Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2PM fans call for Jae-beom's comeback

Fans of popular boy band 2PM published an advertisement on the front page of a newspaper on Monday as part of their efforts to bring back former leader Park Jae-beom who quit the group last week over controversial comments he made before his debut.

The ad, titled "Four year wait, one year flight... and downfall in just four days," was placed in a daily newspaper by an alliance of some 60 of the group's fan clubs, calling on the group's management agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) to withdraw its decision in allowing Park to leave the group."

Park Jae-beom still has much to learn and fulfill. Give him the chance to take flight again in Korea," the ad said as it explained how five years of life in Korea had changed the former singer.

Fans previously issued statements saying they will not accept JYPE's decision and announced they will boycott the group's products until the former leader returns. They also posted up posters throughout Seoul on Saturday and some 1,500 fans gathered in front of JYPE's office to hold a silent protest the following day.

Park, leader of one of the most popular boy bands in Korea since their debut in 2008, came under heat over comments he made on his MySpace account between 2005 and 2007 regarding Korea including "I hate Koreans.

He issued an apology and quit the group on September 8, four days after the comments became public.

source: asiae


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