Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam hold hands to prove their marriage is still going strong

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam held a press conference on 30th May to respond to the claims of a recorded phone discussion that resembled the couple's voices discussing about a third party. The manager of mainland actress Vicky Dong (accused female third party) said that it's impossible for Vicky to be the third party. Vicky has also deleted the pictures she took with Frankie while filming a series off her blog. It appears that she wants nothing to do with him.

The married couple have been rumored several times of breaking up. But due to a recorded phone conversation that resembled their voices they decided to launch a press conference to explain and make a statement.

Vicky Dong's manager stated that Vicky has been dating a guy outside the entertainment industry for 1 year and that she is very obedient. She is also a newcomer and has only worked with Frankie in Mainland series "ζœδΉζ™šη„‘". They have not been in contact after the series therefore they shouldn't be connected.

During the press conference Frankie and Kenix deliberately held hands to prove their marriage was still strong and wasn't affected by the rumors. Frankie made it clear that Vicky Dong is a friend of theirs. He stressed that she already has a boyfriend and he doesn't want to affect their relationship. Frankie will reserve all rights to proceed legal action against the magazine that reported about him having an affair. As for Kenix rumored to be pregnant, she did not directly answer the question. Instead she patted her stomach in front of the reporters to prove it was not true. she appeared to have a flat stomach so the chances of her being pregnant is very low.

It is such ashamed that a perfectly happily married couple got stuck in a rumour like this and have to explain themselves to millions of people in the public who literally have nothing to do with their marriage.

Good for Frankie to threathen the media with legal action, it's about time the media learn to respect other people's privacy and stop making up story that can ruin one's happiness.



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