Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gaile Lok reveals why she doesn't wear her wedding ring

Hong Kong model Gaile Lok-and wife of Heavenly King Leon Lai-recently attended at the Gioiello Italiano Jewelry Fair held two nights ago as a jewelry model. She donned a million dollars worth of accessories and openly shared her love for both inexpensive and luxurious accessories.

"I will buy whatever is fashionable in the ongoing trends. [Leon] seldom [buys me any], I prefer to buy things myself though I will also occasionally shop for him too. I am not very sure how many [jewelry] we have at home. The most will be earrings because I don't normally wear rings. I will forget where I've placed it each time I remove the ring for work!"

When reporters probed Gaile on her wedding ring, the model candidly replied, "That is why I don't wear it! Whenever I have time to go out and shop, I will wear it - only when I'm not working. That is why you can't see it."

The beaming model refused to divulge the details of her wedding bling as she was afraid that it might be used as a topic of contention for the media. Gaile laughed as she spoke about a surprise she received from Leon, "He bought a bottle of perfume on the plane's duty free shop. The air stewardess told him to buy it, and he really bought it!"


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