Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gigi Leung is a special guest for "Salvatore Ferragamo" store opening in Shenzhen

International famous brand "Salvatore Ferragamo" opens a new store in Shenzhen, Gigi Leung was invited as a special guest for the opening ceremony. Dressed in a maroon evening gown, Gigi was able to pick her favorite handbag too. She told reporter she has been so busy that she is not able to spend time with her French boyfriend. Gigi expressed that her relationship with him is stable, but there is no plan for the wedding bell yet.

Gigi revealed that she has been busy for appearing on shows and promotion abroad, that she only spends 5-6 days in Hong Kong every month. In October, she will be in Japan and the mainland filming a movie drama directed by Jacob Cheung. Gigi was very excited that she has the chance to work on a drama again since "Tempting heart" back in 1999. Reporter asked if she has got married in Las Vegas in secret since she has not been seen for a while? Gigi smiled "There was this guy who got married in Las Vegas earlier, he has the same name as me. I think some people are very sensitive."

Gigi disclosed that she is so busy that she can only communicate with her foreign boyfriend by phone or MSN. She reckoned at the moment, being together is more important than a marriage certificate. Asked if she would get married on short notice? Gigi expressed that depends, there is no need to say anymore, but she is sure that she won't get married suddenly in the near future.

Source: Takungpao
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