Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown intimate photos released

Intimate photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown have been all over the internet. No one seems to know who the source is but the photos was coincidentally released just before the release of Chris Brown's new album. In the midst of the court case for assult against Rihanna some say that these photos are to show to the public that Chris Brown has a soft side.

We all know that action speaks louder than words, in this case pictures, so when Chris Brown decided to throw that punch on a helpless girl's face, there is nothing soft about him!

Lady Gaga nude on Rollingstone June 2009 issue

Do you recognise her?

Music sensation and style queen Lady Gaga ditched the hair conditioner and stripped down to even less than usual for the June cover of Rolling Stone.

Sporting a hair-raising attack of the frizzies, the controversial blonde wears a see-through PVC bodice with some well-placed bubbles to cover up her unmentionables.

She tells the mag, “I don’t feel like I look like the other perfect little pop singers. I think I’m changing what people think is sexy."

What do you think of Gaga's bubblelicious look?

I think she's right about her changing what people think is sexy. She does actually look sexy in a very unconventional way. She has the curve and the legs like any typical good looking people yet she shines in her own way with her unprecedented style.


Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam hold hands to prove their marriage is still going strong

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam held a press conference on 30th May to respond to the claims of a recorded phone discussion that resembled the couple's voices discussing about a third party. The manager of mainland actress Vicky Dong (accused female third party) said that it's impossible for Vicky to be the third party. Vicky has also deleted the pictures she took with Frankie while filming a series off her blog. It appears that she wants nothing to do with him.

The married couple have been rumored several times of breaking up. But due to a recorded phone conversation that resembled their voices they decided to launch a press conference to explain and make a statement.

Vicky Dong's manager stated that Vicky has been dating a guy outside the entertainment industry for 1 year and that she is very obedient. She is also a newcomer and has only worked with Frankie in Mainland series "朝九晚無". They have not been in contact after the series therefore they shouldn't be connected.

During the press conference Frankie and Kenix deliberately held hands to prove their marriage was still strong and wasn't affected by the rumors. Frankie made it clear that Vicky Dong is a friend of theirs. He stressed that she already has a boyfriend and he doesn't want to affect their relationship. Frankie will reserve all rights to proceed legal action against the magazine that reported about him having an affair. As for Kenix rumored to be pregnant, she did not directly answer the question. Instead she patted her stomach in front of the reporters to prove it was not true. she appeared to have a flat stomach so the chances of her being pregnant is very low.

It is such ashamed that a perfectly happily married couple got stuck in a rumour like this and have to explain themselves to millions of people in the public who literally have nothing to do with their marriage.

Good for Frankie to threathen the media with legal action, it's about time the media learn to respect other people's privacy and stop making up story that can ruin one's happiness.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Vietnamese-French movie stars Korean, Japanese, U.S. actors

Three top actors from Korea, Japan, and the United States joined forces to promote their new film in Japan. Lee Byung-hun (above), Takuya Kimura and Josh Hartnett were on hand in Tokyo on Wednesday for the world premiere of “I Come with the Rain.”

The movie was written and directed by the Vietnamese-French filmmaker Tran Anh Hung. It tells the story of a former Los Angeles cop searching throughout Asia for the son of a Chinese billionaire.

Hollywood star Hartnett plays Kline, the police officer. Lee, who recently received good reviews for his role in last year’s “The Good, the Bad and the Weird,” is Su Dongpo, a Hong Kong gangster. Japan’s Kimura, the main man in the Japanese hit drama “Mr.Brain,” appears as Shitao, the missing son. The movie opens in Japan on June 6.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lee Minho - My Everything - F4 Special Edition


No words in this world could possibly describe the feeling towards you that keeps surfacing
No estimation in this world could possibly measure

Even if you add or increase it, my love has no limit
There’s no one that can make me laugh like you do
There’s no one that can make me cry like you do
This really isn’t like me

I want to see and hear only you
In my interior I want to make you live
Look at me, come to my arms
You’re my every, my everything
You’re my everything, love for you
I’ve never triumphed over you

As the love towards you builds up, my heart is happy
The love I feel towards you does not have any limits
Even if it does it’ll be infinity
Even if it’s tiring please stay by my side
Even if I lose everything I’ll protect you
I want to see and hear only you
In my interior I want to make you live
Look at me, come to my arms

You’re my every, my everything
You’re my everything, love for you
I wanna be everything
You are the only one who owns my heart
You are the first and last one to me
Everytime I breathe I call out to you
You’re my every, my everything
You’re my everything, love for you
I Love You, You’re my everything

Credit to: Confession of a Wandering Soul

Raymond’s concert top secrets revealed

Magazine Scans by:
Translation: to
Credit :
This year HK music fans are really lucky! Ever since the beginning of the year (after the Colieseum renovations finished), there had been one concert after another. During 2009, Hacken Lee, Alan Tam, Fahrenheit, Kay Tse etc had already held their concerts at the Coliseum. In June, Raymond Lam will hold his first solo concert there after being in the entertainment industry for ten years. Ah Fung is the favourite of TVB and EEG, this concert is promoted to be using all of their resources and energy, must be a win and not lose. Such an important solo concert, what secret weapons will Fung have? Will reveal it to everyone.
Playing with the four elements
Even though Fung has been in the entertainment industry for ten years, this is only the third year that he formally entered the music industry and became a singer. On the 17th and 18th June he will hold “Endless Love” Raymond Lam concert at the HK Colieseum. Being able to enter the big stage in such a short time is evidence that Fung has the ability and the popularity. Being Fung’s first solo concert, everyone is nervous about it. They are doing their best in every facet of the concert, bringing surprises to the audience, including the stage, costumes, dancing, songs, guests etc. Fung says, “This concert will have the theme of “Endless Love”. Actually this includes the four elements, passionate love, brotherly love, romantic love and friendship. Will reveal every element at the concert.”
Being revealing
Speaking of the four elements, when we heard “passionate love”, it made us thought of a sexy Fung. Fung: “I think this concert’s most unique feature is a segment where there there will be getting wet playing with water and dancing. There will be a group of dancers with fast songs. So in the concert poster I have already got water. There might even be more water at the concert. (So it will be very sexy?) It’s a healthy type of sexy, since June is approaching the holidays, and also summer. Hopefully the audience can have fun and dance together! (Will your outfits be sexy as well?) …… I think I will wear see through, can see but not too much, that type!” It is rumoured that Fung will also wear T-back, if fans want to see it they will need to buy the tickets which will let them shake hands!
Three sides like four sides
Fung: “This time the stage design is very unique. Because the company hired the famous designer Fion, who worked on the 360 degree stage Aaron Kwok had previously. Even though there will be a three sides stage this time, but there will be a close up effect like a four sides stage, guaranteeing the fans will have a chance to get up close. Besides this, as this concert will have a segment where we play with water, so the audience sitting at the front might get wet with me!” The concert will be in a three sides stage format, so there will be less seats available than a four sides stage concert. So fans who want tickets will need to buy early!
Dancing with Laughing
After talking about passionate love, we must speak about brotherly love. There is nothing adult about it, they wanted to reveal the “cool man” side of Fung. Fung: “There will be a part of fast songs and dancing at the concert. I also invited my good friend Laughing Gor Michael Tse to dance with me! Maybe many fans do not know, I am good friends with Laughing Gor, known each other for many years. When we meet we will sing together, but we’ve never really worked together so this will be the first time I’ve worked with him.”
Also Fung says he will reveal his cool side with beautiful clothes and hairstyle. There will be many outfits which will show a side of Fung which we’ve never seen before.
Will sing all types of songs
As the king of love songs, how could the concert not have a segment about romantic love? He said he will sing lots of love songs at the concert too. Fung: “I will sing many love songs from my two albums, plus I will release a new album soon. I will sing the songs from the third album at the concert for the first time. Besides love songs, I will also sing fast songs, even have the possibility of rapping.” These past two years Fung had concentrated on singing love songs, but for this concert, he especially invited Wyman Wong to write the concert’s theme song for him, “Let’s Get Wet”. This song combines energy with sexy, fans need to watch out for it!
Linda Chung difficult to schedule
Finally we’ll talk about friendships. Fung says since he’s been in the industry for ten years, he knows many people. When many of his friends found out he’s holding a concert, they all wanted him to reserve some tickets for them. So there will be many stars on and off stage. Fung: “There will definitely be guests at the concert. Actually we’re inviting many now, but the confirmed guests are Vincy Chan, Charlene Choi, and also will have older generation guests. (Will Linda Chung be a guest?) Hehe! I invited her, but the company said they haven’t scheduled her yet, because she’s very busy, very difficult to schedule! But I also know there are guests that many fans want me to invite, so I hope I can satisfy everyone!” Looking at Fung’s expression, it seems Linda cannot escape, if she doesn’t come, he’s afraid that fans will want a refund!

The feeling is like dreaming
After speaking about the content of the concert, of course we have to talk about Fung’s feelings. He said he only believed what was happening just a few days ago. Fung: “Before the concert press conference, I didn’t quite believe it was true. It’s like a dream, now I’m starting to be sure that I’m holding a concert next month. (Do you think it’s too fast having a Colileseum concert after just two years in the music industry?) Actually I think it’s fast, because I don’t have a lot of experience. In the past I’ve thought holding a concert is a distant goal, but the company felt this year is a very good time. Plus I’ve been in the industry for ten years now, this concert is very important to my career.”
Rehearsing from this month
Actually the last two albums that Fung had released all sold very well. So this gave a lot of confidence to him and the company. But having confidence doesn’t mean he’s not nervous and feels a lot of pressure. Fung: “Of course I feel pressured. But I can only turn pressure into energy. From this month, the company will allocate ample time for me to rehearse, so I can prepare well. (Will there be pressures of ticket sales?) Actually not really, I think only the company has this pressure. I am only nervous about my performance, hopefully I can show my fans at the concert, that besides singing love songs, I have many other talents.”

Monday, May 25, 2009

"New Moon" teaser pics

Entertainment Weekly (EW) has released some of the first images of the "The Twilight Saga - New Moon".

I am going to make an educated guess of the scene.

The photo above is probably the scene of Bella's birthday when her finger was pricked by the rose's thorn.

This is the scene when Bella went back to the opening and met Laurent the vampire. This is also the first time she hears Edward's voice in her head.

This photo is probably for the scene when the pair met at the Vatican. Oohh... so romantic!! Do you notice Edward's cringing his brow.... why you ask, well that is because Edward has trouble with Bella's scent.
Can't wait to see the movie.

Lee Hyori in Instyle June 2009 issue

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is something to warm you up from a cold Sydney day. I present to you Korean Pop singer Miss Lee Hyori... super HOT HOT HOT lady ... you won't believe that she just turned 30!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bao Thi sings Myolie Wu's song

Vietnamese singers have been accused of lack of originality. Many in the past have copied Chinese music and write Vietnamese lyrics for the songs. Not to name any names here but my question is... Is this acceptable? Here is an example of a modified Chinese song to Vietnamese.

This Chinese version is by Moylie Wu

This is the Vietnamese version by Bao Thy
If I am a songer writer I would not be happy if someone copy my music and write different lyrics for them. But as a listener I don't care if the music was a copy as long I understand what the singers are singing. Sometime you find that by trying to fit certain words to the sound of the tune the song become completely meaningless.

Charlene Choi new album release

On May 18, Charlene Choi's (Ah Sa) record company EEG held a party for her celebrating the release of her solo album and over 100 fans attended.
The album titled 2 less 1 have sold more than 30,000 copies. She disclosed that the sale for her new album was satisfactory. To share her sucess Ah Sa said she wants to invite some of her colleagues to go for a holiday with her in Macau.

Check out Ah Sa's latest single (a song from her album) with Vietnamese subtitle. Enjoy!!

Do you need big chest to look good?

Hong Kong actress Nikki Chow

At an award ceremony in Hong Kong, actress Nikki Chow was a guest to present a "style" award. Niki is one of Hong Kong's fashion icon. She has a tall frame and always maintained a skinny figure.
One of the reporters at the event asked her whether she has considered having breast enlargement. Why this question was asked I don't know but it seems that people have this concept about women that to look good they must have big breasts.
Well I beg to differ. Although I think having some breast is good but for some people like Nikki who she stated that no matter how much she eats or drinks she cannot put on weight we cannot say that she's not good looking because she lacks the breast compartment.
What do you think? Do you have to have big breasts to be considered beautiful?

Clare Werbeloff "Chk Chk Boom" eyewitness story is a fake

"Chk Chk Boom" chick Claire Werbeloff

Police have confirmed that Claire Werbeloff eyewitness account of the Kingscross shooting last weekend was all made-up. Channel 9 apparently have signed a deal with her to appear on A Current Affair on Monday night to tell her story.

Isn't this hilarious? I think she is so clever to make up a story like that on the spot. Since the video release on Youtube, Miss Claire 19, has become an international Star. A company in the US apparently has used her "Chk Chk Boom" slogan on T-Shirts and now are being sold.

There is a Facebook Fan account for Claire that have attracted 13,00 people.

Claire received so much publicity just from her "Chk Chk Boom" account however on the disappointing note the guy that go shot hardly get any mention in the media.

The shooting victim, Justin Kallu, 27, was quoted saying "I'm just a bit upset about the fact that I've been shot and that I almost lost my life and there's this girl all over the news getting popular all because she has no brains."

Does she really have no brains or she's so smart that she used the media to her advantage?

Here is the script of her account of the shooting....

"The fatter wog said to the skinnier wog: 'Oi bro, you slept with my cousin'. And the other one said: 'Nah man, I didn't for s---, eh' and the other one goes: 'I will call on my fully sick boys, eh'. And then pulled out a gun and went: Chk-chk boom!"


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lee Da Hae featuring in Taiwanese pop singer Wei Bo MTV

Video clip "Dance for Two" credit to Youtube gaietyparody02

Lee Da Hae will be in Hong Kong on June 6th at Ri (Rain) fashion show as a model of Rain's fashio label Six to Five. Lee signed up with Rain's management company Jtune earlier in the year.

Bae Yong Joon in Amaldo Bassini Summer 2009 collection

New image of Bae Yong Joon, in 4 / 2009.

Bae Yong Joon in the Summer 2009 collection of fashion brand Arnaldo Bassini.

Maggie Q visits Viet nam

Maggie Q attended an inauguration ceremony of the Tam Dao Bear Protection Centre on May 14th, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam . The half Vietnamese actress has attracted a lot of media attention because of her close tie to the Vietnamese people.
Maggie Q's full name is Maggie Denise Quigley, and her Vietnamese name Lý My Kỳ born on the 22 May 1979 Honolulu, Hawaii . Her father is a mixed Poland, Ireland and American and her mother is Vietnamese. Maggie is the youngest of 5 children.
Her first break in acting was in 1998 where she had a small part in a Hong Kong TV drama. She take on Hollywood when she was offered a role in Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise. Maggie Q now have in her resume the list of highly popular movies where she had participated in the most recent is Die Hard 4 along side with Bruce Willi, Balls of Fury, House of Harmony and so on...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kim Hee Sun exclusive photos then and now

Kim Hee Sun was born in 1977, in Seoul, South Korea. Kim Hee Sun was a Electrical Engineering college student in the early 90's.

Kim's acting career started when she enrolled into the acting class in South Korea at Chung Ang University.

In 1997, Kim Hee Sun became a household name in Korea. She played a role in a popular Korean drama along side Jang Dong Gun "Repechage"

In South Korea, people say that her beauty represents the beauty of the traditional korean female. She was also known for her active involvement in promoting Korean culture to the world.

Although her acting ability have not earn praises from film critics her beauty however were flawless in the Korean's eyes.

In 2001, in an attempt to change her image and to gain recognition in the industry, Kim cropped her beautiful long hair for her role in the movie "Wanee and Junah". The film failed to rake in at the box office but Kim's performance in the film was highly praised by experts.

In 2005, Kim collaborated with Jacky Chan, a well know HongKong martial art actor in the movie 'The Myth".

From 2006, Kim participate in less film and dramas. Most of her income are generated from advertisement for Korean make-up and fashio labels. Some reports her estimate income from advertisement were US $7 million.

In 2007, Kim married the son of one of South Korea's richest and powerful corparation.

Kim is no longer active with filming, in fact she's enjoying her life and content with a handsome husband and a lare bank account balance.

In summer 2008, Kim announced to the Korean public that she was pregnant and in Spring 2009 she gave birth to a baby girl.

In April 2009, Kim made a public appearance to promote the book that advise people about motherhood and pregancy.
Kim said that she has no immediate plans to return to filming as she now have a family to take care of.

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