Monday, September 14, 2009

Andy Lau kept girlfriend a secret due to mafia threats

HONG KONG: Heavenly King Andy Lau did not admit his relationship with long time girlfriend Carol Chu to protect her after being threatened by the infamous Hong Kong mafia, according to media reports Wednesday.

The pair had been romantically linked for 24 years and it was only recently that Lau admitted he had tied the knot with Chu in Nevada last year, after Hong Kong tabloids found evidence of the marriage in Clark County registries.

Hong Kong media said the reason behind all the secrecy came about after the mafia repeatedly threatened Lau's loved ones in retaliation to the star's refusal to act in movies financed by underworld figures. The reports said the 47-year-old superstar had initially refused to have anything to do with films funded by the mafia, standing his ground even with four guns aimed at his head. However, Lau caved in after incessant harassment and threats by triad members to harm his loved ones, most prominently Chu.

As one of the most popular stars in the Chinese music and movie industries, Lau was considered bankable by the mafia and any film he starred in had the potential to reap in box office profits of millions of Hong Kong dollars. During an interview in China a few years ago, Lau had let slip about the affair with the mafia, causing triad members to go his house to threaten Chu to ensure that his lips remained sealed. The incident was reportedly the reason why Lau had sent Chu back to Malaysia then.



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