Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gaile Lai confirms marriage to Leon Lai

Model Gaile Lai

HONG KONG : After it was recently reported that Hong Kong star Leon Lai got hitched to girlfriend Gaile Lai in March last year, Gaile has come forward and admitted that she and Lai are indeed married.

During an event on Monday amid much media speculation, the 29-year-old model confirmed their marriage but did not respond to other questions and requested the media not to publicly declare her as Lai’s wife, according to Oriental Morning Post.

In an attempt to prevent further probing by the media while keeping them at bay, Gaile said that they could ask all they wanted but she would raise her hand if she refused to answer.

Among the questions pertaining to the marriage that Gaile dismissed were about the proposal, how it felt being Lai’s wife, whether she was wearing any wedding band or if there were plans to hold a banquet to whether marriage will affect work plans and if Lai takes care of the household expenses.

When asked if there was anything else she would like to add, Gaile said, "All I want to say is that I am now married. Whatever happens in future, whether or not there will be banquet, we will see when the time comes. Leon and I would like to retain our personal lives and hope that everyone can respect that. I would rather not be called 'Mrs Lai' and prefer to be addressed by my name."

Thanking the media for their concern, Gaile added, "For those familiar with Leon and myself, you should understand that we seldom talk about our private matters. We initially wanted to keep the marriage a secret, but now everybody seems to know!"

Just before Gaile left, a reporter asked if she felt happy now and she responded with a smile and simply said, "Thank you."

Lai and Gaile's secret Las Vegas wedding came to light over the weekend after the death of the father of Hong Kong star Andy Lau's partner Carol Chu sparked queries about the couple's relationship. A check on the records at Clark County, Nevada, not only showed that Lau, 47, had married Chu, in June last year, it also revealed that Hong Kong singer-actress Miriam Yeung and Heavenly King Leon Lai had registered their marriages with their partners in the United States.

Lai, 42, has not made any comment about the marriage.

- CNA/nc


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