Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Linda Chung was in Australia to promote her new album

Linda Chung was at the Metro City Radio yesterady, promoting her new album which is due for release on 12th November. Linda and Moses Chan just came back from Australia for a TVB activity. That night Hong Kong had typhoon signal No.8 warning, and Linda revealed that the flight was very unstable before landing in Hong Kong. Fortunately, the captain was very skillful, he flew up again till the turbulence was stabilized and landed on the runway safely. Linda disclosed that was the third time when there was typhoon while she was on board in an airplane. When she was going home in a car, she had a fright too. Something suddenly hit the windscreen, luckily the windscreen didn't break.
Linda expressed that when she was in Australia with Moses, he took her around to taste a lot of local cuisine as well as being her tour guide. Linda felt the scenery in Australia is so beautiful that she hopes she will go back there again for holiday. The reporter reminded her that she is busy promoting her new record, she wouldn't have time to go on holiday. Linda said "If I don't have TV series to do, it doesn't matter whether I am on holiday or not.
"Linda revealed that she is producing a photo album for her fans to stick photographs in. In her new album, she won't use sex appeal. The reporter said she won't be able to compete with those "models" then. Linda smiled and said "I don't have to show too much of myself for people to look at. I can be sexy in secret, but I feel there is no need to compete. I just want to be myself." Linda also reckoned the "models" are only hot for a while, they won't last long. She hopes people can see how hard she works and doesn't want people to only notice her figure.
Source:Takungpao/Wenweipo(image) Translator:R.E.D @


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