Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two more HK celebrity secret marriages come to light

It looks like now that Andy Lau has come clean with his secret marriage to long time girlfriend the other Hong Kong actors are following suit in announcing their marriages as well.

Singer and actress Miriam Yeung
CNA reports...

HONG KONG : King of Canto-pop, Andy Lau, has admitted to getting hitched in Las Vegas but he isn’t the only Hong Kong celebrity who has chosen to say his vows in Sin City, away from the media’s scrutiny. Singer Miriam Yeung and another Heavenly King, Leon Lai, have also been exposed to have secretly jumped on the marriage bandwagon.

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, Yeung and her boyfriend of two years, Gary Ting, 30, secretly wed in Las Vegas earlier this month. America’s Clark Country Nevada’s public records showed that 35-year-old Yeung and Ting registered their marriage on August 9, and were officially married two days later.

Yeung disclosed that in the past, Ting had repeatedly tried to win her hand over in marriage. The Las Vegas trip was on the pretext of celebrating Ting’s birthday, but he had explicitly indicated that his birthday wish was that this would be his “last birthday as a single”.

It was only after holding discussions with her manager Peter Lam of East Asia production company, that Yeung decided to focus on finishing her work before revealing her marriage to the public.

“At that time, it was very romantic and spontaneous, so it was an impromptu wedding. It was a very simple wedding. Because we bought the rings there, the sizes didn’t really fit and we wore it on the wrong hand!” revealed Yeung.

Though they are married, Yeung and Ting are still living separately and will only hold their wedding banquet next year.

As for Leon Lai, he is reported to have married model Gaile Lai, 29, at a casino resort city on March 9 last year, just before rumours of a secret wedding in Maldives on March 15 started spreading. It was Yeung’s manager Peter Lam, who is also Lai’s boss, that revealed to the Hong Kong media that another of his artistes has been hitched too.

"Our company has another big star who has married. You may wish to check. "Marriage is a happy matter, why should we hide it?" said Lam.

Lai, 42, and Gaile met in 2000 when the singer was still linked to actress Shu Qi. It was only in 2005 that he started dating her openly.

- CNA/jk


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