Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vic Zhou says it is most romantic to be with Barbie

Pic: Barbie Hsu & Vic Zhou

Despite their split almost a year ago, Taiwanese singer-actor Vic Zhou recalled that his most romantic time was spent with ex-girlfriend and fellow Taiwanese artiste, Barbie Hsu. He shared that his relationship with her made him even more mature, "Whenever I meet with problems, I will try to mediate and smooth things out. After I got together with Barbie, I feel that I have grown a lot inside, I can cope a lot better, and I started to learn from her logical train of thought. I saw a lot of wonderful things through her."

The couple's relationship began when Vic landed in a traffic accident after the shooting of Taiwanese drama, Mars. Barbie, his Mars co-star, was said to be the first person who rushed down to the accident site to see him. In a recent press event, Vic was asked of his most romantic memory. The actor replied without any hesitations and honestly remarked, "The accident site".

Vic had once expressed his desire to get married after reaching 25 years old. "I realise that marriage is really not an easy thing. I didn't use to think so far, I always thought marriage was just marriage. As long as you have the will and the urge, it can be done," said the man, who's now 28. "I fully acknowledge that men must have a career first before they can plan for a family. I am still developing my career, and I really need to work hard at it to allow my career to reach another level. Only then can I become the head of the household.".

Apart from marriage plans, Vic also shared his ideal girl-type. "The girl's character should not be too strong-headed or too submissive. She cannot be too talkative or too quiet. I am quite quick to change, I will feel that being too talkative is not good and being too quiet is also not good. The person just has to compliment me well. At the rate things are going, I think I might have to find a robot!"

It sounds to me that this guy is still in love with Barbie Hsu, who is currently rumoured to be dating Louis Koo, a handsome actor in Hong Kong. If I was Barbie Hsu I'd would have no problem with choosing Louis Koo over Victor that is because he is a much more handsome guy and also because of the fact that he does not appear to be a wimp.

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