Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jacky Cheung happy to share marriage tips with Andy Lau

After the marriages of his fellow Heavenly Kings got exposed by the media, Jacky Cheung sincerely congratulated Andy Lau and Leon Lai on their martial union and hastened Andy to have children soon. Jacky expressed that he does not have any secret tips on having children but was more than willing to share his experiences with Andy if the latter talked to him about it.

In an interview with Jacky, the Heavenly King expressed his opinion on the recent spate of secret celebrity marriages uncovered, "They are idols and are different from me!" As compared to Andy, Leon and Aaron Kwok, who have consistently maintained a tight-lipped stance on their relationships, Jacky has been very open with his marital plans and even publicly announced his wedding to Hong Kong's public. Labeled by the media as 'the most sincere Heavenly King', the singer felt that his counterparts were concerned about different matters due to their disparity in idol statuses.

Jacky laughed and commented that he was often teased for his looks back then and did not feel any pressure when he announced his marriage. "Back then, my only concern was whether I could afford to bring up my children. I felt that you need to have the ability to care before you can have children."

The 48-year-old father of two shared, "I would like to congratulate Andy and Leon. Actually I am of the same age as Andy and it would be strange if he didn't get married. It is not strange at all for him to be married." (My same sentiment! When Andy Lau denied the rumour that he's not marriedI knew that he was telling fibs. I feel that he was lying about not being married to protect his career..!.. from what?)

In 1996, Jacky registered his marriage to May Lo in London and is a happy father to a pair of daughters. As he moved on to a different phase in life, the singer shared that he grew more mature in thoughts, "After you get married, you begin to think for your family. You will become more open-minded and not think with a one-tracked mind."

With 20 years in the entertainment circuit, the singer has learnt and grown a lot as compared to when he first debuted. "I have gone through happy and unhappy experiences. However because I was doing things I loved doing, I do not have any regrets." At that note, the singer sighed as he talked about the various worries he had, "When you don't have children, you have problems about not having children. When you have children, you start to have problems about your children. A marriage will also have its own problems. Life is in fact filled with many problems."

He poignantly ended off with a thoughtful comment as he shared, "What I have learnt from life is that it is most important for you to be happy with the people around you."


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