Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taiwanese singer becomes fashionista in US

Taiwanese celebrity Jolin Tsai is a popular singer, much-copied fashionista, and now successful businesswoman. Her fashion label 72 Changes, which she launched in America recently has been met with overwhelming demand, and she was requested to come up with 200 over new designs in her second launch.

Jolin explained that while some Asian designers try to reflect the feminine elegance of the Chinese culture through or come up with their own unique mish-mash style of everything in their clothes, second range of clothes will instead inspired by the kitschy '80s and secondhand clothing shops.

With a knack for secondhand shops, the pop princess feels that matronly clothes gathered from such stores can also be worn and matched together with other clothes. Jolin cited example of how items bought from secondhand stores or Wu Fen Pu are "fashionable but not expensive". As a fan of cheap and small shops, Jolin divulged that she only visits big shopping malls when she wants to buy some branded goods.

The brand "Seventy Two Changes" was named after her successful album released in 2003 "See my 72 changes". Her line is a collaboration with L.A.M.B co-founder Ken Erman's Truth and Pride. Jolin a director of Seventy two changes is said to be involved in every step of the design process (meaning that she does not design them herself...?) and it was Jolin's personal style that has inspired the collection.


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