Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angela Zhang silences drug accusations with urine test

With her family dispute affecting the release of her latest music album, The Fifth Season, Taiwanese singer-actress Angela Zhang called for a last-minute press conference and refuted rumours of her drug-taking habits by producing a medical report.

Due to the recent spate of events (her family's tussle for money, and drug-taking accusations), the petite singer's recording company decided to cancel 57 work assignments she was involved in, vastly affecting the promotional work for her latest music album.

She sighed helplessly and said, "I really feel very sorry what has happened lately. I would like to tell concerned friends that this is not a promotional stunt. Nobody would use such news as a promotional gimmick. There are a lot of unreal accusations lately."

"There has been a lot happening, I do not know what to say. I think we should give each other some space first. We should handle and solve our own domestic matters by ourselves," said Angela on her estranged relationship with her mother.

Previously, Angela's mother revealed that under the influence of "bad" friends, her daughter started to drink excessively and take drugs. Under such accusations, together with her siblings and friends, Angela immediately went for a urine test which would check for traces of ecstasy, marijuana, and other substances.

The medical results were out last Thursday and showed no traces of the singer's alleged drug abuse. With the results in hand, an agitated Angela broke into tears as she repeatedly proved her innocence before the press.

On Jenny's strained relationship with Angela's mother, Angela commented, "The problems that surfaced between a mother and her daughter is not created in one or two days. In fact, I feel sorry for dragging my friend into this entire matter."


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