarin. But things started falling apart, when it was discovered that their Taiwanese counterparts had ran away with the money, that was for the concert. The venue was not even booked! Junki was supposed to have a concert in Taiwan last September, but it was later cancelled due to a typhoon. But Junki promised fans that he will return and he specially made Taiwan the last stop for his concert tour this year, to fulfil his promise. Despite this unfortunate setback, Junki and his management agency did not falter in adversity, managing to rent the venue, stage equipment, etc at the very last minute to make sure that the concert went on as scheduled.

source: allkpop

Linda Chung ripped dress at jewelry show

Linda Chung attended a jewelry show and appeared in a sexy tube dress accompanied by a 33 carat famous brand name necklace. However, when she was walking out, she ripped her dress, almost tripped and fell on the ground. Linda almost embarrassed herself in public. She expressed that at the time she was really scared that her dress may fall off. Backstage, she told her assistant to help her cut out the ripped portion of the dress before appearing on stage again. Linda expressed that she once paid CAD$400 extra to make a custom skirt, but to her surprise it was broken during shipping.

Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Hyun Bin celebrates birthday with Japanese fans

Hyun Bin celebrated his 27th birthday with his Japanese fans on 25 September at the National Hall in Yokohama, Japan. 5,000 fans attended the birthday party cum fan meeting.

The heartthrob flashed his famous dimples and proceeded to serenaded his fans by singing Steve Barakatt's "No Regret" and "Misty" while on the piano. He spent one entire month practicing to get the songs just right for his beloved fans. Talk about dedication.

Hyun Bin also sang a song from his latest drama project Friend, Our Legend and lastly, performed "This is the Moment" from the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde.

On a sad note, Hyun Bin's going away for military service next year. Oppa, bogoshipoyo! We will miss you! And so will his girlfriend, Song Hye Kyo!

Sources: Newsen, mk, Joynews
Credit: Kpopped!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kwon Sang Woo to display life size doll of himself in Japan

Korean Wave star Kwon Sang-woo will be installing a life-size doll of himself in his shop in Japan, according to his official website.

"I just got back from a short, busy schedule in Japan," the 33-year-old actor wrote on his online fan cafe on Thursday. "I even produced a life-size wax doll for the shop opening in December."

The Hallyu star went on to say, "I've been very busy since I got back. It's a secret but you'll find out in December."

Kwon has starred in several successful movies including "My Tutor Friend" in 2003 and "Love, So Divine" in 2004. But his most famous role to date was in the 2003 TV series "Stairway to Heaven", which co-starred another Hallyu star Choi Ji-woo and became a hit throughout Asia.

He married Korean actress Son Tae-young in 2008, who gave birth to a boy earlier this year, and opened a coffee shop "Tea'Us" in Seoul's trendy Myeongdong district in May.

Lucky Japanese fans will get to see their idol on a daily basis if they wish, ok.. maybe not the real person but it is still good enough to touch and see the life size Kwon Sang-woo. :-)


Lee Jun-ki beat Rain and Song Hye-kyo as most popular Hallyu star in China

Lee Jun-ki in Allure Magazine in January

Korean actor Lee Jun-ki has been voted the top Hallyu star in China, according to his agency on Friday.

The actor came in first, beating Rain and actress Song Hye-kyo, in the "2009 Most Popular Korean Star" survey held by CRI Online, a major portal in China, Mentor Entertainment said in a press release.

Lee is also receiving attention in Taiwan with more than 80 media companies on Wednesday attending Lee's press conference for a fan concert set for tomorrow. His Taiwan concert was delayed indefinitely last year due to a typhoon.

"The foundation of Lee's popularity in the Chinese market is more solid than any other Hallyu star syndrome," an official working at a Taiwanese broadcaster was quoted as saying. "I don't think his popularity will decline anytime soon."

The 27-year-old actor rose to stardom playing a woman-like male clown in the 2005 hit film "The King and the Clown".

He is set to appear in the MBC drama, tentatively titled "Hero", which will air in Korea in November.


Han Hyo-joo to make her singing debut

Han Hyo Joo to Make Her Singing Debut ...well, not a debut as in becoming a formal artist per se, but Han Hyo Joo will be singing a few songs for her new music drama project titled "Soul Special" with Branded Entertainment.

"I have sung once in public at the 'Soul Special' showcase, but I'm not a professional singer so I was thinking that it might be a discourtesy for me to sing," she said with a smile. She also added, "I hope that everyone will just be nice about my singing."

Now, a little background info about this upcoming music drama, "Soul Special." This drama depicts the relationship of a man and a woman who are in show business. Han Hyo Joo will star as Jin Mia, who is a singer/songwriter. Others on the cast include Lee Chae-young, will take on the role of Min Sae-hee who is a hotelier and Kim Dong-wook will portray Mia's significant other.This music drama will air around the end of October, and will be 60 minutes long, 5-minute previews of it will also be posted on Cyworld every Tuesday and Thursday starting from September 29th.

credits: allkpop

Lee Hyori rejects 2 billion won deal

Lee Hyo-ri, the 30-year-old sex icon, will be free from an exclusive contract with her current management agency, Mnet Media, from December, leaving both the broadcast and entertainment circles to pay special attention to her next agency-contract move.

However, Lee has decided to get reunited with Kil Jong-hwa, who was the manager of the defunct four female singer group Fin.K.L that Lee belonged to, online entertainment news said Friday.

Kil has recently set up a management agency to promote Lee’s activities. Their projected reunion has spread since last summer. But the two sides have not disclosed the plan as Lee has to release one more album under the contract with Mnet Media.

Lee is preparing her fourth solo album, whose release date has not yet been determined amid speculation that it will hit the market in October or November.

As a result, this will be the final album to be released under the management of Mnet Media. Currently, Lee appears in Family Outing, “the first division of Sunday Is Good,” the entertainment program of SBS TV.

It was reported that Lee had been offered some 2 billion won for the management contract from several entertainment agencies, but she rejected the offers and chose instead to be reunited with Kil.

Korea Times

Friday, September 25, 2009

Zhang Ziyi dogging bad luck

TALK about being dogged by bad luck.

Of late, nothing seems to be going well for Zhang Ziyi, be it her career, or her much-talked about relationship with Israeli billionaire Vivi Nevo.

The 30-year old Chinese actress, who shot to international fame nine years ago after starring in director Lee Ang's epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, appeared poised for success in her new film Sophie's Revenge.

The film, which also stars South Korean heart-throb So Ji-Sub, holds many firsts for her.

It marked her debut as a producer (she co-financed the movie to help first-time director Eva Jin). It was also her first romantic comedy.

Earlier last month, Ziyi had expressed confidence in Sophie's Revenge during an interview with Hong Kong-based broadcaster Phoenix Television.

'The film's quality will not disappoint you and audiences will not regret paying for a ticket to catch it in cinemas,' she confidently declared.

However, the film hit a hitch when it opened in Taiwan on 11 Sep.

Despite boasting two big name Taiwanese stars - doe-eyed actress Ruby Lin and the lanky Peter Ho in the lead role - it inexplicably opened in only three theatres in Taipei, skipping Taichung and Tainan counties.

There was no premiere in Taipei and promotional work was almost non-existent, driving Peter Ho's manager to complain to the Chinese press.

'We weren't informed of any promotional activities for the film at all, and the poster did not even have Peter on it. I'm not sure what the producers are doing,' said the manager.

After a week, box-office takings in Taiwan amounted to a measly NT$40,000 ($1,800).
The lack of screens and publicity is perplexing, considering that most of Ziyi's previous films, such as Hero (2002) and The Banquet (2006), were big-budget productions that opened nationwide.

Ironically, while some blame it on Ziyi's inexperience as a producer, it was her active involvement in the movie that first led to rumours of a split with Mr Nevo.
Mr Nevo, 44, who is believed to have built his fortune from a US$10 million ($14m) inheritance, owns venture capital firm NV Investments, which invests in technology companies worldwide.

The couple, who has been keeping a high-profile relationship since 2007 (they were engaged in March last year), had initially planned for a grand wedding last month, but postponed it indefinitely in July.

Wedding woes?

According to The New York Post, Mr Nevo, 44, who is a major shareholder in Time Warner and one of The Weinstein Company's earliest backers, had 'scoured islands off the coast of Italy for the event'.

However, due to the couple's busy schedules and especially Ziyi's preoccupation with the filming of Sophie's Revenge in China, they decided to 'postpone the wedding indefinitely'.

There are several reasons attributed to their soured relationship.

The Taiwanese press reported last month that the couple had already broken up for two months, claiming that Mr Nevo was 'so turned off by Ziyi pestering him to marry her that he dumped her'.

An upset Ziyi was said to have returned to Beijing alone.

The last time they were seen publicly together was back in May at the Tokyo premiere of Star Trek.

The New Paper carried the news of their alleged split on 8 Aug. Then, local celebrity hair stylist David Gan, a close friend of Ziyi's, defended her: 'I know Ziyi the best... she is not the kind who would pester a man to marry her.'
Other reports blame her for the break-up. Hong Kong's Ming Pao News cited her 'cold feet' as the main cause for the 'split'.

'I'm keen on marriage and family, but I'm now afraid. What if the marriage isn't happy?' Ziyi was quoted as allegedly saying.

In a move to squash speculation about their relationship, she conspicuously wore her engagement ring at the Beijing premiere of Sophie's Revenge last month.

But the media was not convinced, especially since the billionaire has been seen with another female companion.

Last month, he attended the New York premiere of the documentary The September Issue with Vogue magazine's fashion director, Miss Tabitha Simmons, a well-known socialite. They posed for photographs and Mr Nevo even had his arm 'wrapped around her', reported Xinhuanet.

The two were also spotted partying together till late at the opening of swanky new club The Boom Boom Room in New York. Ziyi has yet to comment on Mr Nevo's new female companion.
How things have changed in a span of eight months. Earlier in January, she made headlines of another nature when topless pictures of her - snapped by the paparazzi while she was sunbathing with Mr Nevo in the Caribbean - surfaced online.

Chinese netizens were outraged at the intrusion of the actress' privacy, and many called for the websites to take Ziyi's pictures down.

However, she can take solace from the fact that in mainland China, Sophie's Revenge recently crossed the 90 million yuan ($18m) mark in ticket sales, topping the nation's box-office for three consecutive weeks.

For workaholic Ziyi, who told Phoenix Television that she doesn't foresee herself 'giving up her film career for love', it's one silver lining that she can do with.

source: tnp

Carina Lau and Hu Jun Cover Oct. Marie Claire

"Curiosity Kills the Cat" stars Carina Lau and Hu Jun take the cover of the October issue of Marie Claire China.

Cover lady Lau looks feminine and mysterious in the magazine spread, while her partner Hu Jun, who appears on the cover of an accompanying special issue for men, flaunts his unaffected masculine charm.

This is the first time the two established actors have appeared on a magazine cover at the same time. Media reports say they will join hands to work on an upcoming big budget project for the silver screen.

source: cri

Actress Choi Ji-woo to receive President's honour

Korean Wave star Choi Ji-woo will receive the presidential commendation for promoting Korea's tourism, according to her agency on Thursday.

The actress will be awarded for her contribution in tourism at the 36th Tourism Day Celebration Ceremony on September 29, C, JW Company announced in a press release.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the host for the event, selected Choi as the winner due to her contribution through KBS TV drama "Winter Sonata". The drama, a massive hit in Korea and also throughout Asia, has been bringing fans of the show into the country since its airing in 2002.

"Hallyu dramas are more than just cultural content - they bring about positive economic effects by bringing in money from overseas and increasing tourism," the Hallyu star was quoted as saying. "I hope many good dramas will continue to be produced."

Earlier this month, Choi was admitted into the Star Hall of Fame at the Seoul Drama Awards 2009. The 34-year-old actress is scheduled to leave for Tokyo on Sunday to attend the premiere party for the animation version of "Winter Sontata". The event, to be held at the Tokyo Dome, will also be attended by her co-star Bae Yong-joon who provided voice-overs for the animation alongside Choi.

source: asiae

Recently debut Kpop group f(x) to perform in China

Korean pop group f(x) is set to give their first overseas performance next month, according to their agency on Thursday.

The five-member girl band will sing their debut single "LA chA TA" at the "2009 Korea-China Song Festival" on October 6, SM Entertainment announced in a press release.

The festival, an annual event held in celebration of the friendly ties between Korea and China, will be held at Qingdao Olympic Yacht Base. The show will feature numerous pop singers from both countries, including Super Junior-M of Korea.

f(x) is made up of five members -- Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal -- of various Asian descent. Victoria is Chinese, Amber Taiwanese-American and Krystal is Korean-American.

source: asiae

Jay Chou in new CF for Sprite

Jay Chou's new Sprite ad has just been revealed and this time he plays a sunshine homeboy. In the previous ad, Jay Chou & Angela Zhang had alot of fun playing in the water, and this memory was still fresh in his mind. He said: "All the previous ads, I had filmed with Angela, and I would even perform magic to show her, this time it feels very boring without her." But Jay quickly recovered from his nostalgia and added: "Of course, without her it's also much quieter!"

Source: Sina

Translation: Sarah @asianfanatics

Nikki Chow an honour guest at PIERO GUIDI store opening

Niki Chow was invited by Europe famous brand PIERO GUIDI as a guest of honor to open a new shop in her home town Shanghai.

Although Niki was extremely busy in her schedule, she was excited going to Shanghai. She told reporter "I went to Shanghai at 8 o'clock in the morning. I stayed for less than 24 hours and I had to fly back to Hong Kong. I missed the Shanghai "deep fried bun". Therefore, I must spare some free time before my work to have a good Shanghai feast." Source: Translation by R.E.D @asianvn

Rain to participate in Singapore F1 with world star Beyonce

Singer Rain will be participating for car racing F1 (Formula 1) with world star Beyonce.

Coming 27th September, ‘2009 F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix’ will take place in Singapore. And Rain will be amongst the crowd of artistes at the event like Lindsay Lohan, No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas etc.

It is said that Rain will also be promoting his upcoming Hollywood film ‘Ninja Assassin’ set to air in November over in Singapore.

Rain will be appearing on various media broadcast shows in Singapore like ‘F1 Rocks’. Also, he will be making a visit to ‘Chinese and Japanese Garden’. He will also be interacting with the winner of 2008 Grand Prix Mark Webber.

This event will be covered by media from over 200 countries like BBC, ESPN, Fuji TV, CCTV, MTV etc.

Meanwhile, Rain will be back in Korea after finishing his promotions in Singapore on the 24th. And he will be preparing for his 2009 Asia tour ‘Legend of Rainism’ in Seoul on 9th and 10th October.

source: kbite

Chinese actress Vicky Zhao Wei to marry a Singaporean businessman

Vicky Zhao Wei is said to be marrying a Singaporean businessman, known as Marco, at the end of the year. The Shin Min Daily News quoted Hong Kong reports that it was singer Faye Wong who brought the couple together, when she introduced the pair to each other at a night club in Beijing.

The two are said to have dated for two years. During that time, Marco has already proposed to Vicky twice. The couple have remained low-key about their relationship as Marco is not industry insider. He is said to be a businessman who is about Vicky's age, and owns two top night clubs in Singapore. The pair hit it off very well after being introduced by Faye, and passion quickly sparked between the two.

The couple's families approve of the relationship and they will be married in a low-profile ceremony at a secret location in Singapore later this year. Marco's first proposal received a refusal from the actress, as she had work commitments.However, she said yes to him when he asked her again in a second proposal which took place two months ago.

However, Vicky's spokesperson Chen Rong has denied that the marriage will take place, and also denied any knowledge of Chen Rong. When Hong Kong reporters asked if Faye Wong was the matchmaker for the couple, the spokesperson said: "These are personal matters, let's not discuss it. It's not important who introduced the couple to each other."But at a promotional activity held at the beginning of the month for her movie "Hua Mulan", Vicky admitted that she already had someone in mind as a marriage partner when she was asked about it by a reporter, although she declined to elaborate on further details.

Before Vicky met Marco, Apple Daily reported that the actress was spotted holding hands with musician Li Quan, 37, at the opening of fashion store H&M in Shanghai in 2007. Up to two months before the photo was captured, it was still known to the media that she was dating Chinese table-tennis star Wang Liqin.

source: divaasia

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shin Hyun-joon accused of assulting his manager

According to VNexpress actor Shin Hyun-joon was accused of assulting his manager of 5 years in front of a hotel when a heated argument broke out earlier in the month. His manager who's name is Jang is said to be badly bruised from the incident.
Police haven't lay any charges against the Stairway to Heaven actor as they have not heard his side of the story.
A representive of the Kangnam police station said that they will speak to Shin Hyun-joon to assist them with the investigation.
Let's hope this is a serious case of misunderstanding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New TVB series "Heaven and Earth" plot revealed

From left, Kenny, Bowie and Moses

TVB up coming new series "Heaven and Earth" (tentative name) had its costume fitting at Tseung Kwan O studio yesterday. The cast include Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kenny Wong, Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu etc.

The storyline is about Moses, Kenny and Bowie getting lost in a snowy mountain. Fighting for survival under such circumstances, the plot has lead to cannibalism. The incidence have changed the life of the three guys who used to play in a band and love music. Chik Kee Yee, the producer was worried that if too much details are shown about the cannibalism, it may not pass the Broadcasting Authority and also offend the viewers.

Moses, Kenny and Bowie play the role as a group in a band. In fact, Moses had learned guitar when he was very young. Kenny also played guitar when he was in school as well, and Bowie can play the drum too. The three were demonstrating their talent yesterday, and they earned a big round of applaud by everybody, in particular, the senior executive Catherine Tsang.

Moses revealed that he had researched in the internet about cannibalism before filming. In the series, Moses plays the role as a very strong and fit guy. He said "I have a fighting scene with a Thai boxer, I am training to be fit and I have successfully lost 10 pounds in weight already. Moses reckoned he has to train himself for a 6 folds tummy muscle.

Charmaine plays the role as Moses's girlfriend. She has to cut her hair short for that role. Charmaine said "This is all for Ah Chik, when I had my hair cut yesterday, I felt like crying. That reminds me of the last time when I had to cut my hair for the series "Always Ready".

Talking about Moses refused to lower the zip of his jacket, Charmaine smiled "I hardly see his bare chest, its must be very fair." (He has lost 10 pounds in weight for this series.) We all eat abalone when we are out for dinner, but he only ate tofu." Maggie plays the role as the girl who is being cheated by Moses, both in love and herself. Maggie said she is lucky that in real life, she never met a guy who cheated on her. Maggie expressed that she remains single not because she is worried she maybe cheated, she just doesn't want to get married yet. Reporter asked if she had got married in secret? Maggie replied "No, I am married."

Source: Takungpao/MingPao/Wenweipo(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ asianvn

Felix Wong will return to TVB

Michael Mui, Felix Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Nancy Wu and Grace Wong had their costume fitting at the studio for the TVB up coming new series "Cop" (tentative name) yesterday. Michael and Felix haven't worked for 24 years since "The Legend" in 1985.
They have known each other for 30 years, they feel this is a special year for them both.

Since Felix left TVB in 2001, he has been very unhappy and refused to work on any TV series. Fortunately, after a lot of persuasion by Michael and wife Jamie Chic, he agreed to make a come back to the screen to do a TV series. Felix expressed that he had to turn down over 30 job offers because the filming of this series won't be finished till the end of the year. He has lost the chance of earning a 7 figure sum of money. Michael revealed that he and Felix will celebrate their 30 years anniversary. He also disclosed that he has known Andy Lau for 29 years too and he is hoping next year he can have dinner with him to celebrate their 30 years anniversary of friendship.  

Source: Wenweipo
Translator: R.E.D @ asianvn

Gigi Leung is a special guest for "Salvatore Ferragamo" store opening in Shenzhen

International famous brand "Salvatore Ferragamo" opens a new store in Shenzhen, Gigi Leung was invited as a special guest for the opening ceremony. Dressed in a maroon evening gown, Gigi was able to pick her favorite handbag too. She told reporter she has been so busy that she is not able to spend time with her French boyfriend. Gigi expressed that her relationship with him is stable, but there is no plan for the wedding bell yet.

Gigi revealed that she has been busy for appearing on shows and promotion abroad, that she only spends 5-6 days in Hong Kong every month. In October, she will be in Japan and the mainland filming a movie drama directed by Jacob Cheung. Gigi was very excited that she has the chance to work on a drama again since "Tempting heart" back in 1999. Reporter asked if she has got married in Las Vegas in secret since she has not been seen for a while? Gigi smiled "There was this guy who got married in Las Vegas earlier, he has the same name as me. I think some people are very sensitive."

Gigi disclosed that she is so busy that she can only communicate with her foreign boyfriend by phone or MSN. She reckoned at the moment, being together is more important than a marriage certificate. Asked if she would get married on short notice? Gigi expressed that depends, there is no need to say anymore, but she is sure that she won't get married suddenly in the near future.

Source: Takungpao
Translator : R.E.D @ http:

Jang Dong Gun and Baek Ji Young show off in Esquire

Jang Dong Gun and Baek Ji Young get individual photo spreads in the October issue of Esquire, and the results are… interesting. Baek Ji Young’s resemble promotional shots for the musical Chicago (complete with Velma ciggie in hand). Jang Dong Gun’s layout is more of the experimental sort, but for some reason he brings to mind Johnny Depp in his profile photos. Maybe it’s the angle? No doubt in Korea, he’s just as celebrated an actor.

Check them out here:

source: seoulbeats

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